2018 Trends in Construction Jobs and Related Industries by Venus Staffing

It’s 2018 and construction season has arrived offering Millions of Jobs across the United States. From the $175 million that will be added to $750 million in projects this year for road repairs in Detroit Michigan, sending additional bill to Gov.Rick Synder for signing in the next fiscal year, which begins on Oct. 1, allowing $750 million to be set aside for roads and bridges throughout Michigan- All the way to the New York Building Congress upping its 2018 construction forecast to $45.3 billion. Providing a 2017-2019 total estimated to reach $150 billion in construction spending in New York City alone. Five cities booming in the construction industry in 2018 are:

New York
San Jose


Here are some of the most lucrative construction jobs according to US news for 2018:

#1 Plumber– develop blueprints to plan where pipes and fixtures should be plotted in a structure. They also install and connect the piping and fixtures, either working individually or with a team of apprentices and pipe fitters. In addition to facilitating water supply from pipes and large fixtures, such as bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets, plumbers ensure that water reaches appliances like dishwashers and water heaters. Median salary $51,450

#2 Construction Manager -Construction managers obtain work permits, hire contractors, troubleshoot emergencies, schedule walkthroughs and keep clients informed on work timetables and progress. Construction management is ideal for someone who has a general interest in building and design. Median salary $89,300

#3 Electrician– knows the ins and outs of designing lighting systems, installing street lights and intercom systems, ensuring electrical work is up to code and repairing electrical wiring. Electricians must go through at least four years of training as an apprentice, followed by the licensing their state requires. Median salary $52,720

#4 Solar Photovoltaic Installer-installers put together, implement and maintain solar panels, which convert rays from the sun into energy, on the rooftops of homes and other buildings. Median Salary- $39,240

#5 Carpenter-Carpenters employ an expansive mathematical skill set to complete construction projects and other manual tasks. From basic math to calculate floor space and wall heights, to more complex trigonometric formulas to make right angle cuts. Median Salary $43,600

#6 Construction Worker– are jack-of-all-trades personnel charged with assisting tradespeople with the labor required to finish a project. Median Salary $33,430

#7 Painter– takes care of the outside of buildings, city infrastructure and any kind of new architecture development. The handiwork of painters surrounds us at every turn. Median Salary $37,570

#8 Glazier– are skilled craftsmen who cut and install glass in all types of buildings, from homes to skyscrapers . Median Salary $41,920

#9 Sheet Metal Worker-Sheet metal workers make sure you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer by making, assembling or servicing the heating and cooling equipment in buildings. These tradesmen and women may specialize in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (also known as HVAC), or architectural, industrial and service sheet metal work. With HVAC work, workers fabricate and install fans and ducts or air handling units. Architectural sheet metal workers install panels and siding to protect and preserve a structure or building. Industrial sheet metal workers spend their days in paper or industrial mills working with heavier metals and welding or in commercial kitchens creating and installing countertops, vent hoods and handrails. Service sheet metal workers focus on testing, adjusting and balancing existing systems. Of all the sheet metal specialties, “service sheet metal workers are the least construction-related and more technical. Median Salary $46,940

#10 Brickmason and Blockmason– responsible for the aesthetically pleasing facades of buildings that fill cities and towns the world over. They use bricks and structural stone blocks to construct and polish residential and commercial walls as well as patios, decorative trim work and interior structures. The jobs require a high school education plus extensive training and on-the-job apprenticeship programs. Masons must be able to follow detailed building instructions, break or cut brick and stone to the proper sizes, mix and apply mortar and grout and assemble and finish the required structures. Median Salary $49,250

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