Trencor Mechanical Power Train

There are two types of power trains currently in use with chain trenchers. In recent years, the hydrostatic drive has been perhaps the most common method of delivering power to moving parts.   The other method, the mechanical drive,  is found in all Trencor machines which claims it has the following advantages;

  • Increased torque

More than 90% of the engine horsepower can be delivered to the cutting tool.

  • Increased productivity

The cutting tool tends to break out more and larger pieces of material thanks to the slow-moving digging tooth and the force delivered by the high torque.

  • Broader range of chain speeds

The transmission in the Trencor mechanical drive lets the operator choose a digging speed that matches the digging conditions.

  • Reduced fuel cost

The additional horsepower delivered by the system gets more work done in the same amount of time.

  • Ease of repair

The system is much less complex. In most cases, a simple visual inspection can lead to the diagnosis of a problem.

  • Lower repair cost

The components of the system are mostly off-the-shelf parts that can be replaced at a relatively low cost. There are also fewer moving parts to wear out or break.

  • Long machine life

A mechanical drive system can better absorb the pounding shocks of trenching operations.

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