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A GOMACO C-450 is finishing a bridge deck in Lowell, Massachusetts

A GOMACO C-450 is finishing this 19.5 foot (6 meter) wide, 200 foot (61 meter) long, and nine inch (229 millimeter) thick bridge deck in Lowell, Massachusetts. The C-450 has a hydraulic lowering kit for the undercarriage, and a vibrating double drum finishing system with fogger mist bars.

A 2000 Series Spanit® work bridge with a lowering kit is following the C-450.

Photos By Ed Lampe, GOMACO Corporation


Tom Ewing’s Environmental Update

*  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has a series of four community meetings scheduled for September (a 5th meeting is unscheduled at this point) “to discuss concepts to control pollution from large freight facilities including seaports, railyards, and warehouses/distribution centers.”  Each meeting is a chance for residents to talk with CARB staff about current regulatory actions and the “development of new concepts to reduce the air pollution and health impacts from freight.”  This work is a required part of CA’s freight-air pollution control program efforts.  By next March, CARB needs to have the “concepts for an indirect source rule,” (emphasis added) i.e., think how ozone precursors are controlled and how/whether such approaches might work across huge industrial/commercial landscapes.
*  Last October, in Cleveland, US DOE held a “scoping meeting” for a wind turbine project in Lake Erie, called “Project Icebreaker,” developed and sponsored by a local group called LEEDCo – Lake Erie Energy Development Corp.  Importantly, that meeting started a required environmental assessment (EA) process.  On Friday, ten months later, DOE proposed funding to “support the development of a wind demonstration project consisting of 6 turbines in Lake Erie approximately 8 miles off Cleveland, Ohio.”  A draft EA is available for review, comments are due by 10/10/17.  This is an important move, for reasons way beyond energy and how it’s generated.
*  Environmental Update employees in Columbia, SC, were told they can put their feet up on their desks, lean back and take a power nap when it gets dark during today’s eclipse.  Columbia reportedly will experience the longest period of totality for a metro area on the East Coast: up to 2 minutes and 36 seconds of complete darkness.  (Big question: can you operate an electric car during the eclipse?)  The eclipse peaks between 1-3 pm when mighty Mr. Sun is forced to peek from behind tiny Mr. Moon, an event that always piques our interest. C’mon now, lighten up! *:D big grin
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