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JLG Updates Toucan Vertical Mast Lift

JLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company [NYSE:OSK] and a leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic material handlers, announced today that it is re-launching its vertical mast lift – T26E, formerly named E26MJ.

The T26E mast boom lift features a vertical telescopic mast with a jib that enables operators to reach above and around obstacles to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. Ideal for plant maintenance applications, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) contractors, electrical contractors and workers in automotive plants, the T26E allows operators to easily maneuver around assembly lines, shelving, ductwork and partitions to complete jobs with minimal disruption to worksites. With the enhanced direct electric drive, the T26E boasts a longer battery life with more duty cycles to increase productivity. The AC motor also features quieter operation with lower maintenance costs.

“We are excited to introduce the updated T26E mast boom lift, featuring environmentally-friendly electric power,” said Chris Mellott, JLG Industries VP, sales and market development for the Americas. “The various enhancements will lower the total cost of ownership for rental companies and increase productivity for machine operators.

For additional operator support, the T26E offers improved style and control. Furthermore, with a platform capacity of 500 pounds, overall width of 39 inches and platform height of 26 feet, the T26E is compact enough to access hard-to-reach areas and navigate through narrow aisles, and is robust enough to hold two workers and their supplies.

Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal Restores Lost Engine Power

Decreased or uneven compression can cause loss of power, poor fuel mileage, oil consumption and other issues in high-mileage vehicles. When poor compression is the problem, Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal is a possible the solution.

Low compression causes:

  • Power loss
  • Poor fuel mileage
  • Oil consumption
  • Blow-by
  • Plug fouling
  • Engine noise and vibration.

According to the manufacturer, Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal restores compression and

  • Increases power
  • Improves fuel mileage
  • Reduces oil consumption
  • Stops blow-by
  • Reduces plug fouling
  • Quiets engine noise and vibration.

Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal is a proprietary blend of petroleum additives developed specifically for higher-mileage engines that are suffering from decreased or uneven compression. Low compression can be caused by normal engine wear and decreased sealing between the piston rings and cylinder walls. Compression Repair fills scratches and grooves in cylinder walls to prevent blow-by gasses and compression from leaking past the rings and fouling the crankcase oil. Compression Repair also frees sticky rings to increase compression while reducing friction and wear. Rislone Compression Repair does not contain any lead that could damage the inside of the engine or be burned and contaminate emissions components or the environment.

“Rislone Compression Repair fixes worn-out areas of an engine’s cylinder wall to restore compression and improve engine performance,” says Clay Parks, Bar’s Products vice president of development. “It helps bring high-mileage engines back to life.”

Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal (p/n 4444) works with all petroleum-based motor oils, including conventional, high-mileage and synthetic formulas. It is compatible with any four-stroke gasoline or diesel engine. Like all Rislone products, Compression Repair with Ring Seal is made in the USA. The label includes directions in both English and Spanish.

Trimble Wraps Up 5th International User Conference with Record Breaking Attendance

Trimble opened its 5th international users conference on Monday with more than 2,900 registered attendees from 67 countries around the world. The Trimble Dimensions 2010 conference theme—Converge, Connect and Collaborate—provided insight into how the convergence of technologies can redefine the way professionals connect and collaborate to achieve success. The conference explored the use of technology in a wide range of applications including surveying, engineering, construction, mapping, GIS, geospatial, utilities and mobile resource management. Trimble Dimensions 2010 was held November 8-10 at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

“We are extremely pleased with the continued and strong interest demonstrated in Trimble Dimensions,” said Bryn Fosburgh, Trimble vice president. “It is truly a unique conference focused on how advanced technology solutions are transforming the way work is done.”

Attendees had the opportunity to network with key industry leaders, build partnerships, develop new contacts, build partnerships, discuss opportunities and discover how to overcome obstacles in today’s competitive business environment. With more than 400 sessions across multiple specialty tracks, the conference focused on increasing productivity in the field and the office by revolutionizing work processes.

The conference included an off-site demonstration and training area plus a Partner Pavilion that showcased the complete suite of Trimble construction, survey, engineering, mining, aerial and mobile mapping, GIS, utilities, infrastructure, mobile computing, forestry and agriculture solutions, including products from Accubid, Applanix, Meridian Systems, Pacific Crest, QuickPen and Spectra Precision. Highlighted solutions and technologies included GNSS; total stations; field computing and data collection; 3D scanning; pre-design construction planning; 3D visualization; Building Information Modeling (BIM); construction project management; aerial mapping; wireless communications; data transfer; field and office software; and smart grid applications. Other technology providers who are Trimble partners also participated to extend the conference’s range of products and applications.

NTEA Names Successor To Carney As Executive Director

The National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Board of Trustees has named Steve Carey, NTEA senior director of operations, to replace long-time Executive Director Jim Carney. Carney will retire on April 30, 2012, after what will be a 36-year career with the NTEA (35 years as executive director).

Due to Carney’s longevity in the position, the NTEA Board wanted to establish a succession path well before his retirement. The Board selected Carey based on his 12 years of experience with the Association, his knowledge of the industry and his awareness of members’ needs and concerns. Carey has successfully directed and built The Work Truck Show as a world-class event during his tenure and has taken on other strategic and member services responsibilities as the Association has grown.

NTEA President Allen Birmingham, sales manager for Tommy Gate, stated, “It will be difficult to replace Jim Carney’s industry knowledge, management talents and leadership. Clearly, after being in the position for so many years, there will be a void. However, we feel that the selection of a current staff executive with Steve Carey’s administrative abilities, experience and track record will result in a smooth leadership transition.”

Carney took over the NTEA’s executive director position in 1977, after a year as associate executive director. Under his leadership, the staff increased from three to 26 employees, membership more than doubled from 700 to over 1,500 companies, and the budget grew from $250,000 to more than $6 million. Carney successfully moved the NTEA in 1978 from its original Cincinnati headquarters to its current Detroit-area location, and the Association established a Washington, DC office in 1988.

Carey will serve as deputy executive director until he becomes executive director on Feb 1, 2012, at which time Carney will become senior executive director. For three months until his retirement on April 30, 2012, Carney will serve in a consultative role as the succession is completed.

Runnion Equipment Now Distributes Palfinger Crayler Forklifts

Runnion Equipment, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company now offers the complete line of Palfinger Crayler forklifts. The line includes six models of transportable forklifts, each of which can be loaded and unloaded from the back of a truck in less than a minute. Parts and service for the forklifts are also available, and a diverse selection of models is on hand to rent.

The Palfinger Crayler forklifts are designed to be easy to transport. They are lightweight to put less stress on the truck or trailer that is carrying them. They have forward wheel mount support pads to take pressure off the forks, which minimizes bounce and ensures a smooth ride. Ideal over rough terrain and in tight spaces, the forklifts are sufficiently versatile for any type of work, such as delivering brick, block, lumber and wallboard. The location of the seat provides excellent views of the center of the load.

Runnion Equipment has been selling and servicing boom trucks throughout northern Illinois, northwest Indiana and southern Wisconsin since 1975. Manufacturers represented by Runnion Equipment include: National Crane, Manitex, Prentice, Tadano, Armlift, Heiden, Kinshofer and Trail King.