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ARTBA Foundation Announces 2009 “Work Zone Safety Awareness” Winners

Public and private transportation organizations from across the country were recognized for their commitment to safety at the American Road & Transportation Builders Association Transportation Development Foundation (ARTBA-TDF) ninth annual “Roadway Work Zone Safety Awareness Awards” event on March 10 at the National Traffic Management & Work Zone Safety Conference, held at the World of Asphalt show in Orlando, FL.

The competition recognizes outstanding efforts to help reduce roadway work zone accidents, injuries and fatalities. The awards are divided into these categories: outreach campaigns, safety training and innovations in technology.

An independent panel of judges reviewed the entries and selected winners:

Outreach Programs—Local/Municipal: Recognizes efforts of local-level organizations, such as construction companies, utility companies, local/municipal transportation agencies or trade associations, that promote roadway work zone safety through implementation of employee and/or public education campaigns and training programs.

First Place: Louisiana TIMED Managers,Geaux Orange: Drive Safe on the Huey
To improve work zone safety for the 100 employees on the Huey P. Long Bridge in Jefferson Parish, the Louisiana TIMED Managers, a joint venture of Parsons Brincker-hoff, LPA Group, Inc., and G.E.C. Inc., conducted a multimedia outreach campaign targeting drivers of the 50,000 vehicles that cross the bridge each day. Project team members conducted extensive local media relations, prepared radio and television safety announcements with local celebrities, and generated buzz via a dedicated website, YouTube page, and a direct marketing collateral program.

Second Place: Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC, “I-405 South Bellevue Widening Wilburton Tunnel Outreach
Widening the busy Interstate 405 corridor through Bellevue, Wash., required closures to facilitate construction of new traffic lanes and demolish the Wilburton Tunnel. To ease congestion during closure periods, Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC, employees developed and implemented a comprehensive communications plan. Project team members hosted a half dozen media and public education events, pitched specific human interest stories, distributed press releases and conducted direct community relations outreach through 300 local organizations. The program helped contribute to a 20 percent reduction in traffic in the north segment and a 60 percent reduction in the south section during peak closure periods.

Outreach Programs—State/Regional: Recognizes efforts of state/regional-level organizations, such as construction companies, universities, transportation agencies, utility companies or trade associations that promote roadway work zone safety through implementation of employee and/or public education campaigns and training programs.

First Place: Oregon Department of Transportation, “My Daddy Works on the Highway—2008 Summer Safety Campaign
Summer 2008 was one of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s (ODOT) busiest bridgework seasons with crews repairing or replacing 83 spans on Interstate 5 alone. With a high volume of work, ODOT launched a unique campaign to alert motorists and road users to the dangers surrounding work zones and the need to drive safely by “humanizing” roadwork crews. Project team members developed the “My Daddy Works on the Highway” slogan to catch and maintain public attention. Campaign advertisements and literature featured actual contractors, local workers and their families in each media market. The campaign helped contribute to increased public awareness and team members cited a drop in work zone accidents.

Second Place (Tie): Rutgers University, “Putting a Face on Work Zone Safety—2008 Outreach Campaign
One teen is killed every three days in a roadway work zone crash and seven are injured. To help reduce these injuries and fatalities, Rutgers University created a teen driver toolkit to supplement curriculum in the state driver education program. The campaign aimed to “personalize” the role of drivers and emphasize the human impact of work zone incidents. University experts and team members created a searchable CD-ROM of available literature, assembled a talking points survey to test driver knowledge of work zone hazards and designed a work zone safety awareness poster designed by a New Jersey high school student.

Second Place (Tie): Granite Construction Company, Inc., “Work Zone Safety Awareness Campaign
Responding to an increase in Utah work zone incident fatalities and increased reports of motorists harassing workers, Granite Construction Company, Inc., developed a state-based program to educate drivers about the dangers of exceeding the posted speed in a work zone. Campaign team members generated local media coverage, conducted legislative briefings and worked with area construction and safety officials to help develop protocol for safer work zones. This process led to an agreement to station highway patrol officers at the beginning of work zones to serve an enforcement and protection role. In addition, the state workers compensation fund joined the effort and launched a radio and television ad series to continue promoting the message of safe travel through work zones.

Outreach ProgramsNational: Recognizes efforts of national organizations, such as construction companies, utility companies, transportation agencies or trade associations that promote roadway work zone safety through implementation of employee and/or public education campaigns and training programs.

First Place: CH2M HILL, “Work Zone Safety Matters
To address the issue of work zone fatalities and injuries, CH2M HILL created the “Work Zone Safety Matters” campaign. During April, May and June of each year, the campaign wor
ks to educate CH2M HILL employees, customers and public officials with safety awareness kits. Team members implemented an extensive program of on-site workplace training and education meetings regarding work zone safety, promoted seatbelt enforcement, and prepared resource kits so each company office could engage the public on the work zone safety education. The effort was recognized by the Colorado Department of Transportation as the first private corporation to engage in seatbelt enforcement under the “Click It or Ticket” program.

TrainingLocal: Recognizes local programs that promote worker safety on the jobsite.

First Place: Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC, “I-405, South Bellevue Widening Design-Build Project
Guy F. Atkinson Construction, LLC, developed an extensive employee safety program to help reduce the recordable workplace incident rate by nearly half. The safety program was integrated into regular work routines on the I-405, South Bellevue Widening Design Build Project. It included a 34-module computerized safety training program, smaller interactive group training exercises and regular toolbox safety training—all of which began on each employee’s first day and continued throughout the project. Significantly, the program required the participation of all project employees at Atkinson, as well as subcontractors and Washington State Department of Transportation employees assigned to the project.

TrainingState: Recognizes state programs that promote worker safety on the jobsite.

First Place: Wayne State University, “Utility Work Zone Traffic Control Guideline Development and Training
Utility work zones are fundamentally different from most highway construction work zones. Utility work is often of a short duration and involves smaller crew sizes, which renders a traditional large scale roadway traffic plan impractical. To aid utility companies and contractors in addressing these challenges, the Michigan-based Wayne State University Transportation Research Group developed the “Utility Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines” and an associated training program consisting of two modules, one targeted for management and safety officials, and another aimed at utility workers, foremen and supervisors. The comprehensive guidelines focused on an introduction to utility work zone operations and presented recommendations for several important aspects of safety-related utility work, including the establishment of a safety culture in the organization, the use of uniform and consistent traffic control devices and systems, and the development of typical temporary traffic control plans that are appropriate for specific roadway and traffic characteristics.

TrainingNational: Recognizes national programs that promote worker safety on the jobsite.

First Place: Connecting Idaho Partners, “GARVEE Transportation Program—Worker Training
To provide focused work zone safety training for employees and government agency partners, Connecting Idaho Partners (CIP), a joint venture of URS-Washington Division and CH2M HILL partnered with the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to develop an OSHA 10-Hour Construction Industry Outreach Training with roadway construction emphasis. The agencies conducted seven trainings sessions, free of charge, held at four locations throughout Idaho. The team trained more than 175 public and private sector professionals, representing 31 individual organizations.

Innovations in Technology: Recognizes the important role that technology plays in improving safety in and around work zones for workers and motorists alike. It honors manufacturers of all types of equipment or methodologies that integrate, develop, or market innovative technologies; or that demonstrates innovative applications of existing technologies.

First Place: 3M Company, “All Weather Pavement Marking System of Work Zones
Roadway markings used in work zones—especially those in “all weather” or heavy rain areas— require a unique product. 3M developed a new pavement marking material that help ensures visibility under all weather conditions and is especially tailored to work zone applications. The product is designed for use in “all weather” areas and provides a functional and economic solution that improves wet-weather visibility of pavement markings in work zones.

Second Place: C and S Lane, Inc., “Plate Lock
The Plate Lock system, developed by C and S Lane, Inc. of Medford, OR is a new and innovative way of securing road plates commonly used in work zones. They are mechanically fastened to the roadway, thus eliminating the use of “cold patches” which rely on adhesion to the road. The Plate Lock system also provides an added safety feature because the devices are painted a highly visible orange when they are in use in a work zone.

The ARTBA-TDF was established in 1985 as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt entity to promote research, education and public awareness. It supports an array of initiatives, including educational scholarships, awards, roadway work zone safety and training programs, special economic reports and a national exhibition on transportation.

Haulotte Group/BilJax Releases First 2009 Go Green Committee Update

Haulotte Group/BilJax has released its first Go Green Committee progress report of 2009 and is pleased to announce a continued reduction in the amount of waste generated by the company’s Archbold, Ohio manufacturing facility and offices.According to environmental consultant Cari Weidner, the company has witnessed a dramaticdec
rease in the amount of solid waste produced at the Archbold location.

“Since the Go Green Committee’s inception in mid-2008, the amount of trash generated has decreased every month from the same time period in 2007. Most months, waste was reduced by 50% or more,” says Weidner, who attributes the improvements to a variety of factors. “We recycled over 11% more material in 2008 [than in 2007], and the company as a whole is making more environmentally-friendly decisions.”

Weidner cites the factory-wide installation of hand sanitizer dispensers, which do not require water or generate paper waste, as one such environmentally conscious decision. She estimates approximately 40 fewer tons of solid refuse in 2008 than during theprevious year.

Innovation, creativity, and imagination have allowed Haulotte Group to become a global manufacturer of people and material lifting equipment. With the acquisition of BilJax, one of the most recognized names in the rental industry, the product line has expanded to include frame, system and utility scaffolds, trailer mounted boom lifts, vertical and material lifts, contractor equipment and event staging and seating. Together, Haulotte Group and BilJax complete a full line of access equipment for North America and the world.

Greg Sitek

IRWIN Introduces Comprehensive Screwdriver Family

Innovative, Flexible, Multi-Tool Designs for Added Comfort and Torque Now Available

IRWIN® Tools, a leading manufacturer of innovative hand tools and power tools accessories for more than a century, has announced a comprehensive screwdriver family including: new multi-bit drivers, a Performance Series Screwdriver and Nut Driver family, a TorqueZone Screwdriver family, and a range of hex keys and accessories.

The new IRWIN® Tools screwdrivers will be showcased during the upcoming National Tradesmen Day Roadshow, scheduled August 14 – October 27, 2017 and visiting more than 100 cities throughout the U.S. The latest IRWIN® Tools screwdriver introductions extend the company’s design mission to make users more effective and productive on the  and include:

IRWIN Multi-Bit Screwdrivers: Designed to address a variety of requirements and challenges professionals face on the job, from quick change and access in hard to reach spaces  IRWIN® Multi-Bit Screwdrivers include:

Quick Change Driver (1948782) can also be used with any standard fastener bits and features a Lock-n-Load® mechanism that allows bits to be quickly and easily switched between hand tools and power tools and an increased hold of the fastener drive bit. Bit sizes included: Slotted 6-8, Slotted 8-10, Phillips #1, Phillips #2.

8-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver (1948773) allows construction tradesmen and professionals to easily replace lost or misplaced bits with any standard fastener bits and is compatible with standard double-ended bits, power bits, and insert bits. It also features compact, in-handle bit storage for easy accessibility to 2 double-ended bits and1 insert bit. Bit sizes included: Phillips #1, Phillips #2, Square #2, T25, Slotted 8-10 and 3 nut driver sizes including 1/4”, 5/16” and 3/8”.

Screw Guide Driver (1948776) features a magnetic metal sleeve that extends out over the screw, which keeps fasteners straight, eliminates screw wobble and keeps the screw from falling off in long or out-of-reach fasteners. This driver is compatible with insert bits and power bits for convenient replacement. Bits included: Phillips #1, Phillips #2, Phillips #3, Slotted 6-8, Slotted 8-10.

IRWIN® Performance Series Screwdrivers and Nutdrivers: Featuring a 3-Zone Comfort GripTM for increased support and control as well as heat-treated precision tips, chrome-plated shafts and an acetate handle core for durability, the IRWIN® Performance Series delivers a wide range of fastener types and sizes that can adapt to a variety of applications.

  • Demolition Scratch AWL (item 1948719) crafted with an acetate handle for long lasting durability and feature a solid steel core and strike cap for heavy impact in demolition work. Scribes, marks, and starts screw holes in various materials.
  • Performance Series Demolition Screwdrivers featuring a slotted steel core and strike cap for heavy impact demolition work including:
    • Slotted Keystone, 4” shaft length, ¼” (1948695)
    • Slotted Keystone, 6” shaft length 5/16” (1948696)
    • Phillips, 6” shaft length, #2 tip (1948697)
    • 2 Piece Performance Series Demolition Set, 6” shaft length, 5/16” slotted keystone and Phillips #2 tip (1948789)
  • Performance Series Screwdrivers available in single and multi-size sets, as well as standard and stubby shaft lengths, IRWIN Performance Series screwdrivers feature a 3-zone Comfort Grip for maximum performance and comfort in high and low torque applications. These drivers are crafted with an acetate handles:
    • ​3″ shaft length, Phillips #1 tip (1948298)
    • 4″ shaft length, Phillips #2 tip (1948300)
    • 6” shaft, Phillips #2 tip (19486710)
    • 10” shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948672)
    • 6″ shaft, Phillips #3 tip (1948673)
    • 4″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/8″ (1948677)
    • 3” shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948685)
    • 6″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948686)
    • 4″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/4″ (1948687)
    • 6” shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/4″ (1948688)
    • 3” shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/16″ (1948692)
    • 3″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 7/32″(1948689)
    • 4” shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948691)
    • 6″shaft, Slotted – Keystone 5/16″ (1948693)
    • 8″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8″ (1948694 3
    • 4” shaft, Square #1 (1948674)
    • 4″ shaft, Square #2 (1948675)
    • 6” shaft, Square #3 (1948676)
    • Stubby Screwdriver, 1 ½” shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948299)
    • Series Stubby Screwdriver, 1 ½ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948690)
    • 2 Piece Performance Series Screwdriver Set (1948785)
    • 6 Piece Performance Series Screwdriver Set (1948788)
  • Performance Series Nutdrivers: Feature a 3-Zone Comfort Grip for maximum performance to support high and low torque applications, IRWIN® Performance Series Nut Drivers are crafted with an acetate handle for long-lasting durability,  have a hollow 3” shaft to accommodate long bolts, and a 6-sided drive head to engage fasteners for less stripping and long life.
    • ​SAE 3/16″(1948704)
    • SAE 1/4″ (1948705)
    • SAE 5/16″ (1948706)
    • SAE 11/32″ (1948707)
    • SAE 3/8″ (1948708)
    • SAE 7/16″ (1948709)
    • SAE 1/2″ (1948710)
    • SAE 9/16″ (1948711)
    • Metric 5MM (1948712)
    • Metric 6MM (1948713)
    • Metric 7MM (1948714)
    • Metric 8MM (1948715)
    • Metric  9MM (1948716)
    • Metric 10MM (1948717)
    • Metric 11MM (1948718)
    • 2 Piece SAE Nutdriver Set: 4” Shaft with ¼” Slotted Keystone and Phillips #2 tip (1948793)
    • 8 Piece SAE Nutdriver Set: 3” Shaft, Hex Size 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16”, 11/32”, 3/8”, 7/16”, ½” and 9/16” (1948790) 7 Piece Metric Nutdriver Set, 5MM, 6MM, 7MM, 8MM, 9MM, 10MM, and 11MM (1948791)

IRWIN TorqueZone Screwdrivers are designed for optimal turning force and comfort, providing speed in high or low torque applications including:

  • IRWIN TorqueZone Magnetic Multi-Bit Driver (item 1948780) features a magnetized bit holder that holds insert and power bits securely, and features a TorqueZone™ handle design for optimal comfort and torque. Bit sizes included: SL 6-8, SL 8-10, Phillips #1 tip, Phillips #2 tip, Phillips #3 tip.
  • TorqueZone Screwdrivers (Standard) are available in a range of shaft lengths, tip types and multi-piece sets including:
    • ​3” shaft, Phillips #1 tip (1948720)
    • 10″ shaft, Phillips #1 tip (1948721)
    • 1-1/2″ shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948722)
    • 4″ shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948723)
    • 10″ shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948648)
    • 6″ shaft, Phillips #3 tip (1948649)
    • 8″ shaft, Phillips #3 (1948731)
    • 4″ shaft, Square #1 tip (1948733)
    • 4″ shaft, Square #2 tip (1948734)
    • 6″ shaft, Square #3 tip (1948736)
    • 4″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/8″ (1948737)
    • 6”shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/8″ (1948738)
    • 3″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948739)
    • 6″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948740)
    • 8″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948751)
    • 10″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948753)
    • 12″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948754)
    • 3″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/16″ (1948758)
    • 1-1/2″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948755)
    • 4″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948756)
    • 6″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948757)
    • 6″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 5/16″ (1948759)
    • 8″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8″ (1948760)
    • 10″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8″ (1948761)
    • 12″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8″ (1948762)
    • TorqueZone Screwdriver Sets (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10)
  • TorqueZone Demolition Screwdrivers feature a solid steel core and strike cap for heavy impact in demolition work. Ends of handles are stamped with tip type for easy identification, and a heat treated precision tip geometry for superior fitment, reducing stripping and cam-out. Sizes and specifications:
    • ​4” shaft, Slotted – Keystone ¼” (1948767)
    • 6” shaft, Slotted – Keystone 5/16” (1948768)
    • 8” shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8” (1948769)
    • 6” shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948770)

IRWIN Folding Hex Key Sets: All square cut for a secure fit to help prevent slippage and stripping of fasteners, the sets are built with chrome vanadium steel for high strength and durability and include:

  • IRWIN® 7PC Metric Ball-End (item 2001402)
  • IRWIN® 9PC SAE Ball-End (item 2001401)
  • IRWIN® 8PC Folding TORX® Set (item 2001405)

IRWIN L-Caddy Hex Key Sets: feature ergonomic handles, providing comfort and strength for driving. IRWIN L-Caddy Hex Key Sets come in a durable plastic container that holds the keys securely in place and include:

  • 11PC Short Arm TORX® Set (item 2001396)
  • 13PC SAE Ball-End Long Arm Hex Set (item 2001397)
  • 10PC Metric Ball-End Long Arm Set (item 2001398)

IRWIN introduced a targeted offering of multi-bit drivers in late 2016 including:

  • IRWIN® Extending Driver (1948779)
  • IRWIN® 8-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver (1948774
  • IRWIN® 6-in-1 Nut Driver SAE and Metric (1948777 and 1948448

IRWIN® Tools Performance Series include the IRWIN® hand tools’ full lifetime guarantee and are currently available at construction and industrial tool suppliers, home centers, hardware stores, and throughout the U.S. and Canada. Warranty information, additional product details can be found at

About IRWIN Tools

IRWIN Tools manufactures and distributes a broad line of hand tools and power tool accessories under the IRWIN® brand including VISE-GRIP® pliers and wrenches, MARATHON® saw blades, QUICK-GRIP® clamping tools, SPEEDBOR® wood drilling bits, STRAIT-LINE® marking tools, UNIBIT® step drill bits, MARPLES® fine woodworking tools, and HANSON® taps and dies. IRWIN Tools is a part of Stanley Black & Decker. For more information, call 1-800-GO-IRWIN or visit IRWIN invites the nation to celebrate National Tradesmen Day, on Sept. 15, 2017.

TORX is a registered trademark of Acumen Intellectual Properties LLC

DEWALT® Announced TOUGHBoxTM Job Site Storage Chests for Industrial Strength and Security

DEWALT announced TOUGHBox™ Job Site Storage Chests, an industrial strength solution made in the USA with global materials and engineered to combine storage and innovation with security and organization. Available in four sizes (36”, 42”, 48” and 60”), DEWALT® TOUGHBox™ Job Site Storage Chests have a 2,500 lb. static weight capacity and can be configured to meet industrial job site organization needs.

The DEWALT® TOUGHBox™Job Site Storage is the result of field testing and research at industrial jobsites where security of tools, organization and additional workspace were primary productivity challenges.

Key DEWALT® TOUGHBox™ Job Site Storage features and accessories include:

Reinforced Steel and Durable Finish: From the 16-gauge steel body and14-gauge Steel Floor to the reinforced 11-gauge vertical “ribs,” the DEWALT® TOUGHBox™ Job Site Storage provides strength and rigidity. A powder coat finish in DEWALT’s signature high visibility yellow ensures industrial durability against harsh outdoor elements.

Locking and Security: A stacked and welded full-length piano hinge, recessed lock and locking mechanism help protect high-asset valuables from theft and prevent lock cutting. The 36” DEWALT® TOUGHBox™ Job Site Storage has a 2-point locking mechanism and the larger sizes feature a 3-point mechanism.

Lid Operation: Heavy-duty gas struts and a finger groove lid provide controlled and easy lid opening/closing.

Pre-Drilled Caster Holes: To accommodate industrial-strength, non-marking DEWALT® TOUGHBox™ Job Site Storage Casters. Sold separately, casters are available in swivel or rigid and each has a 900 lb weight capacity per caster and 11 gauge reinforcement plate.

Skid Access: Each box includes four-way skid access points for easy positioning and movement on the job site.

Electrical Pass Through: A rear rubber grommet can accommodate electrical cords.

DEWALT® DEWALT® TOUGHBox™ Job Site Storage accessories include:

Under-Lid Soft Storage: Perfect for easy access to small, loose items including safety glasses, gloves and vests while maximizing every square inch of possible storage space in the DEWALT® TOUGHBox™ Job Site Storage Chest, the optional Soft Storage (DWMT80432) measures 25.5” W x 20” high and features mounting brackets and hardware. (Sold Separately).

ToughSystem® Unit Integration: Storage in the top portion of the box is compatible with the mobile modular storage DEWALT® ToughSystem units including the DS150 Small Case (DWST08201), ToughSystem DS300 Large Case (DWST08203), ToughSystem DS400 XL Case (DWST08204), ToughSystem Tote (DWST08205) and ToughSystem DS130 (DWST08130), which supports easy storage, access and transport of tools. (Sold Separately)

Product Specs:

WIDTH 36” 42” 48” 60”
HEIGHT 34.50” 34.50” 34.50” 34.50”
OPEN HEIGHT 59.50” 59.50” 59.50” 59.50”
DEPTH 28” 28” 28” 28”
SHIPMENT WEIGHT 197 lbs 229 lbs 242 lbs 306 lbs
CU. FT. PER UNIT 16.70 Cu. Ft. 19.30 Cu. Ft. 22.10 Cu. Ft. 27.60 Cu Ft.
MSRP $549.00 $559.00 $559.00 $699.00


DEWALT® TOUGHBox™ Job Site Storage is available on and where DEWALT® products are sold. DEWALT® products are Guaranteed Tough® with a limited lifetime warranty. For more information visit


Peeking At CONEXPO

By Greg Sitek

It’s over and now the industry has it sights on 2020 March 7-11 for the next roll of the CONEXPO-CON/AGG experience. The massive construction show will once againtake over LasVegas as it did this year.

Some 2017 CONEXPO show facts:

  • S. buyer attendance jumped over 16 percent from the 2014 show, and total buyer attendance improved by almost 8 percent.
  • Overall contractor and producer attendance grew by 10 percent.
  • Total attendance neared 128,000 for the week.
  • Almost half of all attendees serve in executive positions at their company, and more than 3-in-5 attendees serve in a decision-making role.
  • Almost 26,000 international attendees from 150 countries braved global headwinds including a strong dollar and flagging export markets and composed nearly 20 percent of overall attendance.
  • Attendees purchased a record-breaking 52,000 tickets for education sessions at the show, a 26 percent increase from the 2014 show. Total ticket sales excluding IFPE jumped by over 27 percent compared to 2014.

Without doubt this was one of the most upbeat industry shows I’ve attended. The excitement over the proposed $1 trillion infrastructure bill permeated the show. It was a treat to feel the positive attitude that greeted you every time you sat down for a press conference or entered a booth.

A forward-looking vision for construction and infrastructure took center stage at CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE 2017, from the unveiling of the world’s first 3D-printed excavator and the new Tech Experience to the largest show floor in history and a stellar education lineup featuring leading innovators.

The exhibitions held March 7-11, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, highlighted the newest product innovations and best practices for the construction and construction materials and fluid power/power transmission/motion control industries.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE 2017 spanned a record 2.8 million-plus net square feet of exhibits with a record 2,800-plus exhibitors from the leading U.S. and global manufacturers, from multinational giants to small firms with specialized products.

The technological changes revolutionizing construction and manufacturing were a central feature throughout the show. The first-ever Tech Experience pavilion attracted solid traffic throughout the week, as attendees flocked to see the world’s first-ever 3D-printed excavator, hear from industry innovators during a collection of “Tech Talks,” and engage with the conclusion of the Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge Finale, which awarded $100,000 in prize money to winners over a crowd sourced competition to develop forward-looking infrastructure solutions.

There was no shortage of new products and technologies introduced at the show. The following are less than glimpse of only a few but illustrate the kinds of information and products shown this year in Las Vegas. Watch for more. 

JCB previewed an all-new skid steer and compact track loader with a telescopic boom. The JCB Teleskid is a revolutionary new product that can reach 60% further forward than other skid steers and can dig below its chassis to an unparalleled depth of around a little more than 3 feet (one meter).

LiuGong showcased its revolutionary new product – the Vertical Lift Wheel Loader. The product was first unveiled at LiuGong’s global dealer conference in November 2016 and was shown for the first time outside of China at CONEXPO This truly is new technology. The key innovations of the product are the vertical lift loader arms on an articulating frame and the mechanical self-leveling Z-bar bucket linkage on a vertical lift loader.

Wacker Neuson is expanding its telehandler line with the addition of the TH627. The TH627 is the second model in the manufacturer’s line to offer a unique ground-engaging telehandler that is a versatile three-in-one machine concept. Designed with a hydraulic universal attachment plate (SSL), the TH627 can be used with ground-engaging attachments and work like a (1) wheel loader to dig and carry, (2) a skid steer with a compact foot print capable of using multiple attachments and (3) a telehandler with a lift height of 18-feet, 7-inches and 5,500 pounds lifting capacity.

GOMACO Remote Diagnostics (GRD) is proven in the field by GOMACO contractors. GRD is more than telematics, giving owners the visibility of how, when, and where their equipment is being used. It’s a powerful extension to GOMACO’s existing service capabilities. It allows technicians a diagnostic review of a GOMACO machine from corporate headquarters in Ida Grove, Iowa, USA, at the owner’s shop, or on the job site. GRD will transmit G+® settings, configuration and fault history for an immediate and complete diagnosis. GRD also allows software updates, fleet management, service indicators. This remote capability also allows software updates to the G+ for specific applications or unique job-site logistics, such as new radius technology, support for new sensors, new code for 3D machine guidance technology, or additional updates for new product introductions. 

Topcon Positioning Group announces the next generation of automated concrete paving — the ZPS system — with the new Z-Robot and Z-Stack sensor. Using enhanced Topcon Millimeter GPS® technology, the ZPS system is designed to bring unmatched accuracy to concrete paving with a fraction of the hardware required for traditional LPS (local positioning system).

The new Z-Robot is an advanced robotic total station with integrated Z-beam laser technology. The Z-Robot is designed to provide a hybrid function of high-precision, optically-based vertical accuracy control and the convenience of Z-beam laser positioning to maintain that accuracy across the paver. It was shown at the show on a GOMACO paver.

CASE introduced the DL450 a fully integrated compact dozer loader AKA “Project Minotaur” – a first-of-its-kind fully integrated design that matches the best operating characteristics of a compact track loader (CTL) with a crawler dozer. A launch/production date for the machine has not been confirmed, but CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 represents a new and advanced phase in product development with extensive voice of customer work being conducted at the show and with top contractors.Project Minotaur” brings together the footprint and performance of a compact track loader with the true power and dozing characteristics of a bulldozer; the new product is currently in “concept” phase.

Remember, this is only a glimpse of what CONEXPO-CON/AGG was…




DEWALT has introduced two new lasers

DEWALT has introduced two new lasers, Green Cross Line Laser (model DW088CG) and Green 3 Spot Laser (model DW083CG), bringing together the additional visibility of green laser technology with durable over-molded housing for electricians, framers, plumbers, remodelers and contractors taking on a variety of leveling and layout applications.
DEWALT® Green Cross Line and Green 3 Spot Lasers feature a semiconductor diode to directly emit bright green beams, providing a 100 ft. working range radius to support common interior tasks, from laying tile, flooring and general leveling to plumbing, concrete work, framing, cabinet and lighting installations. The lasers include an internal pendulum for self-leveling.
“These lasers bring green technology solutions at a competitive price and the quality our customers can expect from DEWALT to a broader base of professionals,” said Dustin Prevete, Senior Product Manager – Electronic Tools, DEWALT.
The DEWALT® Green Cross Line Laser (model DW088CG) features a patented integrated magnetic bracket allowing flush attachment to metal track and steel and a 1/4” thread mount for use

model DW088CG

The DEWALT® 3 Spot Laser (model DW083CG) projects three bright green spots to provide accurate plumb point and horizontal point transfer with a range of 100 ft., an accuracy of up to +/- 1/8” at 30 ft. as well as dot visibility and alignment for wall track layout. The unit is tripod ready, featuring over track design for durability and a locking pendulum to prevent damage to internal components.
Both DEWALT® lasers  are available on and where DEWALT products are sold. DEWALT® products are Guaranteed Tough® with

model DW083CG

a warranty package that includes three-year limited warranty, 90-day money back guarantee and a one-year free service contract.

DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of professional power tools, hand tools and accessories, including corded and cordless drills, saws, hammers, grinders, routers, planers, plate joiners, sanders, lasers, generators, compressors, nailers, saw blades, metal and masonry drill bits, abrasives, screw driving accessories and more, as well as pneumatic tools. DEWALT® tools can be found nationally and internationally, wherever tools are sold. With more than 1,000 factory-owned and authorized locations, DEWALT has one of the most extensive service and repair networks in North America. For more information, visit or follow DEWALT on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.