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ARTBA Reports: EPA Coal Ash Decision Win for Taxpayers and Environment

d9cdad69-e8aa-4830-b455-58392c53ea55In good news for taxpayers, the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) says the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) December 19 decision not to regulate fly-ash, a byproduct of coal combustion to produce electricity, as a “hazardous material” will save American taxpayers $105 billion over the next 20 years.

That, research by the association’s foundation found, would be the additional cost to build roads, bridges and airport runways if fly-ash, widely recycled as a pavement mix additive, was not available as a building material.

The EPA’s rule will be setting new requirements for the storage of fly-ash.

ARTBA has been actively engaged in the regulatory and legislative debate in Washington over fly-ash since 2007 and applauded the decision as a “win-win” for both the taxpayer and the environment

The association notes the U.S. transportation construction sector is one of the most prolific recyclers in the world.  In addition to recycling over 8 million tons of fly-ash annually as a pavement additive, road base or structural embankment fill, 70 million tons of asphalt pavement are also reclaimed and recycled as new pavement product.



ARTBA Reports: Another Big Election Winner: Transportation Funding Initiatives

Nearly 70% Approved by Voters Across the Nation, ARTBA Report Shows  

Voters across the nation again demonstrated they strongly support increased investment in transportation improvements, approving 60 of 90 (67 percent) transportation-related initiatives that were on the November ballot, according to a report from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (ARTBA-TIAC).

The measures will provide nearly $21 billion in additional in revenue for transportation projects, the ARTBA-TIAC’s post-election analysis finds.

“These election results show, once again, the public wants our government to invest in our mobility and safety and are willing to pay for it,” ARTBA President & CEO Pete Ruane said.  “It doesn’t make a difference whether it is a Republican- or Democratic-leaning state.   The newly-elected Congress and the White House must take note and do their job and permanently fix the Highway Trust Fund.  Transportation funding cannot remain frozen in the ice of political inertia and partisanship.  The states rely on federal funds for, on average, 52 percent of their highway and bridge capital investments.”

Texans approved the largest state funding initiative, redirecting nearly $1.2 billion in oil and gas revenues from the state’s rainy day fund for transportation.  Voters in Maryland (81 percent) and Wisconsin (80 percent) overwhelmingly approved measures to ensure that transportation-related revenues are used exclusively for their intended purpose, and not diverted to non-transportation programs.  With support of 60 percent of voters, Rhode Island voters also approved a statewide $35 million bond proposal.  A Louisiana proposal to approve creation of a state constitutional amendment establishing a state infrastructure bank was defeated.

Of the county and local initiatives:

  • 20 of the 32 measures (63 percent) to increase a gasoline or general sales tax for transportation investment were approved.
  • 13 of the 14 measures (93 percent) to issue local bonds for transportation investment were approved.
  • 23 of the 35 measures (66 percent) to increase property taxes for transportation investment were approved.

Historically, voters have approved ballot measures to increase transportation revenues, including 86 percent of initiatives in 2013, 68 percent in 2012, 55 percent in 2011, 61 percent in 2010, 78 percent in 2008, 63 percent in 2007, 77 percent in 2006, 83 percent in 2005, and 76 percent in 2004.  In sum, over the past 10 years, voters have approved an average of 72 percent of the measures.

TIAC, which was launched by ARTBA in March, is an online educational platform that features detailed case studies of recent transportation funding campaigns—both successful and unsuccessful—mounted in numerous states.  It includes television, radio and print ads, polling, an overview of state and local funding and finance mechanisms, and an ongoing blog detailing new developments across the nation.

Established in 1902 and headquartered today in the Nation’s Capital, ARTBA is the “consensus voice” of the U.S. transportation design and construction industry.

ARTBA Says New Federal Banking Rules Will Exacerbate Problems Caused by Highway Trust Fund Uncertainty

image003The American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) says new federal banking rules announced August 3 “will further impede state transportation planning and investments across the nation.”

Rules just approved  by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will preclude banks from using municipal bonds to comply with new liquidity standards.

“This decision will increase the financing cost of infrastructure projects for state and local governments by imposing a constraint on the market for municipal bonds,” ARTBA President & CEO Pete Ruane says.  “That could also adversely impact development of public-private partnerships for transportation projects.”

In a letter to the Congressional leadership, Ruane urged they use the new banking rules “as another motivator to do what the vast majority of your colleagues have acknowledged needs to be done—develop a long-term, sustainable revenue solution to permanently stabilize the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) and support future state investments in transportation improvements.”

Ruane noted the temporary revenue patch for HTF-funded programs approved by Congress in July means the fund now faces another revenue shortfall “at the beginning of the 2015 construction season.”

Action on a long-term HTF revenue solution, Ruane wrote, “does not need to wait until May 2015.”



ARTBA’s Highly-Rated Project Delivery Academy Set for Oct 15-17 in the Nation’s Capital

image007The increased use of alternative project delivery methods such as Design-Build (DB) and Construction Manager-General Contractor (CMGC) by transportation agencies present new opportunities and challenges for transportation design and construction industry executives.  The American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s (ARTBA) Foundation has a professional development program, taught by a nationally-recognized engineer, to help ensure industry professionals have a comprehensive understanding of both delivery methods.

The Project Delivery Academy (PDA), built around the highly successful adult learning model of instruction by industry experts and supported by peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, is scheduled for October 15-17 at ARTBA’s headquarters building in the Nation’s Capital.  It is designed for project managers, procurement personnel and contractors.

The PDA will be led by Dr. Douglas Gransberg, an Iowa State University professor with more than 35 years of experience.  He is a designated design-build professional and owner of a construction management/project delivery consulting firm.  He helped write the book on alternative project delivery methods, co-authored the “AASHTO Guide for Design-Build (DB) Contracting,” and the “AASHTO Guidelines for Construction Manager General Contractor Project Delivery.”

Dr. Gransberg’s instruction will cover four core areas:

·         Procurement models/contract structure;

·         Project pricing provision models;

·         Developing responsive submittals to requests for qualifications (RFQ) and/or requests for proposals (RFP); and

·         Post-award contract administration.

Registration is $1,999 for ARTBA members.  More than 20 Professional Development Hours are available.  Contact ARTBA’s Kashae Williams for more information at kwilliams@artba.org or 202.289.4434.

The ARTBA-TDF is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt entity to promote research, education and public awareness.  It supports an array of initiatives, including educational scholarships, awards, roadway work zone safety and training programs and special economic reports.

ARTBA President Reacts to Congressional Developments Relating to the Highway Trust Fund

image002The following statement is from American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) President & CEO Pete Ruane:

“While we appreciate the efforts of the House Ways & Means and Senate Finance Committees to move forward this week on their respective plans to keep federal transportation funds flowing to the states, these actions must not be the latest ‘punt and leave the stadium’ strategy that has plagued the federal surface transportation program for far too long.

“The Highway Trust Fund has been limping from crisis to crisis for the past six years as America’s transportation network continues to decline.  Therefore, our message to Congress is simple: your job isn’t close to being done.

“It’s incumbent upon lawmakers in the House and Senate, and officials from the Obama Administration before the end of 2014 to develop a long-term and sustainable Highway Trust Fund solution that supports future transportation capital investments.  Anything less ignores the fragile state of our nation’s economy and does a great disservice to the tens of millions of American motorists, businesses, and workers who rely on the transportation network every day to support their livelihoods.”