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NSSGA President and CEO, Michael W. Johnson released the following statement:

Following today’s White House announcement that President Trump will seek to dramatically streamline the permitting process for federally-supported infrastructure projects, 

“Allowing unnecessary and expensive regulations to delay or even prevent critical infrastructure projects has cost our economy years of positive development. The president’s proposal to cut burdensome regulations will allow federal dollars to stretch further, create more jobs and ultimately stimulate economic growth. The benefits of infrastructure investments are clear–especially in the aggregates industry. Each job in a quarry, producing our nation’s building blocks, creates nearly five jobs outside of that operation. Each dollar spent on building our national highway system yielded $6 in economic activity. Making America great again requires making our economy great again and that starts with making America’s roads, bridges, airports and ports great again.”

National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, www.nssga.org 66 Canal Center Plaza Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314 United States



AEM: Time for Action on Trump Infrastructure Plan

AEM: Time for Action on Trump Infrastructure Plan

Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) President Dennis Slater issued the following statement on Monday regarding President Trump’s new infrastructure plan:

The Trump Administration gets tremendous credit from the U.S. equipment manufacturing industry for focusing our national dialogue on the need to make substantial investments in American infrastructure.

Infrastructure investment routinely ranks among voters’ top policy priorities, which is why Congress should work on a bipartisan basis to consider and advance a comprehensive infrastructure investment package as soon as possible.

Equipment manufacturers are heartened by efforts to induce additional private investment into infrastructure programs, and welcome efforts to streamline duplicative review processes that drive up the costs for projects.

But we will not be able to realize the infrastructure system our nation needs and deserves without a sustained investment from the federal government. Expanding public-private partnerships will open up new avenues of infrastructure investment, but they are not a substitute for a strong federal program. That is most especially true for rural communities.

AEM members look forward to working with the Trump Administration and Congress to develop forward-looking solutions for our nation’s infrastructure needs. Our Infrastructure Vision 2050 initiative has already generated some of the most innovative ideas for the future of American infrastructure, and we look forward to sharing some of the resulting policy insights from this effort next week.

Note: AEM had earlier this year urged President Trump to start with infrastructure.

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CASE Launches New Small-Frame Combination Vibratory Rollers


New DV23CC and DV26CC Combination Vibratory Rollers (front drum with rear pneumatic tires) deliver smooth surface finish for small- to mid-size paving applications.

CASE Construction Equipment introduces the new DV23CC and DV26CC combination vibratory rollers. The new vibratory rollers compact with the front drum and deliver a smooth finish with rear pneumatic tires. An inline drum with tapered edge and high curb clearance offers precision compaction capabilities in tight spaces, and adjustable scrapers, an automatic vibration control ystem and a pressurized water system ensure a smooth, clean finish in a variety of asphalt applications.

With operating weights of 4,740 pounds and 4,916 pounds, and drum width of 39.4 inches and 47.2 inches, the DV23CC and DV26CC are ideal for walkways, residential driveways, bike paths, tennis courts, small parking lots and other small- to mid-size applications.

DV Series Vibratory Rollers

The DV Series combines a compact size, and excellent maneuverability and visibility, with the same control features found in many larger asphalt rollers. The DV23CC and DV26CC rollers feature a tapered inline drum in combination with rear pneumatic tires and high curb clearance, delivering a smooth asphalt finish right up to high curbs and other tight areas. DV Series compactors improve compaction times with a tighter turn radius, and an inline tapered drum reduces asphalt tearing when compacting around curves.

A 31.5 HP Tier 4 Interim engine delivers high centrifugal forces and frequencies at lower RPMs, making the machine more fuel efficient, while standard dual frequencies (3,480/3,960 VPM) further improve productivity. The automatic vibration control system provides automatic or operator-controlled start and stop to the drum.

The DV23CC and DV26CC feature an iso-mounted operator platform that minimizes vibration and reduces operator fatigue. A standard lateral-sliding seat provides operators with superior visibility to the drum edge on both sides of the machine. Like all CASE machines, the DV23CC and DV26CC are designed for groundline serviceability. All fluid ports, drains and service checkpoints are grouped on one side of the machine for simplified.

For more information on the entire lineup of CASE asphalt and soil compactors, visit CaseCE.com.