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Holt Cat® Invests In Dubiski High School’s Technical Skills Program

HOLT CAT and Caterpillar®, as part of the Dealer Excellence Fund, have made an investment of $8,800 to Dubiski Career High School in Grand Prairie to support its technical skills program and the career development of technical students. This morning, Dallas WFAA’s Daybreak program featured HOLT CAT Regional Service Manager Tony Spalding presenting the check to Grand Prarie Superintendent Dr. Susan Hull, and Jose Sanchez, a high school senior in the Diesel Technician Training Program at Dubiski High School. Sanchez plans to get training to re-build diesel engines after completing high school. A number of Grand Prarie Independent School District Representatives and Dubiski High School students were in attendance.

HOLT’s Tony Spalding presenting the donation check to a number of Dubiski High School Students

The Caterpillar Dealer Excellence Fund (Est. 1989) is a program to strengthen curriculum and faculty development in technical schools and increase the pool of qualified service technicians.

“The goal of the Dealer Excellence Fund Program is to help schools develop state-of-the-art technical training programs,” explains Shaun Manning, Technical Training Director, HOLT CAT Pro Tech! “When a Cat dealer supports a school’s technical skills program by making a donation, the foundation matches it.” Therefore, the Caterpillar Foundation matched HOLT’s original donation of $4,400 to produce a combined donation of $8,800.

Dubiski High School seniors and juniors in the Ag Power Systems Program with teacher Rick Elmore and HOLT’s Tony Spalding (left)

Rick Elmore, Automotive Program Facilitator and Instructor at Dubiski Career High School, detailed how the school plans to use this donation. “The funds will be used for a hydraulic training system for the diesel mechanic program, which will help prepare students for entry-level positions in the heavy-duty equipment repair field. Hydraulic systems are extremely important and an integral component of construction/agricultural equipment.”

In addition to the investment, HOLT CAT is currently interviewing Dubiski High School students for paid internship positions.  The programs begins in December and eligible student interns will receive top level industry training and could qualify for the National Safe Tractor Operator Certification, which will help these young people develop a competitive edge in the market place.

HOLT strongly supports the training and education of technical students and hopes to increase the pool of qualified technicians to meet industry needs for these specialized employees. The donated funds may be used for scholarships, faculty development, training aids and equipment. Dubiski Career High School was evaluated and selected based on the strength of their current infrastructure and program.

AEM: Equipment Manufacturers’ Top Policy Priority – Fix the Nation’s Debt

AEM Board Affirms Balanced Approach of Spending and Revenue is Only Feasible Solution 

Meeting last week at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) 2012 Annual Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, the AEM Board of Directors established federal deficit reduction as its top policy priority headed into the New Year.  The Board joined the chorus of national business leaders calling for immediate bipartisan action to comprehensively solve our nation’s debt crisis by adopting a balanced approach that addresses entitlement and discretionary spending, as well as revenue while making wise investments in infrastructure and education.

Upon adopting this position, Caterpillar Group President and AEM Chair Stu Levenick said: “America’s equipment manufacturers have a diverse and substantive policy agenda aimed at driving economic growth – including transportation and energy

Stu Levenick,Caterpillar Group President and AEM Chair

infrastructure investment, progressive export policies and pro-growth tax reform. But we know that our hopes for real economic growth and progress as a nation could be derailed if we are not able to come together to solve the looming fiscal crisis.  So AEM’s Board of Directors unequivocally endorsed making fixing the debt our industry’s top policy priority, and we are calling on lawmakers to take immediate and aggressive bipartisan action to adopt a balanced and comprehensive solution that addresses both the spending and revenue sides of the budget.

“The indiscriminate spending cuts and tax increases facing us now are not the way to deal with our nation’s debt.  Rather, thoughtful consideration needs to be given to investment priorities such as education and infrastructure as well as revenue measures that will provide for long-term economic growth and job creation. Together we have an opportunity to get our economy back on track and create a better environment for equipment manufacturers and businesses of every kind to grow and create jobs. All Americans need to come together and support a bold and balanced approach that will ensure a better future for today’s generations and many to come.”

Stu Levenick, group president of Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, Illinois, was elected 2013 AEM Chair at the Annual Conference on November 9. Levenick will lead the AEM Board of Directors to achieve AEM’s 2013 goals, priorities and strategic direction.  He served as Vice Chair in 2012.

Foley, Incorporated Announces Changes To Construction Service Department

Joe Dugan, General Service Manager of Foley, Incorporated has announced two recent promotions within the Construction Service Department.  Pete Policastro has been promoted to Construction Service Shop Manager replacing Pete Foerst upon his retirement in late September.  Felix Adrian has been promoted to Construction Service Shop Foreman, replacing Pete Policastro.

As Construction Service Shop Manager, Pete Policastro will be handling all day-to-day Construction Shop operations, reporting to Dugan.  With more than 25 years of experience in Caterpillar Service, Pete started his career in the Foley Construction Shop, advancing to an “A” rate technician within 3 years.  He contributed to the growth of the company’s Paving business as a Foley Paving Specialist and eventually became a Lead Man in the Shop.  For the past 6 years, Policastro has been working in the Service Department as the Construction Shop Foreman.  Dugan states, “Pete’s performance has changed our customers’ perception of our Service Department.  He is extremely customer-focused and a great asset as Foley strives to create customer experiences that create customers for life.”

Felix Adrian has more than 12 years of Service experience with Caterpillar equipment and On Highway Caterpillar engines.  As Construction Service Shop Foreman, Adrian will be running all daily Service Operations in the Main Construction Shop.  Having started his career in the Foley Lift Division as a “D” rate technician, he reached level “A” rate technician in the CCE Construction Department within five years.  In 2007 he became a Service Writer for the On Highway Division and most recently has been holding the position of On Highway Service Foreman.  “Felix’s commitment to customer service goes above and beyond,” states Joe Dugan, “He will be a great fit within our Construction Service Team, further strengthening our ability to deliver superior service to our customers.”

Both Policastro and Adrian have recently graduated from Caterpillar’s “Flagship Management Program” this year, providing them with even greater management skills and arming them with customer-driven solutions as they take on their new roles within the Foley Service Team.

Based in Piscataway, NJ, Foley is the Caterpillar Dealer in North and Central Jersey, Staten Island and Bermuda.  Since 1957, Foley offers solutions for Power Generation, On-Highway Engine, Construction Equipment and other job site Rental needs.  Foley continually strives to offer you the best products and services available in the marketplace, recently adding a Foley Fire Apparatus Division to serve the Emergency Services field.

Cat 966K XE Equipped With An Advanced Powertrain System Delivers Greater Fuel Efficiency

Equipped with an advanced powertrain system, the new Cat® 966K XE wheel loader impressively delivers up to a 25 percent fuel efficiency improvement with optimum performance. The new model meets the needs for both efficiency and sustainability while simplifying the operator’s interface and operating technique.

Efficiency and Performance

The 966K XE has been engineered to deliver superior efficiency by utilizing an integrated Cat continuously variable transmission system. A hydraulic pump and motor (variator unit), allows for a smooth and continuous gear ratio change between engine speed and machine speed. The variator provides this ratio flexibility while greatly reducing the heat load generated by the drive train when the machine is digging, pushing and climbing under heavy load. The continuously variable gear ratio of the variator also enables the engine to run at a more efficient operating range independent of machine ground speed.

Power is transmitted through the variator unit (versatile gear ratio) as well as a parallel mechanical gear path (highest efficiency). Power through the variator and mechanical paths are combined through a series of planetary gear sets in order maximize the transmission efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions.

The 966K XE is powered by a Cat C9.3 ACERTTM diesel engine, delivering a peak net horsepower rating of 290 hp. Meeting the European Union Stage IIIB emissions standards, the C9.3 ACERT™ engine incorporates a high-pressure common rail injection system for a clean, efficient burn. The proven Cat Clean Emissions Module, which incorporates a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, a Diesel Particulate Filter and the Cat Regeneration System, functions automatically without interrupting the machine’s working cycle.

Developed especially for production loading for both 966K and 966K XE, Performance Series Buckets are standard and deliver faster fill times and better material retention to reduce cycle time and improve productivity.

Operational Benefits

With the 966K XE, transmission operation is automated and transparent to the operator. The machine is well balanced and easy to operate at extremely low engine speeds, providing optimal productivity and burning less fuel. While maintaining the ability to operate effectively in moderate applications, this machine delivers improved performance on grade and in aggressive applications. The operator has the ability to control maximum ground speed through the use of virtual gears to provide flexibility in various machine applications.

The engine can be controlled to operate more efficiently over a wide range of conditions. During deceleration, machine momentum can be recovered as free energy to power implements or the cooling fan, while significantly lower working engine speeds result in reduced soot build-up for longer regeneration intervals, cutting fuel use further.


The 966K XE has just two pedals with reduced operating interface/mode complexity. In addition, the operator is free to concentrate on bucket fill and digging capabilities without the need for manual shifting. The operator can confidently utilize the machine while the integral power system control prevents engine over-speeding and makes it nearly impossible to stall the engine while digging.

When engaging the stockpile or quarry face the machine automatically reduces speed under full power, without the need for manual downshifting. Smooth and efficient directional changes reduce tire wear, without the need for operator input. In addition, releasing the pedals on a grade does not result in rollback, providing greater control for the operator.

As with the 966K, the 966K XE benefits from a comfortable and productive operator station and the left and right-hand sliding windows can be opened and closed while seated. A standard rear-view camera with large color monitor enhances visibility to the back of the machine.

A new low-effort electro-hydraulic joystick steering system is standard. Joystick steering permits operators to work in the most ergonomically neutral position with both arms resting comfortably on wide, well-padded, adjustable armrests. A high-backed seat with lumbar support further enhances ergonomics. The Cat joystick steering system has an exclusive force-feedback feature that automatically increases joystick effort as ground speed increases. This improves steering control and comfort, especially at higher speeds. The joystick moves side to side; its angle mirrors the machine’s articulation angle.


The engine runs at the most efficient speeds to reduce fuel consumption, which could lead to extended engine life. Furthermore, integrated retarding and modulated torque control could also result in increased tire and brake life.

The 966K XE will be available in North America in the first quarter of 2013.

For more information on the Cat 966 XE, contact your Cat dealer.

Basic Specifications

Engine Cat C9.3 ACERTTM  Stage IIIB
Max. Engine Power  -ISO14396 – (1,700 rpm) metric 239 kW (325 hp)
Max. Gross Power – SAE J1995 – (1,700 rpm) metric 243 kW (330 hp)
Max. Net Power – SAE J1349, ISO9249 (1,700 rpm) metric 220 kW (299 hp)
Breakout Force 173 kN (38,984 lbs)
Static Tipping Load at Full Turn w/rigid tires 15,828 kg (34,886 lbs)
Bucket Capacities 2.50 m3-9.20m3 (3.25 y3-12.00 y3)
Operating Weight 24,189 kg (53,311 lbs)


Caterpillar Unveils First Hybrid Excavator

Caterpillar Inc. unveiled the first model in its new line of hybrid excavators, the Cat® 336E H, at its Mossville Industrial Design Center at a special trade press event, “The Next Generation is Here.” The new 336E H will be sold and serviced exclusively through the global Cat dealer network following the machine’s official launch at bauma 2013 in Munich, Germany. The order board for the Cat 336E H opens in Feb. 2013, with factory shipments beginning in March 2013.

The Cat 336E H uses a new hydraulic hybrid technology developed by Caterpillar. “A hybrid is independent of any particular technology—it doesn’t have to be electric,” said Ken Gray, global product manager for large hydraulic excavators for Caterpillar’s Excavation Division. “There are many ways to store and reuse energy, including our patented hydraulic hybrid system featured on the Cat 336E H.”

“Caterpillar has developed, built, and tested electric hybrid excavators, but—until now—we had not found a hybrid approach that would actually lower our customers’ owning and operating costs,” Gray said. “Large excavators operate in high-production applications in which fuel is a very significant operating cost for our customers. So, the 336E H, the hybrid version of our workhorse 336E, is ideal for introducing our new hydraulic hybrid technology, with its more than 300 filed patents.”

“We can’t wait to see the reaction of our customers to the 336E H,” said Gray. “We’re confident they will be delighted. No other commercially available technology has higher power density than hydraulics, and that’s why we selected a hydraulic solution to help our customers achieve substantial fuel savings. The 336E H also meets stringent Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emission standards. It is extraordinarily quiet, too. So it’s a socially responsible machine for our customers to own, and they will sacrifice nothing in terms of performance, power, force, speed or production. Once more, the owning and operating costs for the 336E H are actually lower than the standard machine. That’s the value customers expect from Cat excavators.”

“The 336E H is a game-changer—the most revolutionary excavator to come to market in decades,” said Gary Stampanato, vice president of Caterpillar’s Excavation Division. “Customers aren’t going to choose the 336E H simply because it is sustainable. They will select it because it actually lowers their owning and operating costs, and maintains the performance of our industry leader, the 336E. Caterpillar has the most productive and fuel-efficient excavator product line in the industry, and our customers are supported by the best dealers in the world. The 336E H extends our leadership, is the right thing to do for our customers and is a sign of great things to come.”


“Caterpillar’s corporate technology strategy centers on research and development in advancing technology to meet customers’ needs today, which is what the 336E H does,” said Tana Utley, Caterpillar’s chief technology officer and vice president of the Product Development and Global Technology Division. “We’re also continuously working on innovations that we anticipate will meet their future needs. That’s why we’re continuing our research and development in electric hybrid technology too, which actually began our hybrid development path several years ago.”

“Caterpillar has an extraordinary team of people working on hybrid technology solutions for the next generation of Cat hydraulic excavators,” added Gray. “They are from every corner of the world, are among the very best and brightest minds, and they are listening very closely to our customers. It’s exciting for me to see their enthusiasm for this project and the quality product they have developed in the 336E H, and we’re just getting started.”

“I am absolutely confident our engineers will continue to discover and develop the best hybrid approaches for Caterpillar’s extensive line of equipment and applications, whether that’s some form of hydraulic or electric hybrid system or something as of yet unknown,” Utley added. “At Caterpillar, we don’t simply engage in creating new technologies like the hydraulic hybrid system just for technology’s sake, or simply to prove that we can. Our technology strategy’s focus never loses sight of what our research and development efforts can mean to our customers’ success—today and in the future.”

Since the introduction of the 300 Series in 1994, the family of excavators has become the industry standard in a large variety of general, quarry and heavy construction applications. Caterpillar introduced the standard 336E in 2010 as a direct replacement for the 336D. The 336E was introduced primarily to meet Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emissions standards, and like any new Cat machine, the 336E includes several enhancements over its predecessor, including more horsepower with greater fuel efficiency, more lift capability, higher digging force and automatic aftertreatment regeneration.

The 336E H has all of the same powerful advantages of the 336E with the biggest difference between the two models being even greater fuel efficiency. To achieve added fuel savings, the design of the 336E H uses three building block technologies that:

1) Conserve fuel with engine power management via the Cat Electronic Standardized Programmable (ESP) pump, which smoothly transitions between the hydraulic hybrid power sources, engine and accumulator.

2) Optimize performance using restriction management via the patented Cat Adaptive Control System (ACS) valve, which intelligently manages restrictions and flows to seamlessly control machine motion with no loss of power, and to ensure operators experience no difference in control, hydraulic power or lift capability.

3) Reuse energy via the hydraulic hybrid swing system, which captures the excavator’s upper structure swing brake energy in accumulators, and then releases the energy during swing acceleration.

Fuel Savings

The 336E H delivers industry-leading productivity with up to 50 percent greater fuel efficiency, which is measured in tons per liter, over the 336D. Customers can expect the 336E H to use up to 25 percent less fuel compared to a standard 336E, and up to 33 percent less fuel than the 330/336D. All three of the technology building blocks, Conserve, Optimize and Reuse, are integrated together to maximize fuel savings in a variety of applications. Even in low-intensity swing applications, customers will still experience significant fuel savings because of the Conserve and Optimize technologies. (Additional factors, such as operator skill and jobsite conditions, also affect fuel savings.)

Return on Hybrid Investment

Because the 336E H burns less fuel and reduces regulated engine emissions, owning and operating costs will be dramatically lower compared to the standard machine, and its carbon footprint will be smaller, as well. Precisely when customers will recoup their initial investment in a 336E H depends on fuel prices and their applications. Assuming today’s fuel prices and a high-production application for a 336E H, Caterpillar estimates customers can realistically expect to see a return on their investment for the hybrid excavator model in as little as one year.

Durable and Reliable

Caterpillar designed the 336E H to deliver the same durability and reliability customers expect of all Cat machines, including large excavators like the standard 336E. The design of the 336E H uses Cat hydraulic components with a long track record of proven durability and reliability for maximum uptime and productivity. Also like a standard machine, 336E H components can be replaced or rebuilt to maximize the hybrid’s service life.


Customers have been using field follow machines, which are first production machines built for customer acceptance testing, to validate fuel burn, controllability, reliability and performance of the 336E H. In a formal production study completed in August 2012, results were impressive, including greater fuel efficiency, and lower cab and spectator noise levels than the 336E and 336D. Additionally, the ACS valve, which intelligently manages restrictions and flows to seamlessly control machine motion, has been in the field since 2008 with superior performance and reliability. The ACS and hybrid system have also proven to work well together to maximize performance and controllability of work tools, including hammers, shears and grapples.

Product Support and Dealer Readiness

Customer support for the 336E H is provided exclusively by the on-the-ground support of Caterpillar’s worldwide dealer network. For decades, Cat dealers have made significant and substantial investments in facilities, people and expertise to support Cat excavators, including the new 336E H. Cat dealers know and understand hydraulics, and are prepared to consult with customers to help determine which Cat excavator model, whether hybrid or standard, is the best match for a customer. Dealers are also equipped with tools developed by Caterpillar that help them weigh factors into their recommendations, including a customer’s projected equipment use, budget and anticipated years of ownership to help ensure the proper decision. The 336E H can also be bundled with extended warranties and service contracts.

Caterpillar Position on Technology

According to Utley, it is the company’s vertical integration and broad technology portfolio, coupled with its wide range of application experience that enable Caterpillar to select and develop the optimal technologies for each Cat machine and varied customer applications. “Our commitment is to match technologies to customer value,” she said. “That means Caterpillar will include hybrid elements in machines where it is evident those elements are the most efficient and effective means of improving value to our customers, which is definitely what we’ve done with the 336E H.”

“Hybrid technology is a key element of our customer-focused technology portfolio, and so are our next generation powertrains, autonomy, alternative fuels, and engine emissions and efficiency,” Utley added. “The new hydraulic hybrid technology Caterpillar developed for the 336E H is an outstanding example of the results we’re achieving from our technology strategy. It provides a critical bridge as we continue to research, develop and build the technologies of the future—technologies that will help ensure our customers’ business success.”