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LiuGong Forges Relationship With Cummins To Launch Dealer Certification Program

LiuGong Construction Machinery announced a new, strategic alliance with Cummins, a long-term partner and supplier of engines for LiuGong products.  The new alliance provides LiuGong dealers with the opportunity to become certified and authorized Cummins Service Providers.  The goal for both LiuGong and Cummins through this partnership is to provide their joint customer base with enhanced customer service and support.

According to Dan Collins, Deputy General Manager for Global After Sales Support for LiuGong, “This partnership was put into place to ensure that both LiuGong and Cummins have the after the sale structure in place to provide outstanding customer service and deliver maximum uptime to our customers.  By creating camaraderie between the local Cummins distributor, who originally certifies the LiuGong dealer and recertifies them annually, we’re able to streamline repairs to ensure that our customers’ equipment operates with as little downtime as possible.”

Traditionally, a LiuGong equipment owner would need to take their equipment to their local LiuGong dealer for any warranty related service issue except those related to the engine.  When an engine repair was required during the warranty period, the customer or their LiuGong dealer would have to contact their closest Cummins distributor to perform the service.  By becoming certified, LiuGong dealers will be able to work directly with a Cummins distributor to secure genuine Cummins parts to perform their customer’s required engine maintenance or repair. Not only does this provide a level of convenience to the customer, but is also provides LiuGong dealers with an additional revenue stream.

There are three levels of certification currently available to LiuGong dealers:  Maintenance Dealer, Repair Dealer and Full Service Dealer.  In order to attain these certifications, LiuGong dealers must complete technical and warranty training through their local Cummins distributor, maintain a consistent parts inventory and invest in the tools necessary to service the engines they are certified to work on. Depending on the level of certification/s received, the dealer may complete maintenance only, maintenance and external repairs or all internal and external warranty repairs on the engine/s.

Through this alliance, LiuGong and Cummins are able to assure customers that all LiuGong products powered by a Cummins Engine receive superior engine support.  According to Fred Rideneur, General Manager of Business Operations for LiuGong North America, this program is attractive on all levels, for owners of LiuGong equipment, for LiuGong dealers and for the local Cummins distributor.  “In the equipment business you need to live and breathe service. Any minute a piece of equipment is down, it’s costing the customer money.  By establishing a partnership between the local LiuGong dealer and closest Cummins distributor, we’re making sure that we can service all aspects of our customers’ machines.  If we can service them, we can guarantee them that we’ll be able to minimize any unplanned downtime.  That level of commitment is indicative of LiuGong’s promise and delivery of second-to-none customer service.”

To date, three LiuGong dealers have received their Cummins Certified Service Provider designation through this program: Equipment East in Massachusetts, Anderson Machinery in Texas and Midwest Loader Sales in South Dakota.

According to Giovanni Albanese of Equipment East, “LiuGong continues to impress our dealership with their dedication to customer service. They are extremely focused on delivery of a quality product that exceeds a customer’s expectation.  For our dealership, this certification is invaluable. It allows us to ensure that we can get our customers equipment fixed regardless of the failure as quickly as possible, thereby eliminating or minimizing downtime.  Being able to make that promise and stand behind it helps us sell LiuGong products. Their affiliation with a well-known brand like Cummins is also beneficial. ”

LiuGong Construction Machinery has been producing high quality construction equipment for more than 50 years and is growing throughout the world, producing more than 50,000 wheel loaders a year.  LiuGong currently offers wheel loaders, excavators, mini-excavators, backhoe loaders, skid-steer loaders and vibratory soil compactors to the North American Market. For more information please visit www.LiuGongNA.com

Wacker Neuson Announces First Class For New Technical Academy Commercial/Industrial Concrete Flatwork Finisher Prep Course

Wacker Neuson has announced the creation of a Technical Academy.  The Wacker Neuson Technical Academy is a new endeavor by the compact and light construction equipment manufacturer to ensure contractors are up-to-date on the latest industry processes and techniques.

The Technical Academy’s first class is scheduled for March 24 and March 25, 2011 at Wacker Neuson’s training facility in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin (just outside of Milwaukee, WI).  This inaugural Technical Academy curriculum is a prep course for the ACI Specialty Commercial/Industrial Concrete Floor Finishers certification.  The course will be conducted by 17-time Golden Trowel Award winner, Bryan Birdwell.  Birdwell has proven his expertise in producing the flattest, most level concrete floors in the world. He will join Wacker Neuson’s Technical Academy to teach contractors his best practices and give them the technical skills they need to pass the highest level industrial/commercial certification exams.

The concrete prep course is a complete two-day session that includes classroom and hands on training.  All participants will leave being fully prepared to complete the written and skills portions of an official ACI Specialty Commercial/Industrial Concrete Floor Finisher certification test.  Day one will contain classroom seminars focusing on constructing concrete floors with topics including F-number system, random and defined traffic floors, constructing proper sub-grade, mix designs, hand tools, bull floats, check rods, bump cutters, machine patterns and troubleshooting.  Day two is hands-on training in the placing and finishing of high tolerance F-number floors. Class participants will prep the sub-grade, verify the mix design and receive expert training in placing and finishing superflat and high tolerance floors.

Wacker Neuson is offering this special prep course for an introductory price of only $250.00 per person.  This course fee includes two nights hotel accommodation, transportation to/from the airport, course materials and lunch.  Participants are responsible for transportation to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For more information and to register, please visit www.wackerneusontech.com.

Wacker Neuson has been training dealers in its state-of-the-art training facility in Menomonee Falls for many years, and the Technical Academy takes training to a new level to reach contractors. The Academy courses will be lead by industry experts, associations and facilitated by Wacker Neuson training professionals. Wacker Neuson will continue to expand its curriculum to include Academy sessions on the latest compaction and concrete consolidation techniques.