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Milestone reached on new Liebherr USA Co. headquarters construction project

Milestone reached on new Liebherr USA Co. headquarters construction project

  • $45 million expansion also includes state of the art warehouse and workshop facility
  • The project will add over 251,000 square feet to the company’s campus

The final piece of structural steel was recently installed at the Liebherr USA, Co. new headquarters building – a significant construction milestone. Work is on schedule for completion in 2020. The project will house Liebherr USA, Co. employees working in administration, finance, marketing, human resources, sales and service, product support, production and distribution for nine product units.

The final structural steel was recently placed on Liebherr’s new administration building in Newport News, VA.

Members of the Liebherr family, executive management and Newport News city officials gathered in July 2018 to celebrate the groundbreaking of the $45 million project, which marks a new chapter for Liebherr in the United States. The company has outgrown its existing four-story administration building, which is 100 percent occupied.

Favorable weather has allowed construction to proceed without any significant delays, according to safety and facilities manager Terrence Leo. Curtain walls are now being installed on the state-of-the-art four-story administration building. Vertical metal stud framing is underway and the building’s weather barrier is being placed. Next, concrete floor slabs will be poured and windows will be installed. Once the buildings are closed in, work can continue in any weather. A new warehouse and workshop also are part of this expansive project.

Modern warehouse will significantly increase capacity

“The new Liebherr USA, Co. warehouse in Newport News will allow all aspects of our logistics operation to be fully centralized and integrated into a modern state of the art facility,“ said Oliver Frey, general manager of warehousing and logistics. “The new Liebherr USA facility will provide the latest safety features and an increase of 50 percent in storage capacity. In addition to the increased shelf space, the warehousing will also incorporate a dual shuttle vertical lifting machine to increase small component picking speed and storage capacity over our existing single shuttle unit.”

Frey added that “all pallet racking will be modernized to include the latest safety features and location barcoding will be implemented for all bin locations. Our receiving and shipping departments will also be ergonomically separated to allow for better material flow through the facility versus our current conditions.”

Concrete aprons on the east and south sides of the warehouse will provide outdoor storage for large components such as counterweights, track chains, and sticks. The south apron will also feature a large canopy for inbound and outbound freight staging. A two-story office and conference room for managers and staff will be located on the warehouse’s south side. Frey said an overview of the entire logistics operation is possible from these offices.

Work on the warehouse portion of the expansion project is ongoing.

Workshop facility will enhance customer support and service

Liebherr’s Houston, Texas-based mobile and crawler cranes workshop has also outgrown its capacity. The division is opening a second workshop for cranes and construction equipment in Newport News to accommodate a growing East Coast customer base. The mobile and crawler cranes division will have three stations to service and repair equipment. This will allow the division to improve its efficiency and productivity.

Twelve repair stations will be available for the earthmoving division – an increase from the eight currently available – for equipment modifications and pre-delivery inspections. In addition, the building will also house a semi-knockdown kit assembly area for concrete pumps.  Warehouse roof installation is underway and foundation work is in progress for the workshop.

When completed, the new buildings will add over 251,000 square feet to the company’s existing 560,000 square foot campus. The existing four-story administration building will be retained, renovated and fully occupied by Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News, Co. Liebherr‘s manufacturing of large mining gauge trucks will continue in Newport News.

After nearly 50 years of operation in Newport News, Liebherr is at another positive growth juncture. This investment in administrative, warehouse and workshop facilities greatly expands the company’s operations and demonstrates Liebherr’s long-term commitment to Virginia and the US market.

An artistic rendering of the completed Liebherr USA expansion project.

About Liebherr USA, Co.

Liebherr USA, Co., based in Newport News, VA, provides sales and service on behalf of nine different Liebherr product units: construction equipment; mining; mobile and crawler cranes; tower cranes; concrete technology; foundation equipment; maritime cranes; components and appliances, which includes refrigerators and freezers.

About Liebherr Group

Established in 1949, the Liebherr Group is a leading manufacturer of earthmoving equipment and a supplier of innovative user-oriented products and services in many other fields. The family-owned company employs more than 43,000 people in more than 130 companies on all continents. Liebherr’sproduct range covers earthmoving and material handling machinery, mining equipment, mobile cranes, tower cranes, concrete technology, domestic appliances, maritime cranes, aerospace and transportation systems, machine tools and automation systems as well as high-performance components for mechanical, hydraulic and electrical drive and control technology. Liebherr also operates hotels in Ireland, Austria, and Germany

Tom Ewing’s Environmental Update

*  DOE is shaking up the empire in 2018.  The Agency made at least three significant announcements last week: First, it will commit $18.5 million to develop a new consortium for off-shore wind energy research. Second: investing up to $100 million within the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s (ARPA‑E) latest “OPEN” funding opportunity directed at finding “American energy entrepreneurs and researchers to show us the next breakthrough in energy security.” Third, big-time reorganization focusing on four priorities: U.S. energy dominance; protecting energy and national security; advancing innovation; and improving outcomes in environmental management.

*  The Oregon Department of Energy and the Public Utility Commission are developing a comment letter regarding EPA’s Clean Power Plan. OR has a draft set of comments for review; the public can comment (due Jan. 5) on the comments. The draft contains a number of non-fossil energy projects said to be making headway in Oregon. Hopefully, they all come to fruition. But the draft does not make clear: Why should OR’s local interest justify the national imposition of the CPP? Oregon can build on hydroelectric projects started decades ago, subsidized by taxpayers from sea to shining sea. It’s a lot more difficult for many other states.

*  MA seeks big carbon reductions. There’s a draft proposal out there now regarding transportation in MA and ways to get people out of their cars. I haven’t taken a close look at it yet; it’s on the list for Christmas day.*:D big grin But, interestingly, EPA recently proposed approval of 5000 new parking spaces at Logan Airport.  Federal approval for parking?  Apparently, back in the day, parking at Logan was deliberately kept in check so that people would take transit or carpool, a move formally placed in the State’s SIP – the state implementation plan, the iron-clad document that controls and enforces and fines any and every aspect of a state’s air quality plan (think CPP, and why people don’t like it).  Any change to a federally approved SIP requires EPA’s approval, for anything.  Apparently, the parking limit didn’t work for air pollution goals.  Now, full-circle, the 5000 new spaces are for “environmental reasons,” of course, to decrease VOC, NOX, and CO (no mention of CO2) so people don’t keep driving and driving until they find a parking space!

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Liebherr USA, Co., Construction Equipment Division continues to expand with a new company owned store in Kansas City, MO

The grand opening of the new Liebherr Equipment Source (LES) store is set for April 2, 2017, located at 707 Mulberry Street, Kansas City, MO. The new location is the first one in the state of Missouri (MO), and supports the Construction Equipment Division‘s goals to strengthen its customer support and equipment distribution across the United States.

The new Liebherr Equipment Source (LES) store will service the general Kansas City market and provide service to the outlying areas of Kansas and Missouri. This additional location will accommodate the customers in the region with a variety of services such as; parts, service; both in-shop and on-the-road, maintenance, leasing, and sales of Liebherr construction equipment. The facility will include four service bays, a loading dock, and two training rooms.

“We are delighted to be opening this new Liebherr Equipment Source location to better service the Kansas and Missouri regions. Our goal is to supply the highest quality of Liebherr service, parts and equipment to ensure top operating conditions for our customers,“ says Peter Mayr, Managing Director of

Currently, Liebherr has four Equipment Source (LES) locations; there are two in Virginia, one in Maryland, and one in North Carolina. These locations – including the new one in Missouri – provide only original Liebherr Parts when customers require services. This service concept is especially important to ensure the safest, most reliable, cost-efficient, and productive operations for Liebherr customers.