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By Jay Nagy, Midwestern Industries, Inc. 

Over the years, screen blinding and pegging have been barriers to efficient material screening that processors have sought to overcome via a variety of half-measure solutions including; frequent washing, slap chains, ball decks, and heated decks. Screen blinding of media is typically a result of fine material accumulating around screen openings–remaining unaffected by a machine’s vibration. Similarly, pegging ensues when an irregular material enters the screen apertures but is unable to pass through.


In response to the demand from a vast array of aggregates, minerals, and other media processors, Midwestern Industries, Inc. (Massillon, OH), a leading manufacturing mainstay of innovation for the screening industry since 1953, is introducing their new KLEAR-SCREEN series panels. The series (Styles: S-M-W) design features spaced wire cloth urethane strips that essentially operate as live moving wires, to create more through-put to dislodge materials. Ultimately, the resulting ‘near size’ particles wont’ blind the screens.

The non-blinding, wire cloth clear screen’s urethane strip designs are spaced across the panels and the wire flexes so it won’t fall apart–meaning less screen changes. Made to fit most applications and rectangular vibrating machines, each series’ panel is available in openings ranging from 1/16” TO 1” and in a variety of wire sizes.

The KLEAR-SCREEN design configuration increases screening efficiency, extends screen life, and produces a consistent product–decreasing costs per ton! 

“S” STYLE:              Most Common Weave…Square Type, More Precision

Midwestern’s KLEAR-SCREEN “S” style screen panels are ideal for applications with a high percentage of near sized particles that often cause blinding in traditional woven mesh screens. This style of screen has a square opening and is measured the same as woven wire openings. 

“M” STYLE:             High Impact…Precise Sizing

Midwestern’s KLEAR-SCREEN “M” style screen panels are ideal for applications with high impact and heavier loading. This style is also great for smaller openings for fine material. The “M” style screen has a triangle opening which is obtained by alternating crimped and straight wires. The crimped and straight wires vibrate at different frequencies–practically eliminating blinding and optimizes throughput. 

“W” STYLE:             More Open Area…High Production

Midwestern’s KLEAR-SCREEN “W” style screen panels are ideal for applications with a high percentage of fine material. The “W’ style screen offers the largest percentage of open area in the KLEAR SCREEN line-up. It utilizes a “W” shaped opening with all wires parallel to each other.


Midwestern’s new KLEAR-SCREEN wire product series premiered to potential end-users in March at the CONEXPO/CONAGG 2020 (Las Vegas, NV), and will be available to order in late summer 2020.

According to Midwestern’s President of Manufacturing and Sales, H.J. “Chip” Painter, “The launch of our KLEAR-SCREEN panel series unique designs overcome the age-old issue of pegging / blinding, which prevents fine material from passing through. Screening efficiency is key…KLEAR SCREEN consistently achieves that goal.”

For more information visit: www.midwesternind.com

CORPORATE PROFILE: Since 1953, Midwestern Industries, Inc. has been a mainstay of innovation for the screening industry, delivering customized manufacturing and design solutions for a myriad of processing industries including: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Aggregates, Shot Peening, Plastics, Brick and Clay, Ceramics, and Powdered Metals, amongst others. Known throughout the industry as “The Sizing People®”, Midwestern’s comprehensive product line offers advanced application solutions for handling coarse, fine, wet, and dry materials with the ability to screen and separate particles from 20 microns and up. We achieve these demanding standards by leveraging advanced precision manufacturing screening techniques and accessories that drive productivity.

Liebherr at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

Crawler Concrete Pump 110 D-K

The new Liebherr crawler concrete pump is particularly suited for applications in which pumping of the concrete is constantly being relocated around the building site. Maneuvering and operation of the crawler track-mounted concrete pump is affected via remote control. 

Liebherr Crawler Concrete Pump 110 D-K

A typical application for crawler concrete pumps is the supply of concrete to drilling equipment for bored piling foundations. Deep holes are drilled into the ground and then filled with concrete following extraction of the drill. Crawler concrete pumps are employed alongside the drilling equipment at the various operation points, whereby the concrete hose remains permanently connected to the drilling equipment.

LB 45 Drilling Rig

The name of the brand new LB 45 derives from the torque of 331,903-pound force per foot. That is an increase of approximately 10 percent in comparison to the already high performance of the LB 36. Both the counterweight and the leader are modularly constructed. This enables quick and easy assembly and flexible application. 

Liebherr LB 45 Drilling Rig

The leader top is designed for different drilling axes and is suitable for all applications. Through the enhancement of the drilling axes by 19.7 inch, the LB 45 can be applied for drilling diameters up to a maximum of 10.9 feet. At the same time, the maximum drilling depth for Kelly drilling with 5-fold Kelly bar has been increased to 328 feet and so significantly improved. The strong winches with a maximum pull force of 92,594 pounds enable highest performance even under the most difficult conditions. Furthermore, the noise emission is considerably reduced thanks to their elastic mounting.

LRB 355.1 Drilling Rig

The overall design of the LRB 355.1 puts special attention on the handling of the machine – both on and off the jobsite. For transportation, the crawlers can now be removed from both types of undercarriage. This reduces the maximum transport weight by about 30,865 pounds. To minimize the transport length, the leader can be folded. For the longer leader version with 88.6 feet, this saves 23 feet. A further advantage is that the machine can be transported with a mounted leader, sledge and ropes. Thus, the piling and drilling rig can be mobilized even more quickly on the jobsite. 

Liebherr LRB 355.1 Drilliing Rig

The core of the piling and drilling rig is a new 1,005 hp Liebherr diesel engine that complies with the NRMM exhaust certification Tier 4, Stage V. The new BAT 450.1 with a torque of 331,903-pound force per foot serves as rotary drive and has automatic torque regulation, continuous speed optimization and four electronically adjustable speed ranges.

Generation 8 Series Excavators

The Generation 8 series, now in production at Liebherr-France SAS in Colmar, is made up of seven models ranging from 24 to 50 tons: R 922, R 924, R 926, R 930, R 934, R 938 and R 945. The generation 8 is characterized by a new design which was first presented at Bauma in 2019. The team of developers from Colmar completely revised the basic excavator concept to further increase comfort, safety and performance, and to achieve even better operational ergonomics. 

The R 926 was on display at CONEXPO, along with the R 930, is based on a specific platform developed by Liebherr. The R 926 and the R 930 have an operating weight between 28 to 34 tons and achieve a power of 204 hp and 245 hp respectively. The backhoe bucket capacities vary from 1.15 m3 to 1.75 m3 on the R 926 and between 1.25 m3 and 2,15 m3 on the R 930. The R 926 and R 930 models are available in stage V and Tier 4f.

Liebherr R 938 Crawler Excavator

The R 938 together with the R 934 is based on a specific platform developed by Liebherr-France SAS. The R 934 and the R 938 have an operating weight of 35 and 38 tons, and achieve a power of 272 hp and 299 hp. The backhoe bucket capacities vary from 1 m3 to 2.5 m3 on the R 934 and between 1 m3 and 3 m3 on the R 938. The R 934 and R 938 models are available with the relevant engines in countries where emission standards regulation is extremely stringent or less stringent, or in countries where such regulation does not exist at all. 

In combination with the engine that meets Tier 4f emission standards, the R 934 is positioned between the R 936 (launched in 2015) and the new R 938. The R 938 in turn, replaces the R 946. With regard to the engines that meet Stage IIIA emission standards and the engines for unregulated markets, the new position of the R 934 is now between the R 934 C and the R 938. The R 938 succeeds the R 944 C.

Generation 8 Crawler Dozers

The new PR 736 G8 is powered by a newly developed Liebherr diesel engine belonging to the EVO series (217 bhp). It meets emission level 4f, its exhaust gases being cleaned by a combination between a DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst) and a SCR filter (selective catalytic reduction and particle filter). Alternatively, customers in lower regulated markets have additional engine versions and equipment levels to choose from. The machines’ operating weight is up to 56,218 pounds. Various blade versions (straight, semi-U and 6 way) are available to cover a large application range. Blade) capacities range from 5.36 to 7.27 cubic yards. Many rear equipment options are also offered.

Liebherr PR 736 G8 Crawler Dozer

The new assistance systems on the generation 8 crawler dozers offer three assistance levels: “Free Grade” or active blade stabilization during fine grading, “Definition Grade” for automatic blade positioning when creating 2D grades and “3D Grade” as an optional GPS machine control system to model complex terrain shapes – among others, with the standard roof-mounted GPS/GNSS antennas. Liebherr Active Sensor Control to stabilize all blade axis is on board as standard. Two independents, permanently mounted integrated sensor circuits (gyroscopic and inertia sensors) allow for particularly high grading speeds and perfectly fine grading at all times.

Wheel Loaders

The largest Liebherr wheel loader, the L 586 XPower, which weighs 71,870 pounds, can also be seen at the exhibition stand. Liebherr installs a power-split travel drive as standard in all large XPower wheel loaders. It combines the hydrostatic drive, which is ideal for short loading cycles with the mechanical drive, the benefits of which come into effect over long distances and up hills. Thus, the power-split XPower drive ensures massive fuel savings and high performance, regardless of the use profile. 

The L 538 represents the Liebherr medium-size wheel loader range at the exhibition stand. It is equipped with parallel kinematics for high holding forces in the upper lift arms area. This industrial design is suitable for working with heavy attachments, such as with high dump buckets when recycling. For customers from countries in Central and South America, Liebherr is showing the L 550 wheel loader. It is representative of the separate wheel loader series for less emission-regulated markets.

Liebherr L 586 Wheel Loader

The new joystick steering for the L 526 to L 586 XPower wheel loaders is an innovative steering system which is an option available to customers. It allows the machine operator to steer comfortably with one hand.

For more information visit www.liebherr.com

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Mecalac at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020


9MWR Wheeled Excavator

9MWR Wheeled Excavator

Mecalac, relatively new in the USA, is an international manufacturer of compact construction equipment for urban sites. Known for its innovative, customer-focused technology, Mecalac has sales companies, distributors and customers in more than 80 countries. Versatile and multi-purpose equipment is available through five product lines, including: excavators, loaders, backhoe loaders, site dumpers and compaction rollers.

During CONEXPO, Mecalac’s demonstration models include the 9MWR wheeled excavator, the 6MCR crawler skid-excavator, the AS700 swing-loader and 6MDX dumper. Alexandre Marchetta, CEO for Mecalac said, “We organized the CONEXPO-CON/AGG demonstrations to prove the speed, stability, maneuverability, sustainability and overall productivity of Mecalac products using real-world scenarios operators often encounter on the jobsite. We’ve brought our game-changing equipment to the North American market because we believe it fills an unmet need. These demonstrations will give attendees a chance to witness our revolutionary solutions firsthand.”

During the CONEXPO demonstrations, attendees saw the outstanding stability, accessibility, and 360-degree compactness of the 9MWR. Like all models in the MWR series, the 9MWR offers operators optimum stability regardless of the rotation angle of the upper carriage. The series also features operator cabs that are 20 percent lower than comparable models and centered, integrated steps for ease of access. At just 90.9-inches-wide, the 9MWR is 2.5 times more compact than a traditional excavator. This, combined with four-wheel steering, allows enhanced turning mobility in narrow spaces. 

6MCR Crawler Skid-Excavator

Mecalac’s 6MCR demonstrated the productivity and efficiency possible from its MCR series. With speeds up to 6.2 mph, the 6MCR is up to two times faster than comparable compact excavators. It features the lineup’s hydrostatic transmission motor, allowing operators to move up to 26 cubic feet of material at 6.2 mph. The 6MCR’s 360-degree compactness is ideal for congested worksites, offering industry-leading stability with a smaller footprint to safely navigate the tightest spaces. 

AS700 Swing-Loader

Attendees saw the stability, mobility and space management offered by the AS700. All models in the AS Series, including the AS700, provide industry-leading stability in all positions and on all terrains. Innovative design allows operators to pivot the bucket up to 180 degrees without any loss of stability for greater flexibility and utilization in tight spaces. Three steering modes – two-wheel, four-wheel, and crab – allow contractors to simultaneously drive, operate and rotate for maximum mobility. In combination with the 180-degree swivel arm, this maneuverability provides a rotation footprint 20 percent smaller than conventional loaders for optimal space management.  

6MDX Dumper

Attendees saw Mecalac’s commitment to safety firsthand on the 6.6-ton payload 6MDX, which was part of the CONEXPO demonstrations. The MDX series has large cabins with excellent visibility and standard forward-facing ISO5006 compliant cameras. The 6MDX also features large steps, organized like a stairway, and full-length handrails to ensure safe access and egress.

Mecalac has built an international reputation for innovative design, producing user-friendly, more sustainable machines that address the safety, comfort and flexibility needs of operators on today’s urban jobsites. These qualities, and more, will be on display during the demonstrations.



Mecalac is known for its game-changing solutions for everyday jobsite challenges. With the user at the center of every design decision, Mecalac manufactures and distributes innovative, compact equipment that changes the way people work and sets new standards for product performance. 

Mecalac equipment is designed for enhanced safety and ease of use while maximizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. A frequent recipient of international innovation awards, Mecalac offers a wide range of excavators, wheel loaders, dumpers, backhoe loaders, rollers and other custom equipment.



Four families, eleven products: wheel excavator loaders, wheel excavators, crawler skid-excavators and crawler excavators, electric wheel excavator loader 


Four families, 16 products: wheel loaders, swing loaders, telescopic loaders and swing telescopic loaders


Two categories, 19 products from one to 10 tons


Two families, six products: backhoe-loaders center mount, backhoe-loaders sideshift


Two families, seven products: single drum rollers, tandem vibrating rollers

For more information visit https://www.mecalac.com/en/

This material appeared in the May 2020 issues of the ACP Magazines:

California Builder & Engineer, Construction, Construction Digest, Construction News, Constructioneer, Dixie Contractor, Michigan Contractor & Builder, Midwest Contractor, New England Construction, Pacific Builder & Engineer, Rocky Mountain Construction, Texas Contractor, Western Builder

CASE Construction Equipment at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020

CASE Construction Equipment

DL550B Compact Dozer Loader

Among the CASE announcements at CONEXPO was the company’s emphasis on alternate fuel power for CASE equipment; new concept machines; and the display of the DL550B Compact Dozer Loader, which was introduced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 as “Project Minotaur”. The DL550B is the construction industry’s first fully integrated compact dozer loader. 

The DL550B features a true dozer-style undercarriage for optimal dozing performance and is available in either steel or rubber track configurations to provide contractors with extreme flexibility based on the types of turf/jobs they work on. It will also feature CASE Universal Machine Control, which allows it to be outfitted straight from the dealer with any of the three major suppliers of grade/machine control technologies. It will be compatible with CASE SiteControl CoPilot, which provides a mastless machine control experience with basic control of slope/grade.  

The machine weighs approximately 18,000 pounds and operates at 114 horsepower. It is also available with an optional fully integrated ripper and is compatible with a wide range of heavy-duty attachments that make it suitable for everything from initial site clearing to finish grading. 

‘Project Zeus’  

CASE introduced “Project Zeus” – the 580 Electric Vehicle (EV), the construction industry’s first fully electric backhoe loader. The power and performance of the 580 EV is equivalent to other diesel-powered backhoes in the CASE product line and provides considerably lower daily operating costs while also producing zero emissions – a motivating factor for utility and government contractors incentivized to work with equipment that leverages alternative fuels and lowers emissions.  

City governments and municipalities will also benefit from the elimination of emissions for working in urban environments and close to other buildings/people, as well as the reduced noise generated by the equipment.  

850N Dozer

CASE offered a preview of the new 850N dozer – the first in the upcoming all-new N Series dozer line. Packed with advanced features, the 850N represents the next phase in electro-hydraulic controls in small- to medium-sized dozers. The new machine also features CASE’s Universal Machine Control, expanding the popular platform into smaller dozers and making the entire CASE dozer product line compatible from the factory with all major suppliers of machine control technology.

Additional advancements include a new front hood design that improves forward visibility, a new flat panel design at the rear of the machine that improves rear visibility, and a new and improved operator interface with rearview camera that further improves all-around visibility. The machine also features a new cooling package and hydraulic routings for improved serviceability. 

The N Series dozers, including the 850N, are still in the final stages of development and will be formally announced at a later date. 

Accessible Backhoe Loader

CASE showcased its new accessible backhoe loader at the show, which is designed to support workforce inclusivity and provide operators of all mobility levels with an opportunity to work in construction equipment operation. 

The machine features a purpose-built elevator and accessories that allow the operator to be elevated into the cab and workstation. The operator positions the elevator chair near the ground via a pair of external joysticks in a manner that allows them to easily transfer into the seat. Those same joysticks then raise the operator into the cab where they transition into the backhoe seat. The chair is then tucked away into a position that does not obstruct machine operation. 

Once in the cab, the operator can run the backhoe in a traditional control configuration, or hand controls can be added for operators who require that functionality.  

B Series Loaders 

New CASE B Series loaders feature a completely redesigned operator interface, including new left- and right-hand posts (all models) with simple ignition, push-button operation, easy throttle control and intuitive switches for all core machine functions. Users may choose between standard mechanical, mechanical hand-and-foot, and electro-hydraulic controls when specifying a machine. An all-new eight-inch LCD multi-function display with backup camera comes with all electro-hydraulic models – and it can be added to mechanical configurations for use with the backup camera and operational displays (but without the electro-hydraulic control capabilities). Electro-hydraulic models provide the additional simplicity of switching between ISO and H operating patterns with the simple push of a button.      

The new 8-inch LCD multi-function display serves as the command center for the machine. It includes the industry’s only backup camera visible in a split screen display with machine data. The camera is operational in both forward and reverse and enhances the B Series’ industry-leading visibility with even greater jobsite perspective and awareness. It also provides operators with the most fully functioned operator experience ever found in a CASE CTL or skid steer, including: new electro-hydraulic control performance, new “creep speed” capability, new operator profiles, new economy mode and engine protection settings, new automotive-style information display, new and improved fault codes and troubleshooting.

G Series Wheel Loaders

CASE previewed new technology enhancements for G Series wheel loaders that feature increased technology to improve production and the overall operating experience. These latest enhancements (standard or optionally fit based on feature) are anchored by a large touchscreen display that serves as the command center for the new integrated onboard payload system, control customizations, improved telematics and streamlined operating parameters.

The CASE G Series enhancements feature an all-new touchscreen display that provides tablet-like performance for accessing all critical machine settings and operational data. This includes three new color-coded arm-rest buttons that allow the operator to automatically toggle between customizable functions and displays without having to take their hands away from the controls. These buttons can be pre-set for critical functions/displays such as the payload screen, rearview camera, differential lock or declutch, and strobe activation. 


CASE featured the methane-powered ProjectTETRA wheel loader highlighting the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability through alternative propulsion solutions. It is presented at the show alongside the industry’s first fully electric backhoe loader, the CASE 580 EV – showcasing a commitment to expanding alternative fuel solutions for equipment beyond compact machines to heavy equipment. 

ProjectTETRA was first introduced at Bauma 2019, taking its name from the Greek number four, which refers to both the four hydrogen atoms present in the chemical formula for methane, as well as the tetrahedron shape of the methane molecule.   

The new wheel loader concept demonstrates the viability of alternative fuels in construction equipment and the feasibility of using fuel generated from waste products and renewable sources to perform loading/earthmoving operations. The machine is powered by a proven methane engine, produced by CASE sister-brand FPT Industrial, that delivers comparable performance as its diesel equivalent. ProjectTETRA has been tested in real-world construction environments and has the potential to lower total lifetime operating costs while simultaneously meeting sustainability objectives for its owners.

More information is available at www.CaseCE.com.

This material appeared in the May 2020 issues of the ACP Magazines:

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Xtreme Curb and Gutter Machines

GOMACO’s Xtreme line of concrete curb and gutter machines were featured in the GOMACO booth as part of the company’s display. The new pavers feature Xtreme steering capabilities with rotary-sensored slew drives on each track, Xtreme intelligence with smart hydraulic cylinders combined with G+ control, Xtreme hydraulic packages with independent hydraulic travel circuits to each track with G+ control on each individual track’s speed and smooth travel around radii, and Xtreme radius capabilities when paving with 3D guidance or stringline. 

The 3300 is GOMACO’s multi-application paver with a symmetrical design for right-side and left-side paving. It can also be equipped with a mold mounting kit to undermount a paving mold and be utilized as a transverse slipform paver.

Other Xtreme curb and gutter machines in the GOMACO line up capable of slipforming tight radii are the Xtreme GT-3600 and Commander IIIx. The Xtreme Commander IIIx and GT-3600 are the curb and gutter machines contractors rely on for high-production, maximum quality curb and gutter, barrier, parapet, sidewalk, recreational path, small canal, water channel, and more, multi-application slipform machines.

Rounding out GOMACO’s curb and gutter machine line is the GT-3200, GOMACO’s compact curb and gutter paver. The curb and gutter machines on display will feature the different stringline and stringless paving options from Topcon, Leica Geosystems, and Trimble.

The Curb Cadet

GOMACO reinvented its compact curb machine, the Curb Cadet. It now features a new fiberglass engine shroud, Tier 4 final engine, and the relocation of all controls to the handle for easy reach and operation. It’s now the ultimate compact and highly mobile curb machine for slipforming concrete curb or optional asphalt extrusion.

The Curb Cadet slipforms concrete curb and accommodates concrete mold configurations within 12 inches wide by 14 inches high, and can place concrete over dowels or continuous steel reinforcing. It can also slipform a 24-inch radius, depending on the curb profile. The Curb Cadet is right-hand or left-hand side pour capable with an adjustable sliding hopper and mold. Inside the hopper, a 12-inch diameter by 4.7-foot-long auger moves the concrete. A coordinated stop switch on the Curb Cadet provides automatic on/off vibrator control that is synchronized with the machine’s forward travel. 

GP360 Placer/Spreader Slipform Paver

GOMACO introduces the revolutionary GP360 Placer/Spreader Slipform Paver. The GP360 is the first of its kind, designed and built upon decades of high-production placing and spreading accuracy. It’s both a slipform paver and a placer/spreader on two tracks. As a GP3 slipform paver, it’s capable of slipforming up to 30 feet wide. Add a 60-inch belt and it becomes a concrete placer/spreader for up to 36 feet wide. 

The new innovation gives contractors the technology of the GOMACO GP3 slipform paver with the ability to convert the prime mover into a concrete placer/spreader. The prime mover is equipped with vibrator circuits for paving and auger drive circuits for placing. Controlling the new technology is made possible with the GOMACO-exclusive G+ digital control system. G+ is able to seamlessly handle the controls conversion needed for each application while also bringing onboard machine to machine communication, sonic sensors, 3D machine guidance, and more. 

New High-Production Screed

GOMACO introduces a new high-production screed for widths up to 104 Feet. The new high-production screed can advance up to 4 feet in a single pass drastically reducing finishing time and providing savings on concrete delivery costs and total project labor. It features a 5.7-foot-long leading auger with a high-production strike-off action that reduces the number of puddlers needed out front. A 5-foot-long finishing cylinder, directly behind the auger, compacts and finishes the concrete in a single pass. A 6-foot trailing screed provides the final finish to the surface of the concrete with a unique GOMACO-designed vibratory system. The high-production screed with a patent-pending design for tilt and skew is mounted to the GOMACO C-450 truss system. The new mount is instrumental for the optional 3D package to finish to a 3D design model. The new GOMACO screed system now allows contractors to economically finish city streets, concrete floors, bridge decks, tunnels, and canals at widths up to 104 feet. 

This material appeared in the May 2020 issues of the ACP Magazines:

California Builder & Engineer, Construction, Construction Digest, Construction News, Constructioneer, Dixie Contractor, Michigan Contractor & Builder, Midwest Contractor, New England Construction, Pacific Builder & Engineer, Rocky Mountain Construction, Texas Contractor, Western Builder