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AEM statement on Senate’s Keystone XL Pipeline vote

Secretary is Dennis Slater, AEM’s full-time President, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Secretary is Dennis Slater, AEM’s full-time President, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Dennis Slater, president of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), released the following statement following the Senate’s vote on Monday to take up legislation to approve construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline:

“I want to thank members of Congress – again – for their bipartisan vote in favor of finally building the Keystone XL Pipeline. President Obama, it’s time to stop being an obstacle to this commonsense, job-creating project.

“Today’s Senate vote shows that the debate over Keystone is over everywhere but 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Both the American public and their elected representatives resoundingly support this important piece of energy infrastructure, and any remaining legal obstacles to the pipeline’s construction fell with last week’s decision by Nebraska’s Supreme Court.

“President Obama should reconsider his ill-conceived threat to veto the legislation that will soon be sent to him by Congress, and stop playing politics with our nation’s energy infrastructure.”

Liebherr Construction Equipment Co. opens a Western US spare parts depot

LiebherrLiebherr shapes its global, local and regional spare parts distribution and logistics to support its rapid growth and exceed customer-service expectations around the world.

Several positive developments that have a strong impact in the fulfilment and distribution of Earthmoving Liebherr spare parts globally and within the United States have been announced in the last months by the Liebherr Group.

In October of this year, the Liebherr Group gave a glimpse into the progress of its new spare parts and logistics center in Kirchdorf, Germany. The new state-of-the-art facility to begin operations in early 2015, is expected to serve as its global logistics hub for earthmoving spare parts. The investment value for the first stage of construction is in excess of 143 million US Dollars and covers an area in excess of 505,000 ft2. A large part of the investment has gone into implementing highly automated warehouse equipment and software that will enable the logistics center to employ leading-edge performance standards. The new warehouse solutions will allow the group to handle higher volumes of spare parts, reduce turn-around times and guarantee order accuracy for Liebherr customers around the world.

Additionally, the Liebherr Group is continuing a significant investment in building improvements, machinery, tools and infrastructure to expand the factory and enhance the warehouse facility at their Newport News, Virginia (USA) location. These renovations are part of the $45.4 million investment as announced earlier this year by Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co. The Newport News location serves as the headquarters and central warehouse for the Liebherr Mining Division and for four other operating Liebherr companies; Liebherr Construction Equipment Company among one them. Major warehouse overhauls include; the implementation of a sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) and wide range of process-improvement initiatives consisting of a new racking system adding additional locations and increased load-bearing capability, over 100,000 ft2 of new epoxy floor to facilitate the heavy traffic and movement of material, and eight new additional loading docks to speed up the traffic and help with the flow of trucks loading and unloading materials at the facility.

“The new WMS offers a multitude of functions that will optimize the overall logistics and support the daily operations of the facility… it will provide a transparent work flow and enhance the visibility of the activities at each of the warehouse terminals; from receiving thru shipping, in addition to providing inventory accuracy.” said Martin Seitz, WMS Project Coordinator at Liebherr Mining Equipment Co.

Furthermore, this month, Liebherr Construction Equipment Co. headquartered in Newport News, VA and responsible for the sales and distribution of the full line of Liebherr earthmoving and material handling equipment in the United States, announced the opening of a new spare parts facility located in Visalia, California. The new depot is expected to begin operations in early 2015. The facility will support Western US Distribution with localized parts warehousing. The National Parts Distribution Center in Newport News, Virginia along with its new distribution center in California, will help expedite parts orders, improve operational efficiency and minimize transit time while increasing customer support.

“The opening of the new spare parts and logistics center in Germany along with the expansion and overhaul of our Newport News operations, and the opening of the parts depot in the western United States, is part of Liebherr’s ongoing commitment to better serve our customers not just throughout the world but also throughout the United States. This represents a significant step forward in our customer support” said Peter Mayr, President of Liebherr Construction Equipment Co., adding “We continue to invest in our operations to ensure we provide our dealer network and customers with the exceptional support they expect from Liebherr.”

Komatsu America Introduces the PC210LCi-10 Hydraulic Excavator

Meet the world’s first intelligent Machine Control excavator

Komatsu America introduces the PC210LCi-10 intelligent Machine Control excavator to the North American market. The PC210LCi-10 features Komatsu’s unique machine control and guidance technologies, built upon the successful foundation of the standard Komatsu PC210LC-10 excavator. Thanks to the exclusive control function, the PC210LCi-10 goes beyond simple guidance to semi-automatically limit over-excavation and trace a target surface. From rough digging to finish grading, the PC210LCi-10 excavator offers improved efficiency and accuracy over traditional methods.


“The PC210LCi-10 represents a huge leap forward by bringing automation features to excavators,” said Jason Anetsberger, Product Manager of Intelligent Machine Control. “Thanks to the exclusive semi-automatic control function, customers will unearth their productivity and operators can focus on moving material while the machine semi-automatically protects the target surface.” Anetsberger added, “The efficiency improvement, greater value and operation simplicity of the PC210LCi-10 mirror what has been proven with Komatsu’s established intelligent Machine Control dozer products: experienced and inexperienced operators alike will realize the benefits.”

With an operating weight of 52,036 pounds and a net horsepower of 158 hp the PC210LCi-10 is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 engine and is EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emissions certified. 

Innovative: Automatic Real Time Digging Control

The bucket of the world’s first intelligent Machine Control excavator is semi-automatically limited from digging beyond the target surface. The control function also semi-automatically follows the design surface allowing for accurate finish grading, with real-time bucket edge positioning in relation to the machine and the job surface.

Integrated: Standard Factory Installed Integrated Machine Control System

Factory installed, Komatsu’s fully integrated intelligent Machine Control system includes GNSS antennas, stroke-sensing hydraulic cylinders for the boom, arm and bucket plus an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), for precise real time bucket edge positioning. Status is instantly displayed on the full color, multi-function 12.1” control box monitor, eliminating the wait time associated with conventional sensors.


Intelligent: Enhancements for Optimized Performance

The Komatsu PC210LCi-10 allows the operator to focus on moving material efficiently, aided by the intelligent Machine Control technologies. The touch screen control box monitor makes grading easy and accurate with a facing angle compass, a light bar and audio guidance. Information such as real-time “as-built” status, a magnified fine grading view or a 3D-view may be displayed simultaneously.


Customer peace-of-mind is standard

Both the base machine and intelligent Machine Control technologies are fully supported by specially trained distributor-based Technology Solutions Experts. Every customer who purchases a PC210LCi-10 has the support of Komatsu intelligent Machine Control certified personnel.

Komatsu remains focused on lowering the customer’s ownership costs by engineering machines with increased fuel efficiency and productivity. To further reduce owning and operating costs, Komatsu CARE® complimentary scheduled maintenance is standard on all PC210LCi-10 excavators for three (3) years or 2,000 hours (whichever occurs first). Services are performed by factory-certified technicians using only Komatsu genuine parts and fluids.

The PC210LCi-10 is equipped with KOMTRAX® remote monitoring technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure website or smart phone application utilizing wireless technology. Data such as fuel level, operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts are relayed to the web application for analysis. The KOMTRAX® fleet monitoring system helps increase machine availability, reduces the risk of machine theft, allows for remote diagnosis by the distributor, and provides a wealth of other information to drive business efficiency and productivity.

Komatsu product engineers said that the machine can help improve productivity significantly while reducing costs. The intelligent machine controls can virtually eliminate the need for correcting “over dig” a time consuming and material-wasting process that results from removing too much material

According to some of the comments that were made, the intelligent machine control will make a good operator great and new operators become better quicker.

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