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Terex Agrees to Sell Truck Business to Volvo for $160 Million

logo_terexTerex Corporation announced on 12-09-2013, that it has agreed to sell its truck business to Volvo Construction Equipment for cash proceeds of approximately $160 Volvomillion. The truck business manufactures and sells off-highway rigid and articulated haul trucks. Included in the transaction is the manufacturing facility in Motherwell, Scotland. The sale, which is subject to government regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions, is targeted to close in the first half of 2014.

“The truck business has been an important part of our Company for more than three decades and continues to produce world class products with dedicated and talented employees,” said Ron DeFeo, Terex Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “However, trucks no longer fit within our changing portfolio of lifting and material handling businesses. I am confident that the truck business will benefit by joining a company sharing similar competencies and offering complementary products and services. We are pleased to have entered into this agreement with Volvo, which represents a strong strategic buyer for the business who values our distribution network and team members.”

Mr. DeFeo continued, “The sale of the Truck business reflects our strategy to manage our portfolio of businesses and focus on those businesses that provide the greatest returns for our shareholders. We recently announced the initiation of quarterly cash dividends to our shareholders and a share repurchase program and the proceeds from this sale aid our efforts to improve our financial efficiency and implement these programs.”

Commenting on the rationale of the deal Volvo CE’s president, Pat Olney said: “This is a strategic acquisition that offers Volvo CE considerable scope for growth. The addition of a well-respected range of rigid haulers extends the earthmoving options for customers involved in light mining applications at a time of renewed confidence in the sector. The addition of TEL’s articulated hauler range will enhance our position in this segment, particularly in high-growth markets. We believe that the Motherwell facility and its global team members, as well as the current distribution partners, are valuable to the success of the business in the future.”

HOLT CAT® Purchases Part Of Expanded Cat Mining Distribution Business From Caterpillar®

C3110C6B-8B25-4EAC-9F5D-C75D81DF6770HOLT CAT®, the Caterpillar® dealer for South, Central, North and East Texas, today announced the acquisition of the expanded Cat mining equipment distribution and support business for its respective territory.  As a result of the acquisition, HOLT CAT has created a new Mining Solutions Division – HOLT CAT’s Mining Solutions Group—led by General Manager Scott Perlet, through which the company will continue to provide outstanding customer service throughout its territory.

“HOLT has been a highly respected supplier to the Texas mining industry for a long time, and our newly expanded mining product line is a positive move forward. This acquisition will enhance our diversity and position in the market while allowing our company to expand its core Caterpillar business,” J.K. Baxter, HOLT CAT Senior Vice President and General Manager, Machine Division.

The acquisition is part of an $80 million commitment HOLT CAT is making in facility upgrades, new buildings, and business expansion across the state of Texas.

Forty-seven employees will move from Caterpillar and join HOLT’s 2,000-plus workforce. This acquisition allows the company to broaden its scope in mining by providing a comprehensive and superior product line, while continuing to provide legendary service that customers have come to expect from HOLT CAT.

“Caterpillar dealers know more about helping customers get the most from Cat products than anyone else, and there are none who share a more storied history with Caterpillar than the Holt family,” said Steve Wunning, Caterpillar group president with responsibility for the Resource Industries group. “The creation of HOLT CAT’S Mining Solutions group is building on the rich history, expertise, resources and commitment to support the products and deliver the services for all of our mining customers in HOLT’s territory.”

HOLT CAT joins other Cat dealers around the world who are selling, servicing and providing world-class support for the expanded Cat mining product line, which includes Draglines, Unit Rig mining trucks, Room & Pillar and Longwall equipment, Electric Rope and Hydraulic Shovels, Highwall Miners, Drills, Belt Systems and various lines of other equipment.

Caterpillar has announced similar transactions with other dealers over the last several months. Caterpillar continues to hold discussions with other Cat dealers that have mining activity in their territories and will continue to operate the former Bucyrus distribution business until the transitions have occurred in a given territory.

Trimble Acquires Actronic Technologies to Extend its Machine Monitoring and Reporting Solutions for the Connected Site

TrimbleActronic Technologies is a Leading Provider of Weighing Solutions for Construction, Aggregates, Mining and Waste Industries

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that it has acquired privately-held Actronic Holdings Limited of Auckland, New Zealand. Actronic Technologies is a leading provider of weighing technology and payload information systems for construction, aggregates, mining and waste markets. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Actronic Technologies produces the LOADRITE® weighing system for wheel loaders, excavators, conveyors and waste collection vehicles. LOADRITE systems provide equipment operators, site foremen and project managers with accurate payload weights and allow them to ensure that machines are loaded to optimal capacity and that loads are accurately recorded. Weight information combined with fleet dynamics and cycle time tracking provides metrics for monitoring and improving both machine and project performance.

LOADRITE extends Trimble’s Connected Site® portfolio by adding weight as an element of information collected at the machine. This extended capability will better enable contractors to use the Trimble Connected Site to achieve improved comprehensive real-time intelligence on asset and site productivity for the contractors mixed fleet. Trimble’s Connected Site is an extensive information architecture that optimizes and integrates operations across the construction site and the office, thereby enabling improved planning, more advanced monitoring, and significantly greater productivity.

“The acquisition of Actronic Technologies empowers machine operators, foremen, supervisors and project managers to understand machine performance and progress across the entire site within the aggregate, construction, mining and waste industries,” said Roz Buick, vice president and general manager of Trimble’s Heavy Civil Construction Division. “LOADRITE weighing systems expand the richness of the Connected Site information we collect from machines and complements the productivity and reporting capabilities we already provide our customers.”

“The LOADRITE system is widely recognized as setting the standard for our industry, a result of over thirty years industry expertise gained by working closely with machine owners and operators,” said Gottfried Pausch, general manager for Actronic Technologies. “I believe the addition of the LOADRITE system to Trimble’s leading portfolio of positioning and automation technology solutions extend our collective ability to deliver more powerful and robust solutions designed to improve operational efficiency and reporting and allow our customers to maximize their profits.”

About Actronic Technologies

Since 1979, Actronic Technologies has been designing, developing and manufacturing applied technology solutions to improve productivity in the aggregates, mining, waste management, forestry, and other industries. Actronic Technologies is a leader in the field of measurement. LOADRITE load weighing technology and payload information systems are installed on wheel loaders, excavators, garbage trucks and other heavy loading equipment to ensure optimal loads, and provide quality data for productivity analysis.

For more information, visit Actronic at: www.loadritescales.com.

Philippi-Hagenbuch Hard Rock / Ore Truck Bodies Maximize Payload, Minimize Maintenance

Philippi-Hagenbuch (PHIL) takes hauling hard rock and ore to an innovative new level with its HiVol® Hard Rock / Ore Bodies

Designed with the hard rock and ore mining industry in mind, PHIL engineered its special Hard Rock / Ore bodies to easily handle highly abrasive material while minimizing carryback and maintenance requirements. The unique, reduced-weight design also keeps operators comfortable while allowing trucks to haul at maximum capacities.

PHIL customizes every HiVol truck body to the individual mine’s specifications. The custom design approach provides each operation with the highest possible payload, longest lifespan and best possible long-term return on investment.

To ensure the body will fit a company’s application and specifications precisely, PHIL’s engineers work closely with mining customers in identifying key factors that will impact the design of the truck body. Those factors may include density and cohesive qualities of the material, height and width restrictions, loading equipment and climate conditions. In addition, PHIL applies its proprietary Load ProfilingTM process in examining the natural angle of repose, or how the material lays once it is dumped into the body, to maximize its payload capacity and reduce potential for material to fall out of the body.

Once it has identified all the key factors, PHIL begins the engineering process. As with all of its products, the company’s engineers focus on a proprietary process for all HiVol bodies that removes unnecessary steel and, as a result, unnecessary weight. By doing so, they are able to add features, such as greater width and the most substantial floor bolster system available; all based on PHIL standards that have been refined over five decades.  The combined design aspects contribute to greater capacity to equal fully utilized Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW).

The innovation continues within the load containing portion of HiVol Hard Rock / Ore bodies with patent-pending hydrophobic steel liners in the front corners and the front third of the body slope, along with a high-abrasion liner in the rear third of the floor. The liners provide ultimate durability against abrasive materials while ensuring as much hauled material as possible leaves the body during dumping. Often, the ore and soil mixed payload becomes muddy and sticky, and it tends to form a bridge across the front of the truck body. Traditionally, that has left valuable and costly material behind. As the name suggests, hydrophobic materials repel moisture. PHIL strategically places this unique steel in key parts of the truck body – areas where carryback begins – greatly reducing the likelihood that materials will be able to build up.

A substantial taper of the body from the front to the back also decreases wear and carryback potential on the body sides. Because the body is narrower at the front than at the back, material releases immediately as it begins to dump and slides straight out of the body without abrading the sides. By constructing the body in a manner that reduces wear to the sides, Philippi-Hagenbuch is able to cut weight from the sides of the body and use the extra weight capacity to reinforce other areas of the truck body that generally receive the most wear.

Reinforced body side top rails are half sections of rounded pipe that tie the inside steel plate to the outside plate at the top and cover the gap between them. They provide added reinforcement to the sides of the truck body and eliminate the potential for material to build up within the sidewalls. With outside steel plates that taper inward near the top, the top rails also provide a compressive effect. In other words, they provide added strength to the body walls to protect their integrity in the unlikely event that they are struck by a loading tool.

In addition, steel bolsters that run from side to side under the body floor double the size of the “sweet spot,” the area that can handle the greatest material impact, within the center floor section. The patent pending bolster design runs through the frame rails, which run from front to back and tie the floor together more substantially than any other floor in the industry. The floors in all PHIL custom bodies create a super structure that won’t buckle under the immense weight of the mined materials. At the same time it keeps payload at a maximum capacity.

PHIL also incorporates specially sourced 450 Brinell steel throughout every HiVol body. This unique steel contains less carbon than most 450 Brinell steel being used in truck bodies today. The lower the carbon level, the less likely it is that the steel will become brittle and crack in cold weather conditions. As a result, the steel in PHIL bodies is able to handle intense environments and require little maintenance, even after hundreds of thousands of tons hauled.

In addition, HiVols are wider than other bodies and and have a lower center of gravity, with a third of the weight over the front axle and two-thirds over the back. The combination delivers several benefits.

First, it allows for even and well-balanced weight distribution across the entire bed of the truck body. Improved weight distribution benefits truck body and tire life by eliminating the potential for greater weight wearing on specific areas. With the weight more equally distributed across all of the tires themselves, the potential for uneven wear is also greatly reduced. Finally – and most importantly – the near perfect weight distribution provides a smoother, safer ride for the driver.

Customizing each HiVol body to the mine’s specifications increases loading safety and greatly reduces the potential for loading damage. PHIL designs each body to ensure the width is correctly paired with the loading tool. This provides for the lowest possible loading height and allows the shovel to get closer to the floor of the body, nearly eliminating the chances that loading equipment will damage the sides. It also translates to less vibration to the truck driver and less impact within the truck body when material is loaded.

In addition, the HiVol is constructed to ensure that the tail of the truck body has ample clearance at full dump. Taking berm height requirements into consideration, PHIL engineers its bodies so they do not fall below the center of the wheels, or the height of the berm, at full dump. This helps eliminate tail damage from dumping into a pile.

PHIL’s patent-pending Body Lifting System also contributes to easy maintenance and installation of its truck bodies. The system builds four removable free-floating lifting eyes made of 450 Brinell steel for temporary integration into the floor of the truck body. This compares to traditional bodies, which place lifting eyes on the body sides and pull in on them when the body is being lifted.  During installation or removal of a body, the 10-inch diameter lifting hole covers are removed and operators can attach rigging to the eyes that are inserted from beneath the body. The lifting eyes integrate into the floor

support structure, so there is no stress placed on the body’s sides, increasing their life. Lower lifting points also mean bodies don’t need to be lifted as high during removal, which results in the ability to remove or install a body within most mine maintenance shops. This provides greater efficiency and enhances safety for personnel during installation and removal. Worker safety is further increased as lifting straps can be hooked from the truck floor rather than from the high sides of the body.

Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc., Peoria, Ill., has been designing and building equipment for off-highway haul trucks since 1969 and has become a global leader in off-highway truck customization. In addition to HiVol bodies, rear eject bodies and trailers, the company designs and builds tailgates and water tanks for nearly every make and model of articulated and rigid frame off-highway truck available.

For more information,  visit the website at www.philsystems.com, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/philsystems, Twitter at www.twitter.com/philsystems, LinkedIn or on YouTube at www.youtube.com/philippihagenbuch.


Kawasaki Z7 Series Wheel Loader Innovations Extend to Operator Mauals

You ask, “What can be innovative about an operator’s manual?’ Answer: “Wait until you see…”

Included in the package of materials given to the customer at the time of deliver is a manual called the Z7 Delivery Handbook, which contains all the information an operator needs to jump on the machine and start operating. The manual is 16-pages-of-machine-critical information; pictures, diagrams, illustrations, diagnostic trees, words and scan-able barcodes. If you don’t have a barcode scanner on your smartphone simply go to the phone’s app store and download ScanLife, a free app.

Once you have the app on your phone go to the book and scan any of 29 instructional barcodes that link you to YouTube videos covering such topics as: Parking Brake, Air Suspension Seat, Quick Power Button, Down Shift Switch, Ride Control Function, and any of the others. The length of the video varies depending on the subject covered. The video includes the appropriate audio.

The videos and dialogue are clear, easy to understand and appropriate the smartphone format. I was impressed and thought this was an excellent application for the use of a smartphone and digital technology. I guess the easiest way to find out is have a new Kawasaki Z7 Series wheel loader delivered to your jobsite. The company has 15 models from .78 to 13.5 cu yd – 45 HP to 720 HP.

Of course you could visit their website: www.kawasakiloaders.com