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KINSHOFER Completes Product Range, Gains Breaker Line with Acquisition of Hammer

KINSHOFER, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality excavator and loader crane attachments, is expanding its product line to include hydraulic breaker excavator attachments following the acquisition of Hammer SRL, an Italy-based manufacturer of demolition, excavation, recycling, and material handling attachments. KINSHOFER chose the company because of its reputation for quality and more than 30 years of experience in the market. The new line includes 22 breakers for carriers from .5 ton to 200 tons and joins an already expansive line of KINSHOFER tools.

KINSHOFER announced the acquisition and debuted the new breaker line at World of Concrete 2019.

“These breakers allow us to offer our customers access to a full range of attachments all in one place,” said Francois Martin, KINSHOFER North America general manager. “Hammer will be a great addition to our group of companies, bringing with them high-quality attachments and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.”

The breakers are made up of the KSB Series for carriers from .5 ton to 12 tons and the KFX Series for weights from 8 to 200 tons. Each line includes features to improve operator comfort, reduce wear and improve longevity. The acquisition also includes a variety of grapples, buckets and more. These will serve as an alternative to KINSHOFER’s premium attachment line for the price-restricted customer.

The Hammer management team will stay in its entirety and will continue manufacturing in Italy. Hammer and KINSHOFER will add additional staff to ensure a smooth launch of Hammer’s products and services worldwide through KINSHOFER’s global network.

The acquisition of Hammer demonstrates KINSHOFER’s commitment to being a global leader in the attachments industry and bringing customers only the best tools. Hammer brings extensive experience designing and manufacturing attachments for a variety of carrier types. Like KINSHOFER, the manufacturer uses strict quality control during the entire process, from a careful examination of the steel to be used to the actual creation of the attachment. That attention to quality was a primary reason KINSHOFER chose Hammer.

“We send representatives to every manufacturing facility we acquire to ensure quality standards are consistent,” Martin said. “It’s important to us that our customers receive only the best. It’s why we offer a broad two-year warranty on all of our attachments, including the new breaker line.”

Hammer attachments will retain branding in Europe but will be marked KINSHOFER in North America.

All KINSHOFER attachments are backed by a two-year warranty.


KINSHOFER is one of the world’s leading sources of high-quality attachments for excavators and loader cranes. Founded in Germany in 1971, the KINSHOFER Group includes the Demarec,RF Systems, Auger Torque, Doherty and Solesbee’s brands. KINSHOFER offers a wide product range with just about every type of attachment for equipment carriers with and without hydraulics in industries as diverse as scrap, demolition, railway, landscaping, construction, snow clearing, excavating, road building, forestry, tire recycling, and biomass. For more information: Kinshofer USA, 6420 Inducon Drive, Suite G, Sanborn, NY 14132; 800-268-9525; sales-usa@kinshofer.com; www.kinshofer.com

New Cat® Wheel Material Handlers Are Application-Specific Design

Cat MH3024 WMH

The new range of Cat® wheel material handlers (MH3022, MH3024, MH3026) maintains the Caterpillar purpose-built philosophy for these machines while reflecting engineering refinements that tailor them more precisely to specific industrial applications. Further improvements for these 2018 models include features that support rapid return-on-investment and enhance overall performance, versatility, and safety.

The design of the new material handlers is focused on application efficiency and reduced owning costs. For example, users need not buy a machine with a wide undercarriage if materials being handled are low density, and shorter front linkages are available if the machine frequently works in confined spaces.

The MH3022, for instance, is an agile solution for handling jobs with space constraints, providing the necessary reach for tasks such as indoor sorting and waste-handling, yet providing application flexibility with a choice of two MH booms, three straight sticks with linkage, and two drop–nose sticks. The compact undercarriage is wide enough for excellent stability, while the centered position of the swing bearing allows equal capabilities when working over the front and rear.

If space-constraints are not an issue, the MH3024 is ideal for such tasks as waste handling, recycling, and bulk-material handling. The MH3024 features optimum reach with its long MH front linkage, and a choice of undercarriage configurations to meet all customer application needs. If the application is not stability-sensitive, then the new 2.75-m (9-ft.) undercarriage might be a perfect fit for the MH3024 working in typical conditions, as well as good fit for the MH3026 handling low-density materials. In either instance, the machine’s footprint is adequate to ensure stability in normal operation, and, again, lifting capacities over the rear are increased by the symmetric position of the swing bearing

If work requires greater lifting capacities and a larger working envelope, then the MH3026 is the optimum machine, equipped with a long MH boom and providing a choice of three drop-nosesticks—ranging in length from 4.9 to 5.9 m (16.1 to 19.3 ft.), three straight sticks—and a choice of three undercarriage sizes.

The flexible design of the new material handlers also contributes to ease of transporting these machines—a sure way to better control costs. Two drop-nose sticks for the MH3022 and MH3026

Cat MH3024 at Galva Steel & Iron, Galva, IL

are now available, having lengths of 4.5 m (14.75 ft.) and 5.5 m (18.1 ft.). The new sticks can be an efficient solution when moving a machine between job sites is a frequent occurrence, allowing transport without removing the stick. Sticks are designed to keep transport heights below the critical 4-m (13.1-ft.) dimension for significant time/cost savings.

Another noticeable addition to the new models is the front push blade, now available for all undercarriage types. These blades provide an easy way to clear the working area and push materials commonly encountered in waste and mill-yard applications. Working on surfaces free of debris can further extend tire life, resulting in greater operational efficiency.

Operational efficiency gets a further boost with redesigned, optimized, Cat orange-peel grapples. Designed to be an exact match between tool and machine, the new grapples can contribute to decreased fuel consumption—by as much as 15 percent in some applications. The grapples feature reduced weight for shorter cycle times and increased productivity. Additional cost savings are available through the increased durability of the grapples, which have castings in place of welded structures in high-stress areas.

Operator health and safety are primary design goals for the new material handlers. To that end, an Advanced Cab Filtration system, available as an integrated option from the factory, is recommended when machines work in dusty, contaminated environments, especially indoors. The system almost completely eliminates dust and contaminants (insecticides, spores, fungi, bacteria, or vapors—for example) from entering the cab. In addition, the system eliminates the need to add cumbersome after-market filtration systems to the machine. Also, an Easy Cab Access option, which installs steps on the front and rear of the undercarriage, facilitates cab ingress/egress when the upper frame is not aligned with the chassis.

Cat MH3024 at Galva Steel & Iron, Galva, IL


  MH3022 MH3024 MH3026
Engine Cat C7.1 ACERT™–meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV

emission standards.

Net power ISO 9249 171 hp (126 kW) – 171 PS
Operating weight 21 815 – 22 930 kg
48,094 – 50,552 lb.
22 950 – 24 165 kg
50,596 – 53,242 lb.
25 220 – 26 150 kg
55,601 – 57,651 lb.
Reach, max. (stick pin) with MH boom 11 005 mm (36’1”) with drop-nose stick
4 900 mm (16’1”)
12 845mm (40’11”) with drop-nose stick
5 900 mm (19’4”)
Height, max. (stick pin) with MH boom 12 065 mm (39’0”) with drop-nose stick
4 900 mm (16’1”)
13 300 mm (43’8”) with drop-nose stick
5 900 mm (19’4”)
Speed, max. 25 km/h (16 mph)


Terex® Fuchs Material Handler Work Attachments Designed For Efficiency And Quick Changes

Terex® Fuchs work attachments are purpose built to withstand the demands of scrap, recycling and heavy-duty rehandling applications. With size ranges built specifically for each material handler model, these attachments work in unison with the machine to increase productivity and lifting efficiency.  From cactus grabs to magnet plates to lift hooks, Terex offers a range of options with quick-attach designs, so operators can switch between attachments within a matter of minutes to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Cactus Grabs

Terex Fuchs Cactus Grabs are solidly built to withstand the rigors of scrap handling and recycling applications. Featuring robust construction and advanced kinematics, these cactus grabs boast high tine-closing forces and hydraulics that are performance-matched to the machine for powerful and precise material handling.

Constructed of high-quality materials and proprietary features, Terex Fuchs Cactus Grabs offer long life in demanding applications for a higher return on investment. The durable grab rotator is an integral part of the upper grab section for reliable operation and simple servicing. Cylinder rods and hydraulic lines are well protected against external damage. Wear-resistant, high-manganese steel tine tips extend attachment life, while HARDOX steel reduces abrasion of grab shell areas subject to wear.

A variety of cactus grab models with capacities from 0.5 to 1.8 yd3 are available to match material handler production capacity and application requirements. An open tine design is available for handling bulky items, while half- or closed-shell tine models excel at handling finely shredded material. Grabs with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 1.0 yd3 can be equipped with a magnet to improve grapple flexibility.

Magnet Plates

Designed for scrap and re-handling applications, Terex Fuchs Electro Magnets exert a powerful field force over the entire diameter of the magnet plate for high handling capacities. Boasting lift forces from 22,480 to 85,427 ft-lb, each magnetic plate is precisely matched to the standard DC generator found on each Terex Fuchs material handler model. Operators control the magnet’s counter excitement through momentary pole reversal, so even the smallest iron pieces immediately drop off.

Terex Fuchs electro magnets are available in hydraulically rotating, rigid and chain suppression plate designs to meet virtually any application. Magnet upper sections are made of a durable special cast alloy, while the magnetic plate features a “dynamo steel” casting with a non-magnetizable cast steel base plate. The plate’s hollow core design reflects heat to regulate operating temperatures.

Magnet diameters range from 37 to 79 in, precisely matching each material handler model. The hydraulically rotating gear is wear-resistant and enclosed in a sealed housing for magnet diameters reaching 49 in.

Lift Hooks

Offering a sturdy design, Terex Fuchs lift hooks deliver high lifting capacities ranging from 10 to 20 t, especially useful in heavy-duty rehandling applications. A full range of lift hooks are available to meet virtually any material handling need. Hook designs are available in standard or quick-change suspensions with either rigid or rotating designs.

Terex Fuchs lift hooks along with the cactus grabs and magnets are available for any model of Terex Fuchs material handler. The full Terex Fuchs product range includes stationary, electric powered, rubber tired and track models. These purpose-built machines excel in demanding scrap, recycling, demolition and port applications. They offer work radii ranging from 26.9 to 72 ft and an elevated cab design to boost material handling efficiency.

More information can be found at www.terex.com.

Caterpillar Forms Alliance with Exodus Machines For Manufacture and Supply of Material Handlers

Caterpillar recently executed an alliance agreement with Exodus Machines Incorporated for the design and supply of material handlers to be sold and supported exclusively by Cat® dealers. These Exodus machines will be available immediately in North America and will complement Caterpillar’s current line of wheel and track material handlers greater than 27.5 tons (25 metric tons). These products will initially continue to carry the Exodus brand name but will transition to the Cat brand in 2013.

The alliance agreement follows Caterpillar’s recent formation of a new strategic business unit, the Caterpillar Industrial & Waste Group, which has global responsibility for serving customers in these markets. The new group is part of the Diversified Products Division, led by Bill Springer, vice president of Caterpillar.

“We are pleased to be working with Exodus to meet customers’ material handler needs,” Springer said. “Bringing together Exodus’ intense focus on material handlers and their innovative designs with our unmatched distribution and product support capabilities, the alliance creates a force that will serve customers well.”

Exodus Machines, based in Superior, Wis., was incorporated only three years ago and is now known for its innovative designs. Each of the company’s material handlers features an industry exclusive cab that lowers to the ground for easy ingress and egress and maintenance access. The wheel machines also feature independent planetary wheel drive for true all-wheel-drive.

“It’s rewarding for our entire team to have Caterpillar acknowledge the value that the machines we developed bring to customers,” said Bruce Bacon, founder of Exodus and now president of the company. “And it’s exciting that our company will continue growing to serve an industry that we are passionate about.”

In support of the alliance agreement, Caterpillar acquired a minority equity interest in a new entity, Exodus Machines, LLC, formed by Exodus. In addition, Exodus plans to expand manufacturing in the Superior area and is working to secure working capital and capital funding, developing plant layouts, assessing building sites and estimating needs for new employees.

According to Springer, “These machines will fit into an opening we had in our product lineup. The material handling industry is moving from track machines to wheeled material handlers and the Exodus machines will more than meet the market needs.”

The initial product offering consists of two machines that are designed to do one thing well – move material. Exodus engineers along with its suppliers, have created a mechanical orchestra of sorts where all the components and systems work together to enhance the capabilities of the others. Being purpose built is the only way this can be done to the fullest extent.

The machines have interesting characteristics that set them apart for others. For example, the cab can be lowered to the ground to allow the operator safe access and egress. Brusc Bacon, president and founder of Exodus says, “Safety is one our primary concerns. In designing these machines we asked operators, owners and mechanics what they wanted in a piece of equipment and built according to what they said.”

Another interesting feature is its regenerative hydraulic system that makes use of gravity and energy to give the hydraulic system its power while saving on operating costs through low fuel consumption. Other notable features include: IQAN machine monitoring and controls; Exodus software engineers write the machine’s programs in house which means they can customize operating parameters, controls and machine functions to meet specific needs of a particular job or application. The Material handlers ride on 59″ wheels have 4 independent planetary drives with true all-wheel-drive; high clearance undercarriage with completely protected components; extensive auto-lube system; proprietary hydraulic controllers with Bosch Rexroth pumps; large comfortable cab with AC and tinted glass. Exodus is American made with American parts.

Take a look at the how the cab makes it safe and easy to get in and out of: