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New Cat® D8T Dozer Delivers More Productivity, Better Fuel Efficiency, Greater Ease Of Operation For Faster Payback

The latest Cat®D8T dozer is designed to move more material in less time, at a lower cost per ton, for a faster return on equipment investment. The bulldozer features an all-new fully automatic transmission, delivering up to 18 percent more productivity without consuming more fuel, as well as unprecedented ease of operation. Added blade capacity, increased power and steering performance, and a full range of technology options help customers realize more productivity and a faster payback.


Move More Material, Use Less Fuel

Meet the Cat D8T

The new D8T moves up to 18 percent more material per hour than the previous model, while using about the same amount of fuel, representing a significant fuel efficiency gain. In lighter applications, customers can expect to see up to 11 percent fuel savings compared to doing the same work with the previous model.

Much of the productivity gain comes from a new Caterpillar designed fully-automatic 4-speed transmission. The powertrain continuously optimizes the dozer for maximum power and greatest efficiency based on the load. There is no need for the operator to upshift/downshift, so operators of varying experience levels can get the most from the dozer without having to manage gear shifts. The added gear and seamless lock-up clutch engagement ensure smooth shifting.

The Semi-Universal (SU) blade capacity has been increased by 19 percent. At 13.4 yd(10.3 m3), the largest SU blade in the size class finishes jobs in fewer passes. Optional patented Performance Cutting Edges increase blade payload by up to 25 percent versus standard cutting edges, especially in hard/frozen ground or heavily compacted materials.

Powered by a Cat C15 ACERT™ engine, the new D8T offers class-leading 354 net horsepower (264 kW). Drawbar power is increased by up to 13 percent. A 10 percent increase in steering torque, fully automatic transmission and differential steering combine to provide best-in-class steering performance under load.

Technology Choices for Your Business

Caterpillar offers a choice of Cat Connect GRADE technologies help get work done more efficiently and more accurately. Technologies range from simple grade indicators to full factory-integrated GPS, all supported by Caterpillar and Cat dealers.

  • Cat Slope Indicate is standard, showing the machine cross-slope and fore/aft orientation on the primary monitor for quick and easy reference.
  • Cat GRADE with Slope Assist™is an option on Single Tilt D8Ts that provides basic blade positioning assistance without the need for added hardware or a GPS signal.
  • Cat GRADE with 3Dis an optional factory-integrated grade-control system that provides three-dimensional guidance both for production dozing and fine grading. The system features roof-mounted antennas to eliminate blade masts and cables.
  • Factory Attachment Ready Option (ARO)provides optimal mounting locations, brackets, and hardware and simplifies installation of an aftermarket grade control system.
  • AutoCarry™automates blade lift to maintain desired blade load, improve load consistency, and reduce track slip. Works seamlessly with GRADE with 3D.

Cat LINK telematics technology helps take the complexity out of managing job sites – by gathering data generated by equipment, materials, and people – and serving it up in customizable formats.

  • Product Link™collects data automatically and accurately from equipment assets – any type and any brand. Information such as location, hours, fuel usage, productivity, idle time, maintenance alerts, diagnostic codes, and machine health can be viewed online through web and mobile applications.
  • Access information anytime, anywhere with VisionLink®– and use it to make informed decisions that boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve safety and security on job sites. With different subscription level options, Cat dealer can help you configure exactly what you need to connect your fleet and manage your business, without paying for extras you don’t want. Subscriptions are available with cellular or satellite reporting or both.

Save Maintenance Time and Money

Like all Cat dozers, the D8T is designed for easy routine maintenance with features like grouped service points and a ground level service center. New cartridge fuel filters, longer engine oil service interval and standard programmable automatic reversing fan help save maintenance time. New optional Heavy Duty Extended Life Undercarriage – Cat HDXL with DuraLink™ – offers up to 25% more wear life in abrasive conditions to help reduce maintenance time and overall cost. More robust structures provide the added durability to handle the increased weight and productivity.

The D8T is available in Standard and Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configurations, as well as purpose-built Waste and Stockpile arrangements. A variety of blades and track shoe types/widths allows each machine to be optimized for performance in specific applications.

For more information about the D8T dozer, contact your local cat dealer or visit the D8T model page on cat.com.


D8T Product Specifications

Engine Cat C15 ACERT
Emission standards U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final
Net power – 1,900 rpm
ISO 9249/SAE J1349
354 hp
Engine power – 1,600 rpm
ISO 14396
394 hp
Operating weight standard (single-shank ripper) LGP (drawbar) 87,600 lb.
83,200 lb.
Blade capacity, Semi-Universal
13.4 yd3
15.4 yd3


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Perkins Celebrates Its 85th Anniversary With The Introduction Of A Low Cost Engine Telematics Device

Perkins has launched the world’s first low cost engine level telematics device – the Perkins® SmartCap – at its Seguin facility in Texas, US.

The company, which is celebrating its 85th anniversary, proudly unveiled its latest innovation, a ‘smart’ oil cap, which can be used on new and existing Perkins mechanical and electronic engines.

Designed to replace the oil filler cap, Perkins SmartCap is a low cost connectivity solution that allows end users to connect their mobile device to their engine via the free Perkins® My Engine App on their smartphone.

The cap monitors the Perkins engine and sends data direct to the Perkins My Engine App. The free app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google stores.

When combined, the Perkins SmartCap and Perkins My Engine App will give Perkins customers truly useful engine information including:

  • Engine running hours
  • Engine location
  • Service reminders and service log
  • Start / stop data

Parts book and consumables information 
“The low cost Perkins SmartCap in conjunction with the Perkins My Engine App will, for the first time, enable Perkins customers to easily track use of their engine and servicing requirements, locate their local Perkins distributor, see parts information and receive service updates, all in one place,” said Michael Wright, General Manager – Aftermarket.

  • “The app was launched at ConExpo in March and is already proving popular with end customers, as it allows them to register their Perkins engine, access their OMM (Operating Maintenance Manual) and parts book. A service record can also be kept, while the user can easily make contact with their local Perkins Distributor, through the Distributor Locator feature.
  • “The low cost cap and free app are very simple to use. Also, the fact the cap can be fitted to any Perkins mechanical or electronic engine in a matter of minutes and instantly provide engine telematics, will be appreciated by millions of Perkins end users both in the US and around the world.”
  • The Perkins My Engine App and Perkins SmartCap are ideally suited to owners and operators of Perkins powered machines, providing easy access to engine specific information such as; running hours, start / stop data, build list, series, type, model, Perkins Platinum Protection indicator, parts book, OMM, a consumable list, up and coming services and a completed service log.

The Perkins SmartCap, which has no ongoing costs, will be available from your local Perkins distributor – www.distributorlocator.perkins.com – and from Perkins’ newly launched online US parts shop, perkins.com/shop. Production release is September 2017.