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DEWALT Introduces New Mechanic Tool Set and Stackable Case System

Product Report Mechanic Tool Set

I don’t know about you but I really hate it when I pick up my tool set, open it and find that I have it “This Side Up,” down and all the sockets, extensions, ratchets come spilling out rolling across the floor or in the dirt.

Well, DEWALT recently introduced a new Mechanic Tool Sets and Mechanic Accessory Tool Sets for professionals.

SONY DSCDEWALT has re-designed the contents of these sets, from ratchets, to sockets, to extenders, and more, for high performance and convenience. And when you open a case the stuff is where it’s supposed to be.

Guaranteed Tough®, the new DEWALT® Mechanics Tool Sets offer a full lifetime warranty including hassle free replacement with next day delivery.

“We are so confident in the performance of each piece of the new Mechanics Tool Sets that we are offering a 24-hour replacement program,” said Rob Ronan, Senior Product Manager. “Where competing set manufacturers promise replacement with proof of purchase at a store, requiring traveling to and from a retail outlet, DEWALT will ship replacement parts direct without proof of purchase for next day delivery if customers call 800-4-DEWALT or go online to the DEWALT customer service website before 3 p.m.”

The new Mechanics Tool Set includes a 168 piece set – model DWMT73803, 142 piece set – model DWMT73802 and 108 piece set – model DWMT73801. The new sets come in durable blow molded, high-quality plastic cases with metal latches that can take a beating while providing protection and organized storage.

The new 72-Tooth Ratchet is ideal for high torque ratcheting and offers 3X longer life cycle versus standard ratchets on average. The 72 teeth allow for slight tightening or loosening in cramped spaces where it is difficult to back up the ratchet. The Ratchet’s 5 degree arc swing and slim head design offer maneuverability in constricted areas

Offering one-hand operation, the new Ratchet features a contoured, ergonomically designed handle with anti-slip grooves for comfort and control. It is made from premium chrome vanadium steel for strength and SONY DSCdurability.

The Ratchet easily connects and disconnects to an extensive range of sockets. Sockets and other pieces in the sets feature knurled rings that help reduce slippage for hand tightening applications. Sockets also features laser etched markings for quick and easy identification.

The 168 piece and 142 piece Mechanic Tool Sets also include new Combination Wrenches with a long-panel forged design for longer reach and leverage. A new Anti-Slip design delivers 400 percent more gripping power by locking the wrench onto the nuts and bolts to help prevent slippage and provide extra torque. The Anti-Slip Design features raised ridges and indented grooves in the mouth of the wrench to provide added grip for grasping nuts and bolts. The Combination Wrenches also features a 15 degree box end offset for knuckle clearance.

A high-end vinyl Grip Bit Driver is included in the sets. This durable driver is designed to reduce slipping and provides maximum comfort.

Unique to mechanic sets are the DEWALT® Removable Accessory Cases of MAXFIT™ screwdriving tips, sleeves, and extenders. The cases can be removed from the set and SONY DSCbrought to the specific application. DEWALT’s MAXFIT™ Screwdriving Bits are made of shock-resistant steel, and feature a precision-milled top for ideal fit in screw heads. Designed for use with the Magnetic Screw Lock™ System, the MAXFIT™ bits allow for a fastener retention solution with every size and type of bit.

Individual pieces of the new DEWALT® Mechanic Tool Sets are also sold separately, totaling more than 450 skus to meet a range of demanding tasks required by mechanics and construction trades.

Stackable Sets With Job-Specific Tools

DEWALT® introduced new Mechanics Accessory Tool Sets in new durable cases. These sets slide into the individual trays that clip together as part of the new DEWALT® ToughSONY DSC Lock Stacking System for secure transport and quick grab and go convenience of hand tools and accessories.

Build your own tool platform for the task at hand with DEWALT’s new Guaranteed Tough® line of Mechanics Tools, including newly designed sockets, ratchets, drivers, wrenches, and more with new and innovative features that give mechanics the edge in on-the-job performance.

For many jobs you don’t need to bring along an entire set of mechanics tools. With the Stackable Sets program you can build your own tool platform, ideal for your specific job, and bring along only the tools you need – in a convenient durable carrying case or set of cases locked together.

The Stackable cases feature durable shatter-resistant transparent lids so it is easy to see inside the case. The cases also feature an injection molded tray which can be removed and stored in DEWALT® roller boxes or DEWALT® Metal Storage chests.

For more information, visit www.dewalt.com

Hilti, Inc. recognized as one of the Best Workplaces on the 2015 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® List

Hilti Logo (CMYK for print)Hilti, Inc. supplier of quality, innovative and specialized tools and fastening systems for the professional user, has been recognized as one of this year’s Best Workplaces and ranked No. 89 on the 2015 Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work for.”

The selection process, created by Great Place to Work®, includes an employee survey and an in-depth questionnaire about the company programs and practices.  Great Place to Work® then evaluates each application using its unique methodology based on five dimensions:  credibility, respect, fairness, pride and camaraderie.

“Being listed as a great place to work is an honor”, said Cary Evert, Hilti North America President and CEO. “Our culture is at the core of everything we do and I believe this is what makes Hilti a great place to work”.

Hilti was also recognized with a “Great Rated!” designation. This Rating and Review highlights what makes the workplace culture great in areas like professional development and training, company atmosphere, benefits and rewards.

To Hilti these recognitions are evidence of a strong culture and a reflection of the passion that employees bring to work every day.  The commitment to shared values unites Hilti team members and fosters an environment in which innovation and teamwork thrive.

ABOUT HILTI:  Hilti is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of quality, innovative and specialized tools and fastening systems for the professional user. With more than 1,400 highly trained Hilti account managers and engineers throughout North America and an additional 1,100 Hilti employees nationwide, Hilti expertise covers the areas of powder-actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring, firestopping, screw fastening, adhesive and mechanical anchoring, and installation systems

ABOUT GREAT PLACE TO WORK: Great Place to Work® is the global authority on high-trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Through proprietary assessment tools, advisory services and employer branding programs, including Best Companies lists and workplace reviews, Great Place to Work® provides the benchmarks, framework, and expertise needed to create, sustain, and recognize outstanding workplace cultures. Great Place to Work®’s Trust Index©, a 58-question employee survey that measures trust, is used around the world to help companies increase the levels of trust across their organizations and improve business results. Annually, Great Place to Work® produces the research for the annual Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list and the Great Place to Work® Best Small and Medium Workplaces list. Follow Great Place to Work® online at www.greatplacetowork.com and on Twitter at @GPTW_US.

Re-Grip Helps Facilitate OSHA Recommendation And Its Ergonomics Assist With Prevention Of MSDs

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends applying grips on all pneumatic tools for safety “Publication 3080 Hand and Power Tools – Use of heavy jackhammers and other pneumatic tools can cause fatigue and strains. Heavy rubber grips reduce these effects by providing a secure handhold”.  OSHA also states under Construction Safety Orders Article 3 Section 1520 “Hand protection shall be required for employees whose work involves unusual and excessive exposure to physical agents which are encountered and capable of causing injury or impairments”. Subchapter 7 – General Industry Safety orders Article 6 Ergonomics states “Every employer subject to this section shall establish and implement a program designed to minimize RMIs (Repetitive Motion Injuries)”.

Ergonomics has become such an important part of occupational health that the US Department of Labor and OSHA have adopted and drafted an ergonomic standard for general industry.  Even the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) got into the mix issuing the “Simple Solutions Ergonomics for Construction Workers” in 2006 (DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2007-122).

“Ergonomics” is a general term that has different meanings to different audiences. Most often, this term is applied to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The U. S. Department of Labor defines an MSD as an injury or disorder of the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs. MSDs do not include disorders caused by slips, trips, falls, motor vehicle accidents, or similar accidents. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes detailed characteristics for MSD cases that resulted in at least one lost day from work.  MSDs accounted for 29 percent of all workplace injuries requiring time away from work in 2007.

Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capabilities of the working population. Effective and successful “fits” assure high productivity, avoidance of illness and injury risks, and increased satisfaction among the workforce. Although the scope of ergonomics is much broader, the term here refers to assessing those work-related factors that may pose a risk of musculoskeletal disorders and recommendations to alleviate them. Common examples of ergonomic risk factors are found in jobs requiring repetitive, forceful, or prolonged exertions of the hands; frequent or heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or carrying of heavy objects; and prolonged awkward postures. Vibration and cold may add risk to these work conditions.

These US Department of Labor guidelines provide recommendations to help reduce the number and severity of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, increase employer and employee awareness of ergonomic risk factors, eliminate unsafe work practices, alleviate muscle fatigue, and increase productivity.

Re-Grip, Inc. of Lake Elsinore, California has created a solution to minimize safety risk and down time while adhering to OSHA recommendations.  Re-Grip is a universal solution to applying a new handle grip. Significantly improving the few options on the market, Re-Grip uses strong, durable elastic material to provide mechanical and environmental protection while enhancing comfort for the user. It is ergonomic and reduces muscle fatigue while having non-slip properties for better control and safety.

Replacement grips are usually specific to a particular tool or application and difficult to install. This product can fit any handle that is cylindrical or semi-cylindrical. Its applications include tools like hammers and sledges, lawn and garden items like shovels and wheelbarrows, jackhammers and other pneumatic tools, industrial applications like levers and wrenches, everyday household items like brooms and brushes, and so much more. “Its versatility is what makes it so great” says John Vernieu, Co-Founder of Re-Grip, Inc.

With its special patent pending design, Re-Grip is easy for anyone to install. The elastic grip is held extended by an inner coil, forming a tube that fits over the handle. The user simply pulls a tab at the bottom to unwind the coil, allowing the elastic grip to constrict around the handle. The entire process takes seconds. “Having Re-Grips handy on our trucks has been great.  Every time we need a replacement grip on a construction site, we simply grab a Re-Grip and in seconds we are back up and running.  It minimizes downtime while maintaining our safety requirements, which are both critical to any business.” says Jamie Bahr, owner of Inland Valley Pipe Line.

Re-Grip is available in three sizes – with clearance of 1.3”, 1.6” and 2.1” – for application with most types of handles. Length is seven inches but custom lengths are available. Product information is also available at Re-Grip.com.

Go to the web site http://www.re-grip.com and view the install videos it all comes clear.

Hilti Receives Prestigious GOOD DESIGN™ Award

Hilti DSH-700

Hilti has announced that eight products have received the prestigious GOOD DESIGN™ Award presented by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design together with The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

The eight Hilti products receiving the award consist of the PRE 3 Rotating Laser, DSH 700 & 900 Gas Saws, TE 1000-AVR and TE 1500-AVR Breakers, WSR 18-A Cordless Reciprocating Saw, SF 18-A Cordless Drill Driver and the SFH 18-A Cordless Hammer Drill Driver.

Founded in Chicago, GOOD DESIGN™ bestows international recognition upon the world’s most prominent designers and manufacturers for advancing new, visionary and innovative product concepts, inventions and originality, and for stretching the envelope

Hilti SFH 18-A

beyond what is considered ordinary product and consumer design.

“We are proud of this achievement, especially since this was the first time we submitted products to GOOD DESIGN™ “ says Stephan Niehaus,  corporate chief designer based in Schaan, Liechtenstein.  “We continually invest in research and development in order to provide our customers with the most innovative and enthusing products in the industry.”

“Our customers in North America consistently ask for products that increase worker comfort, safety and productivity,” stated

David Schimmel, Sr. director, Electric Tools and Accessories based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “By working together with our team in Liechtenstein, we are able to provide the type of tools our customers need to work more efficiently.”

Hilti SIW 18T-A CPC Impact Wrench And SFL 18-A CPC Lithium Ion Flashlight

The new cordless SIW 18T-A CPC lithium ion high torque impact wrench from Hilti delivers 10% more torque, which allows you to do more with cordless tools. This impact wrench packs impressive battery performance into a rugged, compact design—for complete mobility.

The impact mechanism incorporated in this Hilti tool has been finely tuned for maximum efficiency when fastening metal bolts, wood lag bolts and concrete screw anchors like the Hilti HUS Anchor. The SIW 18T-A not only achieves top performance in terms of the total number of fastenings per battery charge, its motor also provides maximum torque when needed.

If the work area is not well lit, Hilti now has the SFL 18-A CPCP Lithium Ion Flashlight that provides cool white light for thousands of hours. Finally, a drop-resistant flashlight with over 4,000 hours of expected lifetime use and, made to do more on the jobsite.

Both of these Hilti products are backed by Hilti’s Lifetime Service for two years and feature Hilti CPC Cordless Power Care that provides better performance. Developed by Hilti, CPC is a technical standard, which, for the first time, ensures that the outstanding characteristics of lithium-ion batteries can be used to full advantage even under the most adverse jobsite conditions.

What makes the CPC technology unique is that each battery cell is monitored individually to prevent deep discharge, overcharging and overheating. The battery status indicator shows, at the touch of a button, how much energy is left in the battery.