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By leveraging new technologies and battery innovations, DEWALT introduces the new 20V MAX Compact 3.0Ah Battery (DCB230). Compared to the existing DCB200, the DCB230 offers the same capacity and is 20% lighter.

The slim 20V MAX Compact 3.0Ah Battery adds to the wide range of battery options offered by DEWALT. From compact to heavy-duty, DEWALT users can choose the optimal battery for their application. Each battery is compatible with the 20V MAX* System from DEWALT, now totaling over 165 products.

With a 3-year limited warranty and 3-year free service, the 20V MAX Compact 3.0Ah Battery will be available starting in March sold individually (DCB230), sold in a two pack (DCB230-2), and a starter kit with one battery and DCB112 charger (DCB230C).

The DEWALT 20V MAX* 3 Ah Compact Battery provides reliable power and long battery life. Using the latest lithium-ion technology, it offers 3 Ah capacity with minimal weight, offering ergonomic benefits for extended power tool use. A 3-LED Fuel Gauge system allows instant battery status checks. This battery is compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX* power tools and includes 3-Year Limited Warranty.


  • 3 Ah capacity provides long run time
  • 3-LED fuel gauge system allows immediate feedback on state of charge
  • No memory and virtually no self-discharge for maximum productivity and less downtime
  • 18% lighter weight than DCB200 3 Ah battery




DEWALT® Celebrates Tough Trades

DEWALT® celebrates trades this holiday season. Starting today, DEWALT will give away tools for a variety of trades on its DEWALT Instagram page.

The #ToughTrades giveaway is dedicated to the people who are employed in woodworking, electrical and plumbing, and mechanical industries, concrete and masonry professionals, metalworkers, and general contractors. DEWALT is committed to providing these professionals with products that deliver the performance they need to get tough jobs done each and every day.

Between December 4, 2017, and December 14, 2017, DEWALT will post clues on its Instagram page @DEWALTTOUGH. Followers can guess what’s in each prize and then come back and see the reveal. A new prize will be posted every other day.

Today’s #ToughTrade is Metalworking. DEWALT packed a TOUGHSYSTEM® Mobile Storage box for professional metalworkers. The first clue is, when you need corded grinding power, go cordless. The second clue is, this Type-1 mini hub was big news this year.

Six winners will be selected via random drawings during #ToughTrades giveaway. All the action starts today, December 4, 2017, at 9:00 am EST on Instagram @DEWALTTOUGH.


DEWALT Tough Trades Sweepstakes: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. See Official Rules for the entry period of each Sweepstakes. You must be age 18+ and a legal resident of USA (50 states or D.C.) to enter. Employees (and their immediate families and members of the same household, related or not) of DEWALT and its affiliates are not eligible to enter. Each Sweepstakes will award 1 prize to 1 winner. Odds of winning a prize depend on the number of eligible entries received for each Sweepstakes. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited.


PORTER-CABLE introduces the 20V MAX* Corded/Cordless LED Task Light

PORTER-CABLE introduces the 20V MAX* Corded/Cordless LED Task Light (PCCL500B), an extension of the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* System. Illuminate workspaces with up to 1900 lumens to keep projects going in dark environments. Features include:

  • Over 10 hours of runtime when used with PORTER-CABLE 4.0Ah battery (PCC685L)
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Corded and cordless power options
  • ¼” diameter screw thread for tripod mounting


The 20V MAX* Corded/Cordless LED Task Light will be sold as a bare tool (battery and charger are not included). The light will be available in fall 2017 through select distributors.

Made in America, Right in Wisconsin. Governor Walker Joins Empire Level to Celebrate Commitment to Growth in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker today joined employees of Empire Level (Empire), a division of Milwaukee Tool, and local officials to celebrate its commitment to manufacturing growth in Wisconsin. With more than 200 employees, Empire is driving growth and job creation in Wisconsin through partnerships with Milwaukee Tool, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), Milwaukee 7, and local governments.

Milwaukee Tool invested $16 million to strengthen Empire since acquiring the company in 2014. This investment supported plant upgrades, over 150 new products, and more than 80 incremental hires.

“Empire Level and Milwaukee Tool have shown an outstanding commitment to growth and creating new manufacturing jobs right here in Wisconsin,” Governor Walker said. “Both of these long-time Wisconsin companies are teaming up with local colleges and universities on worker training initiatives to close the skills gap and recruit engineering talent. The commitment shown by companies like Milwaukee Tool and Empire is a major reason why Wisconsin will continue to lead the way in manufacturing and worker training.”

Founded in 1919, Empire is a Mukwonago, Wis.-based manufacturer of precision layout tools, and is the fastest-growing layout brand in North America. The company introduced such industry-firsts as the Monovial, the Torpedo Level, and the Magnetic Level, and its products are sold in more than 50 countries.

Milwaukee Tool is a Brookfield, Wis.-based manufacturer of cordless power tools, professional hand tools, and accessories. With its $16 million investment in Empire, Milwaukee Tool has rebuilt a 100-year MADE IN THE USA brand with a reputation for quality.

“Empire Level’s success is a testament to our commitment of driving growth and creating new jobs in Wisconsin,” said Milwaukee Tool Group President Steve Richman. “The Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer, recognizes Empire as the fastest-growing and largest U.S. manufacturer of levels. Our strategic partnership has delivered tremendous growth which is focused on developing innovative solutions for our users and The Home Depot customers. The investments we’ve made in people, training, plant upgrades, and quality processes at Empire will allow us to continue delivering on this partnership.”

In February 2016, WEDC awarded $18 million in enterprise zone tax credits to support expansion efforts by Milwaukee Tool. The credits are tied to job retention, job creation, and capital investment.

IRWIN Introduces Comprehensive Screwdriver Family

Innovative, Flexible, Multi-Tool Designs for Added Comfort and Torque Now Available

IRWIN® Tools, a leading manufacturer of innovative hand tools and power tools accessories for more than a century, has announced a comprehensive screwdriver family including: new multi-bit drivers, a Performance Series Screwdriver and Nut Driver family, a TorqueZone Screwdriver family, and a range of hex keys and accessories.

The new IRWIN® Tools screwdrivers will be showcased during the upcoming National Tradesmen Day Roadshow, scheduled August 14 – October 27, 2017 and visiting more than 100 cities throughout the U.S. The latest IRWIN® Tools screwdriver introductions extend the company’s design mission to make users more effective and productive on the  and include:

IRWIN Multi-Bit Screwdrivers: Designed to address a variety of requirements and challenges professionals face on the job, from quick change and access in hard to reach spaces  IRWIN® Multi-Bit Screwdrivers include:

Quick Change Driver (1948782) can also be used with any standard fastener bits and features a Lock-n-Load® mechanism that allows bits to be quickly and easily switched between hand tools and power tools and an increased hold of the fastener drive bit. Bit sizes included: Slotted 6-8, Slotted 8-10, Phillips #1, Phillips #2.

8-in-1 Multi-Bit Screwdriver (1948773) allows construction tradesmen and professionals to easily replace lost or misplaced bits with any standard fastener bits and is compatible with standard double-ended bits, power bits, and insert bits. It also features compact, in-handle bit storage for easy accessibility to 2 double-ended bits and1 insert bit. Bit sizes included: Phillips #1, Phillips #2, Square #2, T25, Slotted 8-10 and 3 nut driver sizes including 1/4”, 5/16” and 3/8”.

Screw Guide Driver (1948776) features a magnetic metal sleeve that extends out over the screw, which keeps fasteners straight, eliminates screw wobble and keeps the screw from falling off in long or out-of-reach fasteners. This driver is compatible with insert bits and power bits for convenient replacement. Bits included: Phillips #1, Phillips #2, Phillips #3, Slotted 6-8, Slotted 8-10.

IRWIN® Performance Series Screwdrivers and Nutdrivers: Featuring a 3-Zone Comfort GripTM for increased support and control as well as heat-treated precision tips, chrome-plated shafts and an acetate handle core for durability, the IRWIN® Performance Series delivers a wide range of fastener types and sizes that can adapt to a variety of applications.

  • Demolition Scratch AWL (item 1948719) crafted with an acetate handle for long lasting durability and feature a solid steel core and strike cap for heavy impact in demolition work. Scribes, marks, and starts screw holes in various materials.
  • Performance Series Demolition Screwdrivers featuring a slotted steel core and strike cap for heavy impact demolition work including:
    • Slotted Keystone, 4” shaft length, ¼” (1948695)
    • Slotted Keystone, 6” shaft length 5/16” (1948696)
    • Phillips, 6” shaft length, #2 tip (1948697)
    • 2 Piece Performance Series Demolition Set, 6” shaft length, 5/16” slotted keystone and Phillips #2 tip (1948789)
  • Performance Series Screwdrivers available in single and multi-size sets, as well as standard and stubby shaft lengths, IRWIN Performance Series screwdrivers feature a 3-zone Comfort Grip for maximum performance and comfort in high and low torque applications. These drivers are crafted with an acetate handles:
    • ​3″ shaft length, Phillips #1 tip (1948298)
    • 4″ shaft length, Phillips #2 tip (1948300)
    • 6” shaft, Phillips #2 tip (19486710)
    • 10” shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948672)
    • 6″ shaft, Phillips #3 tip (1948673)
    • 4″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/8″ (1948677)
    • 3” shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948685)
    • 6″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948686)
    • 4″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/4″ (1948687)
    • 6” shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/4″ (1948688)
    • 3” shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/16″ (1948692)
    • 3″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 7/32″(1948689)
    • 4” shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948691)
    • 6″shaft, Slotted – Keystone 5/16″ (1948693)
    • 8″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8″ (1948694 3
    • 4” shaft, Square #1 (1948674)
    • 4″ shaft, Square #2 (1948675)
    • 6” shaft, Square #3 (1948676)
    • Stubby Screwdriver, 1 ½” shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948299)
    • Series Stubby Screwdriver, 1 ½ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948690)
    • 2 Piece Performance Series Screwdriver Set (1948785)
    • 6 Piece Performance Series Screwdriver Set (1948788)
  • Performance Series Nutdrivers: Feature a 3-Zone Comfort Grip for maximum performance to support high and low torque applications, IRWIN® Performance Series Nut Drivers are crafted with an acetate handle for long-lasting durability,  have a hollow 3” shaft to accommodate long bolts, and a 6-sided drive head to engage fasteners for less stripping and long life.
    • ​SAE 3/16″(1948704)
    • SAE 1/4″ (1948705)
    • SAE 5/16″ (1948706)
    • SAE 11/32″ (1948707)
    • SAE 3/8″ (1948708)
    • SAE 7/16″ (1948709)
    • SAE 1/2″ (1948710)
    • SAE 9/16″ (1948711)
    • Metric 5MM (1948712)
    • Metric 6MM (1948713)
    • Metric 7MM (1948714)
    • Metric 8MM (1948715)
    • Metric  9MM (1948716)
    • Metric 10MM (1948717)
    • Metric 11MM (1948718)
    • 2 Piece SAE Nutdriver Set: 4” Shaft with ¼” Slotted Keystone and Phillips #2 tip (1948793)
    • 8 Piece SAE Nutdriver Set: 3” Shaft, Hex Size 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16”, 11/32”, 3/8”, 7/16”, ½” and 9/16” (1948790) 7 Piece Metric Nutdriver Set, 5MM, 6MM, 7MM, 8MM, 9MM, 10MM, and 11MM (1948791)

IRWIN TorqueZone Screwdrivers are designed for optimal turning force and comfort, providing speed in high or low torque applications including:

  • IRWIN TorqueZone Magnetic Multi-Bit Driver (item 1948780) features a magnetized bit holder that holds insert and power bits securely, and features a TorqueZone™ handle design for optimal comfort and torque. Bit sizes included: SL 6-8, SL 8-10, Phillips #1 tip, Phillips #2 tip, Phillips #3 tip.
  • TorqueZone Screwdrivers (Standard) are available in a range of shaft lengths, tip types and multi-piece sets including:
    • ​3” shaft, Phillips #1 tip (1948720)
    • 10″ shaft, Phillips #1 tip (1948721)
    • 1-1/2″ shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948722)
    • 4″ shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948723)
    • 10″ shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948648)
    • 6″ shaft, Phillips #3 tip (1948649)
    • 8″ shaft, Phillips #3 (1948731)
    • 4″ shaft, Square #1 tip (1948733)
    • 4″ shaft, Square #2 tip (1948734)
    • 6″ shaft, Square #3 tip (1948736)
    • 4″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/8″ (1948737)
    • 6”shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 1/8″ (1948738)
    • 3″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948739)
    • 6″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948740)
    • 8″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948751)
    • 10″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948753)
    • 12″ shaft, Slotted – Cabinet 3/16″ (1948754)
    • 3″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/16″ (1948758)
    • 1-1/2″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948755)
    • 4″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948756)
    • 6″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 1/4″ (1948757)
    • 6″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 5/16″ (1948759)
    • 8″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8″ (1948760)
    • 10″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8″ (1948761)
    • 12″ shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8″ (1948762)
    • TorqueZone Screwdriver Sets (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10)
  • TorqueZone Demolition Screwdrivers feature a solid steel core and strike cap for heavy impact in demolition work. Ends of handles are stamped with tip type for easy identification, and a heat treated precision tip geometry for superior fitment, reducing stripping and cam-out. Sizes and specifications:
    • ​4” shaft, Slotted – Keystone ¼” (1948767)
    • 6” shaft, Slotted – Keystone 5/16” (1948768)
    • 8” shaft, Slotted – Keystone 3/8” (1948769)
    • 6” shaft, Phillips #2 tip (1948770)

IRWIN Folding Hex Key Sets: All square cut for a secure fit to help prevent slippage and stripping of fasteners, the sets are built with chrome vanadium steel for high strength and durability and include:

  • IRWIN® 7PC Metric Ball-End (item 2001402)
  • IRWIN® 9PC SAE Ball-End (item 2001401)
  • IRWIN® 8PC Folding TORX® Set (item 2001405)

IRWIN L-Caddy Hex Key Sets: feature ergonomic handles, providing comfort and strength for driving. IRWIN L-Caddy Hex Key Sets come in a durable plastic container that holds the keys securely in place and include:

  • 11PC Short Arm TORX® Set (item 2001396)
  • 13PC SAE Ball-End Long Arm Hex Set (item 2001397)
  • 10PC Metric Ball-End Long Arm Set (item 2001398)

IRWIN introduced a targeted offering of multi-bit drivers in late 2016 including:

  • IRWIN® Extending Driver (1948779)
  • IRWIN® 8-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver (1948774
  • IRWIN® 6-in-1 Nut Driver SAE and Metric (1948777 and 1948448

IRWIN® Tools Performance Series include the IRWIN® hand tools’ full lifetime guarantee and are currently available at construction and industrial tool suppliers, home centers, hardware stores, and throughout the U.S. and Canada. Warranty information, additional product details can be found at www.irwin.com.

About IRWIN Tools

IRWIN Tools manufactures and distributes a broad line of hand tools and power tool accessories under the IRWIN® brand including VISE-GRIP® pliers and wrenches, MARATHON® saw blades, QUICK-GRIP® clamping tools, SPEEDBOR® wood drilling bits, STRAIT-LINE® marking tools, UNIBIT® step drill bits, MARPLES® fine woodworking tools, and HANSON® taps and dies. IRWIN Tools is a part of Stanley Black & Decker. For more information, call 1-800-GO-IRWIN or visit www.irwin.com. IRWIN invites the nation to celebrate National Tradesmen Day, on Sept. 15, 2017.

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