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Keeping on Course at the US Open

Kubota Construction Equipment introduces new models

TORRANCE, Calif. (March 22, 2011) – Kubota Construction Equipment introduced several new equipment models at ConExpo-Con/Agg in Las Vegas last month.

“Kubota keeps a continuous pulse on the construction market. We listen to what operators need to make their jobs more efficient, and then we deliver in classic, dependable Kubota style,” says Keith Rohrbacker, construction equipment product manager for Kubota. “Our construction equipment line is all about meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers and providing precisely what matters most.”

“For example, with the new Kubota compact track loaders we responded to market demand and introduced the SVL75 and SVL90 with best-in-class bucket breakout-force and exceptional lifting capacity. This year, we will introduce a cab model to the compact track loader line – all based on what is important to our customers,” added Rohrbacker.

Kubota SVL75-SVL90 Compact Track Loaders – The new compact track loaders are fully Kubota designed, engineered and manufactured. The machines offer bucket breakout force and lifting capacity. The 74.3-gross horsepower SVL75 boasts a 6,204- pound bucket breakout-force and a 4,881-pound lifting capacity. The 90-gross horsepower SVL90 has a bucket breakout-force of 7,961 pounds and a lifting capacity of 5,869 pounds. Both models are powered by a four- cylinder, direct injection, turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine.

Compact Excavators

With 12 models available, Kubota’s compact excavators offer construction professionals a wide range of options. From conventional to tight-and-zero tail swing models, Kubota’s compact excavators work hard in confined spaces. The newest additions to the compact excavator lineup are the Kubota KX057-4 and Kubota U55.

Kubota KX057-4 Compact Excavator – Kubota’s KX057-4 five-ton conventional tail swing compact excavator is designed to provide operators with enhanced performance and increased stability in open areas. The KX057-4 offers an optional hydraulic float angle blade with 25-degree pivot angle, as well as auto-downshift travel motors for increased productivity. The machine’s conventional tail swing adds stability and lift capacity. With a 47.6 gross horsepower direct injection Kubota diesel engine, the KX057-4 offers roomy operator comfort with wide doors, ample legroom and a large operator space. Other features include easy-to-reach controls, extensive safety attributes and a new digital display panel.


Kubota’s line of TLBs offers versatility and rugged performance for any job from landscaping to construction. Kubota’s newest tractor-loader-backhoe is the L45.

Kubota L45 TLB – The Kubota L45 TLB features an HST Plus Transmission and the versatility of three machines in one, combining a strong, integrated loader and quick attach backhoe with a Category I 3-point hitch. With a slanted boom design and braceless frame for visibility, the loader is designed with a lifting capacity of 2,200 pounds. The backhoe offers a 10-foot digging depth and backhoe crawling mode to reposition along trenches. The machine is powered by a 45-horsepower Kubota diesel engine.

Wheel Loaders

Kubota’s R-Series wheel loaders feature improved visibility and power in machines that offer outstanding productivity. Kubota’s wheel loaders include the R420S and R520S.

Kubota R420S and R520S Wheel Loaders – The wheel loaders are highly maneuverable in tight spaces, with 40 degrees of articulation and eight degrees of frame oscillation. Four-wheel drive and limited-slip differential power the machines through rough terrain. The R420S produces a maximum bucket breakout force of 6,550 pounds, while the R520S breakout force is rated at 7,425 pounds. Kubota’s load sensing transmission enables efficient load handling by automatically adjusting speed and torque as load conditions vary.

Cat 973D Track Loader More Powerful, Productive, Fuel-Efficient And Easier to Operate

The new 973D completes the Cat D-Series Track Loader lineup. It features load-sensing hydraulics, joystick steering, new operator’s station (with tilting cab) and 10 percent more power than its 973C predecessor. The new loader carries on the 973C’s “all-purpose performer” reputation and retains much of its solid design, including the Cat C9 engine, hydrostatic drive, single-fabrication mainframe, Z-bar loader linkage and oscillating undercarriage. The 973D is a “one-machine workforce” with the features to take on the toughest jobs—at construction sites or in the harsh environments of steel mills, landfills, quarries and demolition sites.

The 973D’s new closed-center, load-sensing implement hydraulic system uses a variable-displacement pump that produces only the precise volume of oil actually required for the job at hand. By contrast, the 973C’s hydraulic pump produced a constant oil volume, whether required or not. The net result is that the 973D pumps less oil, thus conserving fuel, generating less heat and freeing horsepower to drive the tracks more efficiently. The new system also allows seamless, simultaneous use of lift, tilt and travel functions.

Complementing the new hydraulic system are lift and tilt cylinders using position-sensing electronics, which allow operators to set lift and tilt kick-outs from the cab. Kick-outs are quickly reset for each job—or even each truck—to assure fast cycle times. In addition, end-of-travel snubbing assures that cylinders stop smoothly with less shock.

Operator-station amenities

In the new operator’s station, buyers now can choose either joystick steering or pedal steering. The steering joystick also provides transmission control, allowing the operator to effortlessly select travel direction and ground speed, while the pedal-steer system works in conjunction with the Cat “V-pattern” transmission controller. Both systems assure fast, precise steering—but now buyers can select the system preferred by their operators.

Buyers also have a choice of loader controls—either joystick or two-lever. The 973C offered this choice, but loader controls for the new 973D are seat-mounted and electro-hydraulically actuated, compared with console-mounted and pilot-actuated (hydraulically assisted). The new seat-mounted, low-effort controls move with the operator as the seat is adjusted, transmit less vibration and provide extremely fast, precise hydraulic response.

The new cab is sound-suppressed (rated at 74 dB-A), sealed, pressurized, air-conditioned, resiliently mounted and tilts (30 degrees in the field, 90 degrees in the shop) for access to major components. Increased glass area improves visibility all around, and the new fender design yields sharper sightlines out the rear window. A compact new dash includes both a gauge cluster that monitors vital systems and the Messenger display screen, which provides real-time performance and diagnostic information.

Reliable power train, robust structures, easy service

The 8.8-liter, 263-net horsepower Cat C9 diesel engine, which meets U.S. EPA Tier-3 and European Union Stage IIIA standards, uses proprietary Caterpillar ACERT™ Technology for exceptional emissions-control and fuel-economy. A new on-demand, viscous-clutch cooling fan helps further lower fuel consumption and sound.

The electronically controlled Cat Hystat hydrostatic drive system powers and controls each track independently via a variable-displacement pump and motor. The Hystat system allows both tracks to be powered through gradual turns, simplifies straight-line travel when working across slopes and provides exceptional maneuverability with its counter-rotation capability.

The 973D’s main-frame/loader-tower is fabricated of single-slab primary rails, cross-member reinforcing and castings or forgings in high-stress areas to provide long-term durability for supporting multiple rebuilds. Oscillating track frames help smooth the operator’s ride, lessen shock loads to the machine and contribute to the 973D’s stability. Z-bar-type loader linkage uses massive single-slab boom arms and dual bell-cranks (each with its own tilt cylinder) to deliver exceptional breakout power.

Service access to drive-train and hydraulic-system components is simplified on the 973D with its tilting cab. The cab can be tilted a full 90 degrees with an external lifting device and 30 degrees in the field using an hydraulic jack available as standard. All routine-maintenance points are easily accessible from ground level, and oil-sampling ports, quick-connect pressure taps and ground-level emergency-shut-down switch are standard equipment.

Job-specific configurations

Two Waste-Handling Packages (Standard and Extreme) add substantial guarding, debris barriers, cooling-system enhancements and an air-intake pre-cleaner. The Standard Package is designed for landfills, transfer stations and material-recovery facilities, while the Severe Package affords maximum protection in the most demanding work, such as demolition.

The Steel-Mill Package, allowing the 973D to work safely and reliably when handling hot slag around blast furnaces, features a sealed undercarriage; fire-retardant fluids; heat shields for the fuel tank, power train and hydraulic components; silicone seals; heat-resistant windshield; and remote parking-brake release.

For consistent work in soft underfoot conditions, the Wide-Gauge Package provides a stretched track gauge and low-ground-pressure track shoes. These features are complemented with a wider bucket that boosts productivity in grading and backfilling applications.

In addition to these application-specific packages, other optional packages are available, including a three-shank parallelogram ripper, multi-purpose bucket, added counterweight and a deluxe maintenance package for fast oil changes and fuel-sediment flushing. Caterpillar also is ready to design custom solutions to meet any customer’s exact needs.