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ASCE Reports: Surface Transportation Conference Committee Makes Progress and Gets More Time

{08d819bc-1d22-4dd2-80f4-4bea43d54eb4}_ASCE_GovernmentRelations_WashingtonThis week the Surface Transportation Bill Conference Committee met in what will likely be its only public meeting to finalize work on a compromise bill. Congress moved the November 20 deadline to December 4 to give conferees additional time to complete their work. The conference committee chairman, Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA) kicked-off the meeting by stating, “There is plenty of common ground between the [House & Senate] proposals to allow us to reach an agreement that both [chambers] can willingly support.” The lead House Democrat on the committee, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR), underscored the importance of achieving an increase in overall funding in the final bill. “I’m hopeful to get higher levels of spending on an annual basis and if funds are so limited that we have to reduce the term of the bill, it’s an option I think should be looked at,” said DeFazio.

The committee announced a timeline which includes finalizing the conference agreement by November 30 and having a House vote on the bill by the December 4 deadline. It remains to be seen whether the Senate will be able to act before that date. They may need a week extension to approve the legislation before it can be sent to President Obama for his signature. Many members of the committee seem hopeful that a final agreement will be reached very soon and that they can craft a measure that will receive the necessary votes in both the House and Senate to be signed by the president.

In a letter sent to conferees this week , ASCE stated that a five-year program which includes significant funding increases should be the goal of the committee. Otherwise the country could begin to see the job losses and reduction in GDP identified by ASCE’s Failure to Act Economic Report.

Now is a critical time to reach out to conference committee members. Please take a moment to determine if your election official(s) sit on this committee and ask them to support a final bill that increases investment in America’s transportation system. Visit our Click and Connect page to identify your elected official! Take action today!

ASCE’s Comments Regarding House Passage of Six-Year Highway & Transit Bill

On November 5, 2014, newly-minted House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) shepherded through his first piece of major legislation with bipartisan passage of a six-year, $325 billion surface transportation reauthorization bill.  The Surface Transportation Reauthorization & Reform (STRR) Act of 2015 cleared the House by a vote of 363-64.  A last-minute amendment was added to STRR that secured an additional $40 billion in revenue from an unused Federal Reserve account.  This means that while the House bill is now funded for a full six-years, it does not increase highway and transit funding levels over the current amount.

ASCE endorsed multiple amendments that were offered to raise the gas tax. However none of those amendments were allowed to receive a full vote on the House floor.

Following the bill’s passage, ASCE President Mark W. Woodson, P.E., F.ASCE, released a statement saying, “While the House-passed bill provides six years of stability for the nation’s road, bridge, and transit programs, it fails to increase funding to levels that are adequate to properly maintain our infrastructure.” Woodson went on to state that, “ASCE is disappointed that House leadership prevented a vote on raising the federal gas tax – a policy solution that would have provided long-term funding and certainty that states desperately need to move forward with their transportation projects.“

ASCE also weighed-in against a resolution introduced by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) in support of devolving the federal transportation program to the states. The amendment was defeated 118-310. See how your Representative voted!

Some highlights of the House bill include:

  • Multi-year program certainty that will help states and localities better plan and deliver projects;
  • Accelerated project delivery reforms aimed to improve collaboration between agencies and create deadlines for agency action(s);
  • Providing grants to states for continued and expanded pilot testing of future road user fee collection systems;
  • A new competitive grant to address bus and bus facility needs;
  • Increased focus on funding for roadway safety infrastructure and on the safety needs of rural roads; and,
  • An option for localities to bundle small projects such as bridges to increase efficiency.

The House vote follows previous Senate action in July on their surface transportation bill which provided only three years of funding although at much higher levels.  Now the House and Senate will work to negotiate a compromise before the looming November 20 deadline.  ASCE will be reviewing the House and Senate bills to determine which provisions we favor to be included in any final agreement.  On funding, ASCE urges a final bill be multi-year with sizable funding increases for highway and transit programs.  In the coming weeks, ASCE will continue to engage with our members in our advocacy effort to #FixTheTrustFund. Thank you for all you have done to support the Society’s advocacy efforts!

Five Tips for Selecting & Maintaining Tires

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Caterpillar is hosting a live video stream though Periscope

UnknownToday on October 8. Caterpillar is hosting a live video stream though Periscope, a new social media platform. A total of 8 video segments will stream during this one-day event, starting at 8am Central Time. Four segments will feature product demonstrations and four highlight technology/customer support solutions.

If you are not familiar with Periscope, it is a new live video streaming app for iOS and Android devices. This social platform allows users to quickly and easily share video right from their mobile device, and engage via chat (and by giving hearts) while watching broadcasts.

Below are the details of the event.
8 AM Equipment Demonstration Captured from Drone, Followed by Q&A with Marty Dains, Edwards Manager (Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center)
9 AM Equipment Demonstration Captured from Ground Level, Followed by Q&A with Chad Cremeens, Field Operations Supervisor (Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center)
11 AM Why Use Genuine Cat Parts, Followed by Q&A with Jeff Payne, Marketing Consultant (Building LC Service Bay)
12 PM SOS Tour, Followed by Q&A with Dana Franklin, SOS Expert (Building LC SOS Lab)
1 PM Fleet Monitoring Center Tour, Followed by Q&A with Mark Kelly, Condition Monitoring Adviser (Building LC Fleet Monitoring Center)
3 PM Walkaround Inspection Demo with Cat Inspect App, Followed by Q&A with Jeff Payne, Marketing Consultant (Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center)
4 PM Equipment Demonstration Captured from Drone, Followed by Q&A with Marty Dains, Edwards Manager (Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center)
5 PM Equipment Demonstration Captured from Ground Level, Followed by Q&A with Chad Cremeens, Field Operations Supervisor (Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center)

List of Machines
Articulated Trucks
Backhoe Loaders
Motor Graders
Multi-Terrain Loaders
Off-Highway Trucks
On-Highway Trucks
Skid Steers
Wheel Loaders
Wheel Tractor Scrapers

How to Watch
The following instructions will walk you through the process of downloading Periscope, setting up an account and following Caterpillar. Once this is setup, you’ll receive notifications on your mobile device each time Caterpillar begins streaming.
1. Download Periscope on your mobile device
Download on iOS (Click here!)
Download on Android (Click here!)
2. Log in via Twitter or create a new account (for help, click here)
3. Enable notifications when prompted
4. Search for and follow CaterpillarInc (for help, click here)

If you miss the live event, the videos will be available for 24 hours after each live stream through Periscope. They will also be uploaded to YouTube.

Tire Evaluations: Test To Get The Best

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