AEM Urges Conferees to Reach Agreement on Fully Funded Transportation Bill Without Further Delay

Dennis Slater, AEM President

After attending the Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) fly-in this week in Washington, DC and meeting with Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to urge swift action on the transportation bill, Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) President Dennis Slater issued the following statement:

“This week in Washington, I had the unique opportunity to join my fellow TCC members and hear from Members of Congress and Highway & Transit Conference Committee Members about the current state of the highway bill deliberations. After 1,000 days, nine extensions and a rapidly approaching June 30th deadline, I’m pleased to hear that a bipartisan group of members are working in Congress to finally get a long-term highway bill passed.

“Millions of jobs are dependent on Congress doing the right thing and working together to pass a strong bill to improve our nation’s infrastructure. Manufacturers and businesses depend on a strong infrastructure system to continue to operate and grow. During these difficult times, nothing could be more important than supporting these industries to create jobs and grow the economy.

“As I return from Washington, I remain optimistic that Congress will be able to reconcile their differences and pass a fully funded transportation bill that significantly invests in our nation’s infrastructure. American workers are counting on Congress to do the right thing, and I strongly urge them to get this bill done without further delay.”

The Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) is a partnership of 29 national associations and construction unions representing hundreds of thousands of individuals with a direct market interest in federal transportation programs. TCC was initiated in July 1996 to focus on the federal budget and surface transportation programs reauthorization debates. TCC activists can be found in virtually every congressional district and provide a vital service to their communities by helping to improve the efficiency and safety of our nation’s highway infrastructure.

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