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Hello Everyone!

It has been a very exciting couple of weeks for all of us here at The Road Connection. We have just wrapped up a leg of our tour, and are taking a short break before hitting the road again. We covered a lot of ground in the month of March, (Salt Lake City, Charlotte, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Newport News, Nashville, Topeka), and are looking forward to our upcoming events at Road Machinery and Supplies in Savage, Minnesota, Astec Mobile Screens in Sterling, Illinois, and the Michigan Aggregates Association meeting in Kalamazoo.

Looking back on the past month, a lot has happened in Washington regarding the current legislation surrounding a long-term highway bill. Congress and the President passed a short-term, 90-day extension to maintain current funding levels, the ninth of its kind since SAFETEA-LU expired in 2009. This is a short-term, “band-aid” approach and doesn’t give contractors the confidence to hire more workers, purchase necessary machinery, or in other words boost the U.S. economy and fix our crumbling roads and bridges. This extension maintains the status quo, and unfortunately, the current status quo is at a solid D-minus.

In the next 90 days, The Road Connection will be continuing to carry the message that “Roads Matter” to folks all across the country pushing for the passage of a fully-funded, long-term highway bill. We are taking the message to Congress that “Extensions are not Solutions,” and really pressuring our lawmakers to work together and invest in our infrastructure.  We sincerely appreciate all of your support in spreading the message to your colleagues, friends, and family.

Thank you all for your support in spreading this very important message that affects us all. Really quickly, I just want to point out a few updates that might interest you:

– Attached: Astec Mobile Screens open house Press Release

– Updated videos on our YouTube channel – including Rally for Roads speeches (URL below)

– New “facts” page on our website (URL below)

– Updated photos on Flickr and Facebook (URLs below)

Thank you again for all your help.  As always, if there are any questions I can answer, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Best Regards,

Andrew Gillman

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