Are There Jobs On The AEM Job Board? You Betcha!

Greg and staff

Earlier today I posted an announcement from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, New AEM online “job board” targets industry workers and employers – 
Job posts are free through June 30, 2011. I was glad to see that the association was taking positive steps to help get more jobs information out to the people looking for work. I e-mailed them asking that they let me know when jobs started getting posted on the new job board.

Well, as fast as emails can travel on my computer, I heard from Liz Stock at AEM advising me that there were 155 jobs already posted. Her e-mail said, “We already have about 155 jobs posted.  You can search for jobs by keyword, location or job type.  You can find the list of jobs that are currently posted here:”

I didn’t doubt Liz for one second but was curious to see what kinds of jobs were posted, who was posting them and where they were located geographically. Let’s face it. There are some jobs that are available no matter how bad the economy is; there are some operations that scare employees away rather than attracting them; and of course there are places in the country where no one wants to work. I had to see how many of the 155 jobs fit into these three categories.

None. That’s right, none. They all look like good jobs and there were many that I found to be tempting for myself…

These jobs do represent good opportunities and also indicate that things are getting better and will continue to do so. Everyday I get announcements about new projects being started, some being negotiated, and others still on the drawing board. Need a job? Look here! Have opening for employees? Post here!

Thanks AEM for taking that giant step for the industry.

Greg Sitek

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