ARTBA Foundation’s Women Leaders Awards Nominations Deadline Aug. 3

The Women Leaders in Transportation Design and Construction Awards honor “extraordinary efforts of individuals, companies and public agencies that have demonstrated leadership and dedication to innovation in the transportation construction field as well as the promotion of women leaders within the industry.

To submit a nomination, or to find out more about the awards, visit the scholarship & awards section of the ARTBA-TDF website. 

Deadline for Nominations:

Friday, Aug. 3


Senior VP/ Strategic Engagement Allison Klein202.683.1036.
Media Relations Manager Eileen Houlihan  202.683.1019.

Nominations are considered in three categories:

The “Ethel S. Birchland Lifetime Achievement AwardNamed after Ethel S. Birchland, who served as ARTBA’s executive director from 1924 to 1928, this award is given to at least one woman who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and long-term service in the transportation design and construction industry’s public or private sectors. Particular focus is given to the individual’s dedication to the advancement of innovation and other women leaders.

The “Glass Hammer Award”

Given annually to at least one company in the transportation construction industry that has innovative programs and activities directed at successfully promoting women leaders within their organization. Extra credit is given to those firms that also promote women leadership within the associations and community organizations they financially support.

The “Future Industry Spotlight Award”Self-nominations are preferred for this category. The award is given annually to bring national industry attention to two women students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies at a U.S. college or university who have thus far achieved an outstanding academic record and demonstrated extraordinary leadership skills within and outside the academic environment. Candidates may be pursuing a degree in any discipline germane to the business of transportation design and construction.

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