ASCE Reports: Shuster Elected T&I Chairman

House Republicans officially elected Congressman Bill Shuster (R-PA) to chair the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the 113th Congress. Congressman Shuster will take the gavel from Chairman John Mica (R-FL), who held the chairmanship for the past two years and served as ranking member for four years before that. Chairman Mica was not eligible to run for Chairman again, due to term limit rules in the GOP conference.

Shuster spoke with reporters after his selection on Wednesday, outlining issues the Committee will tackle in the next Congress. Shuster stated that he intends to work on a WRDA bill early next year, and will then move a passenger rail bill, and finally lay groundwork for the next surface transportation reauthorization. In the near term Shuster will be focused on the continued funding issues for surface transportation and stated that all options are on the table. Raising the gas tax, tying increased energy production to infrastructure funding, a fee on vehicle miles traveled, and expanded tolling could all be considered according to the Chairman-elect, but the creation of a national infrastructure bank or devolving the federal role in transportation to the states will not be on the table.

ASCE congratulates Congressman Shuster on his election and we look forward to working with him and his staff in the 113th Congress!

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