Associated Construction Publications Return Better Than Ever

The Associated Construction Publications had been covering the domestic construction industry for more that a century when they were put into retirement earlier this year. Fortunately, John White, president and owner of Building Excellence in Design and Construction, acquired thirteen of the magazines and is in the process of putting them back the readers’ hands. The following is the press release announcing the return of the ACPs as they are called:

INDIANAPOLIS – The Associated Construction Publications (ACP), is under new management. John White, former owner of several of the ACP regional magazines, has assembled a strong team to reestablish ACP’s as the voice for local and regional construction communities. In late July, Construction Digest and New England Construction made their debut in the new tabloid sized format. The other magazines will follow in the next two months. In addition to the new size and updated graphics, the ACP magazines will be in full color. Advertisers will no be charged extra to run color ads.

White announced that the number of local sales people and writers has tripled. “This increase in staff was needed to identify and cover the people, projects and events that make our industry so interesting to our readers. For more than 10

0 years, the ACP magazines have served our local construction markets, celebrating the successes that have resulted in a more productive, healthier and safer built environment. As we move forward we will focus on the rebuilding of our highway

s and bridges, the development of new infrastructure that will serve our communities with clean energy and clean water, and the expansion of alternative transportation initiatives such as light rail and high-speed rail. As w

e strive to improve our environment, the contractors who make it happen will be the subject of many interesting stories that we will tell.”

The editorial content consists of local news and information about the people and projects located in each region coupled with national features on topics of interest and legislation effecting heavy construction.

“We are excited that Greg Sitek will be joining us as national editor and a key part of our executive management team,” White announced. “Greg not only provides great insight to our readers but to ACP as well. We are also pleased that so many former local writers and sales people have joined our new group. It provides us with roots in our history and the enthusiasm to move forward.”

I’m proud to once again be associated with ACP because I believe that they are taking the right approach to providing important construction information to the contractors, who are the heart and soul of the industry. For more than a century these magazines have covered the growth, development and expansion of this country. They witnessed the creation of such wonders as Boulder Dam, The Empire State Building, The Sears Tower, The Interstate highway system and all the other marvels that have been put in place. It’s good to know that they will be around to see what we do over the next century.

Site-K Construction Zone will continue to provide you with construction information but in a new and improved format.

Greg Sitek

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