Atlas Copco Portable Air becomes Portable Energy

Geert Follens with a Weda pump and generator in background.

Effective July 1, 2011 Atlas Copco’s Portable Air Division is changing its name to the Portable Energy Division, which more accurately reflects the division’s extended product line. The new Portable Energy division focuses on five product groups each one relating to a product group: Air (on-site compressors), Power (on-site generators), Light (on-site light towers), Water (on-site pumps), and Used Equipment.

The first two product lines, Air and Power, relate to products that the Portable Air Division has supplied for some years. Compressors were the main focus when the division was started 21 years ago and, during the past two years, the Portable Air Division has intensified its focus on on-site generators. These products are now seen as part of its core business.

In 2010 the division added the third and fourth product families, Light and Water. This was the result of special focus placed on the light tower business and the addition of pumps to the product portfolio in September when the WEDA submersible pump line was transferred from the Construction Tools Division to the Portable Air Division.

Newly appointed Business Development Manager Sam Waes is developing the Used Equipment product line for Portable Energy.

Geert Follens, President of the Portable Energy Division: “Changing the name of the division to Portable Energy is a logical step in light of the extension of our product range to our customers. With the five pillars we can offer our customers complete portable energy solutions. This extended product offering, together with the intensified focus on the construction business as a part of the new Construction Technique business area, will provide us with the tools we need to give our customers the right focus and the best service.”

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