Atlas Copco — Sacramento Celebrates Grand Opening Of New Store

The Atlas Copco branch in West Sacramento celebrated its recent grand opening with an off-site demonstration of several new surface drill rigs in the morning, and a catered reception in the evening. The new facility, located on two acres near the I-80 and I-5 freeways, offers more convenient access for customers and suppliers than the previous store.

The Atlas Copco—Sacramento staff pose in front of a Powercrusher rock crusher during their recent grand opening

“We’ve had a lot of positive comments about our new location,” said Ray Hall, Pacific region manager. “Everybody seems to appreciate that our new store is easier to get to, because of the proximity to freeway exits. We also have more usable yard space at this location, which means more room for equipment as we need it.”

The morning demonstration was held at Meadow Vista Quarry in nearby Meadow Vista, Calif. A group of approximately 20 customers took advantage of the opportunity to receive hands-on experience with four surface drill rigs that are new to their market. The models demonstrated were a FlexiROC T35-II, a ROC D3-01R and two new ECM model replacements, the PowerROC T45 and PowerROC T35 E-04.

In addition to surface crawler rigs, the Sacramento store features rock crushers and screens, ground reinforcement products, high-pressure air compressors and boosters, water-well and other deep-hole drilling rigs and all associated tools, including drills, drill steel, hammers and bits.

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