Big New Wirtgen Mill, EVO Plant, Hamm Rollers Debut at Conexpo-Con/Agg

March 2011 – Wirtgen America, Inc. introduced its largest and most sophisticated cold mill, the W 250 – along with the new EVO Series of Kleemann track-mounted, mobile impact crushers, and HD+ tandem and GRW-class pneumatic rollers from Hamm – at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011 in Las Vegas in March.

Those new products are among the nearly 30 new or revised products that were on display.

The 980-hp. dual-engine W 250 joined two new cold mills introduced in 2010, but seen at Conexpo-Con/Agg for the first time: the new W 200 single engine model with milling drum assemblies of 59 in., 79 in., or 87 in. working width, and the similarly sized W 210 dual engine model, offering more power at lower fuel consumption.

On display was the new MR 110 EVO mobile impact crusher plant. Kleemann’s EVO line constitutes the next generation of impact crushers, and represents a genuinely new evolution for the entire plant spectrum in terms of performance, economic efficiency and equipment longevity.

New at Conexpo-Con/Agg from Wirtgen America was the Hamm HD+ 110 VO, an all-new 66-in. tandem roller, with an operating weight of 11.5 tons, featuring both conventional vibration and exclusive Hamm Oscillation compaction. Also new were the HD+ 120 VV HF and HD+ 140 VV rollers – introduced at World of Asphalt 2009 – with their respective operating weights of 13.2 and 15.4 tons, and respective drum widths of 78 and 84 inches.

And seen for the first time in North America was the Hamm GRW 280, an advanced-design eight-wheel pneumatic roller. With an operating weight between 10 and 30 short tons, the GRW 280 provides exceptional operator visibility, a new, “intelligent” ballasting concept, and the highest safety standards.

With the exception of a handful of models, all equipment exhibited was either new to Conexpo-Con/Agg, or improved while retaining the original model numbers.

Highlights of the Wirtgen America display included the following machines new to Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011:

o Wirtgen W 250. The W 250 marks the advent of an absolutely high-performance cold milling machine with a maximum power rating of 980 hp. The new large milling machine can remove up to 1,300 tons of asphalt per hour.

Like the W 210, the W 250 incorporates Wirtgen’s innovative Dual Engine Concept, which in the case of the W 250 allows milling with one engine at 610 hp, or milling with two engines at a more powerful 980 hp. Six different milling widths ranging from 87 in. to 14.4 ft. The W 250 is also equipped with WIDRIVE, the intelligent Wirtgen machine management system, which not only eases the workload of the operator, but also guarantees fuel efficient and environmentally compatible milling.

The W 250 is able to mill large job sites on dual-lane highways or airport runways at top speed. The Wirtgen W 250 can remove asphalt layers with a milling depth of up to 13.8 in., and tough portland cement concrete pavements, at a high forward speed.

o Kleemann MR 110 Z EVO. The new MR 110 Z  EVO is a universally adaptable plant which is suited for processing both blasted natural stone, asphalt and demolition waste, as well as producing a first-class end quality product. Despite its comparatively small crusher inlet dimensions of 3.6 x 2.6 ft. (1100 x 800 mm), it achieves outputs that up to now were only known to be achievable with larger crushing plants. Maximum input capacities of 350 tph easily can be achieved.

The new EVO concept matches refinements for all individual components with a new material flow concept. The new, highly efficient material flow concept of the EVO models eliminates all restriction to the flow of the material throughout the entire plant.

For example, the discharge chute under the crusher is 4 in. wider than the inner width of the crusher, and the subsequent discharge belt is another 4 in. wider than the discharge chute. Material is thus transported quickly and carefully away from the critical area under the crusher, with flow rate increased, and wear reduced.

o Kleemann MC 110 ZS. The MC 110 track-mounted jaw crusher – with its high-torque reversible hydraulic jaw, and fully hydraulic gap adjustment – makes this model a great contractor’s crusher. The R version has an integrated grizzly and the Z version a fully independent double-deck pre-screen. The machine also

can be fitted with an optional final screen and oversize discharge, allowing the operator to produce a final graded product with one machine.

o Hamm HD+ 110 VO. At Conexpo-Con/Agg 2010, Hamm Compaction Division introduced an all-new 66-in. tandem roller, in two different weight classes. The new HD+ 110 platform has an operating weight of 11.5 tons, and the new HD+ 90 platform features an operating weight of 10 tons. Both platforms will offer a variety of different options, including conventional vibration, high frequency compaction at 4,020 vpm, exclusive Hamm Oscillation compaction, a combination option, and even a split-drum option. The HD+ 110 VO incorporates vibration and Oscillation in a single platform.

It was joined by Hamm’s HD+ 120 VV HF and HD+ 140 VV rollers. These new

articulated tandem compactors – with respective operating weights of 13.2 and 15.4 tons (12 and 14 metric tonnes) have set new standards with an unprecedented amount of cabin space, perfect visibility conditions for the driver, and very impressive performance data.

o GRW 280. New to North America at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011 was the revolutionary-design GRW 280 pneumatic (rubber-tired) roller from Hamm, with an operating weight between 10 and 30 short tons. In the operator’s workplace, instead of the previous setup with two seats, the new GRW offers one comfortable, adjustable seat and thus maximum freedom of movement. For the first time ever, viewing channels in the frame structure offer a view of the edges and the tires of the outer wheels. What’s more, a novel suspension of the front wheels allows for an uninterrupted view towards the front.

o W 50 DC Rumbler. Introduced at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011 was the W 50 DC Rumbler. The W 50 DC Rumbler is a standard W 50 DC cold milling machine with an optional Rumbler attachment installed, providing high-production, high-profitability cutting of milled rumble strips in the standard, preferred 16-in. width at speeds of up to 180 fpm.

o Wirtgen W 200 and W 210. Seen for the first time at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011 will be Wirtgen’s two big, new cold mills. The new W 200 single engine model is a large but compact milling machine that can be equipped with milling drum

assemblies of 59 in. (1.5 m), 79 in. (2.0 m), or 87 in. (2.2 m) working width. Three selectable engine speeds enable a broad range of applications, such as large-scale surface course rehabilitation, complete pavement removal at full depth, fine

milling, and many others.

The W 200 has a milling depth of 0-13 in. and is powered by a single engine generating 550 hp. Its operating weight is 59,934 lbs. with half-full water tank, half-full fuel tank, a 165-lb. driver, and tools.

Like the W 200, the new W 210 dual engine model is a large but compact milling machine, which can be equipped with milling drum assemblies of 59 in. (1.5 m), 79 in. (2.0 m), or 87 in. (2.2 m) working width. But unlike the W 200, the W 210 boasts a unique fuel-saving drive concept utilizing two diesel engines, generating a total of 671 hp with both engines engaged. Like the W 200, it features three selectable engine speeds enable a broad range of applications. Its operating weight is 62,138 lbs.

o Wirtgen 3800 CR. The new Model 3800 CR from Wirtgen America Inc. offers the ability to cold-in-place recycle a full-lane of pavement in one pass, stabilizing with either foamed asphalt “green mix”, or any other stabilizing medium such as asphalt emulsion or lime or cement slurry, but with a twist: with a conveyor mounted, it also will serve as a full-lane cold-mill. The 3800 CR utilizes the same platform as the existing 2200 CR, but is supplied with a full-lane, 12-ft., 6-in. (3800 mm)-wide drum.

o Vögele America Super 1300-2 tracked and Super 1303-2 wheeled pavers. At Conexpo-Con/Agg, Vögele introduced two new compact pavers to North America, the Super 1300-2 tracked, and Super 1303-2 wheeled asphalt pavers. The Super 1300-2 paver – like the same-sized wheeled Super 1303-2 – is a highly versatile paver of the compact equipment class which, thanks to its small size, can handle a wide range of the most varied paving tasks, including combined footpaths and bike paths, residential streets, and parking lot applications.

o Wirtgen SP 15 and SP 25 Concrete Slipform Pavers. Wirtgen introduced two concrete slipform pavers in 2010, and they were new to Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011.

The SP 15 has a maximum paving width of 6 ft., maximum curb/parapet placement height of 4 ft., 2 in., and weighs 25,000 lb. It has best-in-class trimming capacity, quick on-site changes for left or right side pouring, unsurpassed jobsite mobility, and pours the tightest, smoothest radius in the industry with all-track steering and positioning. The SP 15 also features an Eco mode which matches engine rpm to machine power requirements, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions.

The SP 25 has a maximum paving width of 12 ft., maximum curb/parapet placement height of 6 ft., and weighs 35,000 lb. It also features quick on-site changes to left or right side pouring. The machine’s modular design allows for a wide array of applications with either three or four tracks. It also features an Eco mode which matches engine rpm to machine power requirements, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions.

o Re-engineered Hamm Compact Line. New at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011 was the Hamm Compaction Division re-engineered Compact Line – its popular series of small asphalt rollers – with significant changes “under the hood” that will boost performance and productivity.

Models of the new Compact Line – with drum sizes from 31 to 54-in.-wide – are just as user-friendly and functional as ever, but now are quieter and more powerful. These articulated tandem rollers offer big-time compactive effort in a small package equally at home for commercial or roadbuilding applications.

Featured at Conexpo will be the 54-inch HD 14 VV; the 51-in. HD 13 VT, a combination model with smooth drum in front, and four smooth pneumatic tires in rear; the 47-inch HD 12 VV; the 39-in. HD 10C VV; and the 31.5-in. HD 8 VV.

In 2010 the Compact Line drive train was redesigned. All models were upgraded to the new, exceptionally quiet, environmentally friendly yet powerful Kubota diesel engines. In the HD 13 and HD 14 models, Hamm has increased the engine power by 15 percent. New drive train components have brought about only minor changes to the external design of the machines.

o Wirtgen 4200 SM Surface Miner. Represented for the first time at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011 was Wirtgen’s massive, high-performance 4200 SM surface miner. This 200-plus-ton machine stands nearly 22 ft. tall excluding conveyor, cuts over 13 1/2 ft. wide, and is emblematic of Wirtgen’s leadership in surface mining

and minerals processing technology. The immense size of the machine required that a detailed scale model be used to represent the product.

Other equipment shown at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011 included:

o Vision Pavers from Vögele America, Inc. The Vision Series includes the 10-ft. tracked Vision 5200-2 and wheeled Vision 5203-2, and the 8-ft. tracked Vision 5100-2 and wheeled Vision 5103-2. Altogether they represent the highest evolution of asphalt paver design to-date, and all will displayed at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2011.

Pavers of the Vision Series comprise the most practical and productive line of pavers on the market today. They are quieter, cooler and more productive than any competing pavers or Vögele America predecessor models. The Vision Series is a “clean-sheet” design, although it incorporates time-proven Vögele Super Series technologies.

Operators benefit from outstanding forward visibility, with unparalleled all-around visibility without turning. The slope of the machine and hood have been designed so the operator can see the sides, the hopper, and the conveyors in the back, without having to move around.

o Super 700 Paver. The Super 700 – with electrically heated AB 200 V screed – packs big features in a small package, yet is one of the most innovative pavers on the market. This exciting paver combines highway class technology in a compact package perfectly suited for paving cart, bike and walking paths, confined areas, repair of milled areas, and conventional commercial applications. Unique to the Super 700 is its ability to drive through an opening less than 4 ft. in width, pave within 2 in. of boundaries, and drive in a footprint of 43 in. Also, it can be operated with one person, and has two positions at which the operator can stand, either on the screed, or on an elevated platform.

o Super 2100-2 Paver. The Super 2100-2 from Vögele America, Inc. is a large, powerful paver at ease placing cement-treated base and roller-compacted concrete, as well as any of today’s high-performance asphalt mixes. The tracked Super 2100-2 is powered by a 244-hp Deutz diesel engine and weighs 47,180 lb. The Super 2100-2 is a large machine ideal for highway construction in full-road width, surfacing large areas, or on airport runway projects. It comes with a powerful engine developing 244 hp. Conveyors and augers installed in the paver are so dimensioned as to transfer and spread even largest quantities of mix with effortless ease, but also other materials like water-bound base in thick layers, or roller-compacted concrete.

o Wirtgen W 150. The W 150 is a large but compact milling machine that can

optionally be fitted with milling drums of 4 ft. (1.20 m), 4 ft. 3 in. (1.30 m) or 5 ft. (1.50 m) working width, letting the W 150 be used for a variety of different applications such as milling large surfaces, removing pavement layers at full depth, or leveling. Cutting depth is zero to 13 in.

o Wirtgen W 120 F. Whether wheel-driven or track-driven, the versatile W 120 F is a road milling machine with mechanically driven milling drum of up to 48 inches wide, and cutting depth of 13 in. The machine is equipped with permanent all-wheel drive as a standard feature.

o WR 2400. The WR 2400 is a state-of-the-art, mid-sized stabilizer/reclaimer. This 571 hp-class, high-performance and versatile machine lets contractors cut up to 20 in. deep at a 95-in. cutting width. It stabilizes with both emulsion and foamed asphalt, and can be equipped with a high capacity water pump for dry soil conditions and cement or lime stabilization projects.

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