Birmingham-Based Cowin Equipment Co, Reaches Out To Help Neighbors

Cowin Equipment Co. Inc is reaching out to neighbors in storm-affected areas by launching a free lunch program.  Cowin employees are daily grilling and serving food to hundreds of victims of last week’s tragic tornadoes in Cullman, and soon the program will also support Tuscaloosa, Pleasant Grove, and other heavily damaged communities.

To date, Cowin Equipment, which sells, rents and services heavy equipment in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, sent trucks loaded with large, company-owned grills to Cullman.  Company employees, friends and other volunteers cook and serve free hot dogs and hamburgers to those in need along with complimentary bottled water.

Cowin Equipment will continue to offer all food and water free of charge with support from its equipment suppliers and other generous and concerned citizens.

Cowin Equipment has also supported storm victims in other ways including:

  • A significant cash contribution to the American Red Cross.
  • A number of machines that have been loaned to charitable organizations and local government agencies.
  • Stocking all Cowin trucks in storm affected areas with bottled water and instructing its drivers to distribute water for free to anyone in need.

“We’re proud to support our community during this tragic crisis,” says Jamie Cowin, President and CEO of Cowin Equipment Company.  “It will be a while before communities are rebuilt, so in the meantime, we feel fortunate that we can contribute to the massive cleanup effort and most importantly, feed some people in need. Credit for this idea and for it’s daily implementation really goes to the whole Cowin workforce who all wanted to help in some meaningful way. Our thoughts are with all the families whom have lost their homes, business or loved ones.”

For specific locations of the grills each day, any interested party may contact Cowin Eqt Co’s main office at 205-841-6666.

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