Cat Auction Services Facilitates Complete Dispersal of Erreca’s Inc.

Cat Auction Services recently announced that it will hold an unreserved public auction featuring the complete dispersal of Erreca’s Inc. on February 23 beginning at 9 a.m. at Erreca’s facility in Lakeside, CA. This marks the company’s first California based auction since adding new California based Cat Dealers Partners Hawthorne Machinery, Quinn Company, Peterson Tractor Co, and Holt of CA in the second half of 2010. As Cat Auction Services’ auction model continues to gain traction with buyers and sellers worldwide, more Cat Dealers are adding this service to their portfolio to better meet customer needs in this market. Additional dealer participation means Cat Auction Services is holding heavy equipment auctions in more physical locations around the country while continuing to support a robust online bidding complement allowing participation from buyers around the world regardless of location.

Cat Auction Services is a proven player in the complete dispersal auction niche – a trend continuing with Erreca’s Inc. Cat Auction Services is excited to be working with yet another company with such a well known and respected name. Erreca’s Inc has been in business for over 50 years and has been a valued customer of Hawthorne Cat from the beginning. Cat Auction Services President Rick Albin said, “One of the best parts of Cat Auction Services is the ability to work with customers from cradle to grave. Erreca’s Inc. is a valued customer of Caterpillar with a long standing relationship. Now we have the ability to work with them right to the end.” Albin continued, “As we consulted with Erreca’s and determined this was the best strategy for them to exit the market, we now get a chance to celebrate with them. By putting on an excellent auction they get to exit with dignity and with a bang – and Cat Auction Services gets to do that with them. Erreca’s Inc. relied on Cat quality to help them become a leader in the market so it is no surprise they would choose Cat quality as they leave the same way.”

Cat Auction Services entered the heavy equipment auction arena in late 2008 and has been active across the country. Reviews from all corners have been positive, and the auctions have drawn buyers from 49 states and nearly three dozen countries.

“Our dealer partners have made it clear that they expect top-notch auctions that provide value to both the buyers and sellers,” Albin said. “The service we provide complements and enhances the relationship between Cat dealers and their customers.” Cat Auction Services was formed through a unique partnership of Cat dealers with the endorsement of Caterpillar, Inc. The addition of Cat Auction Services to the portfolio of services available to Cat customers and others in the heavy equipment industry builds upon the company’s existing customer loyalty.

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