CC Line Tandem Asphalt Rollers

Commerce City, CO – The Dynapac CC Line series of eight double-drum and eight combi tandem asphalt rollers offers sizes and options designed to match contractor needs and work style.

The rollers can be tailored to local conditions, including engine power, operator’s  platform, and air conditioning. Each Dynapac CC tandem asphalt roller is equipped with the DCA-A Compaction Analyzer which monitors and records key parameters via a GPS-assisted, graphic, real-time display of temperature and number of passes.

The CC224HF, CC234HF, CC324HF, CC334HF, CC384HF, CC424HF, CC524HF, and CC624HF are dual-drum models. Combi models—CC224CHF, CC234CHF, CC324CHF, CC334CHF, CC384CHF, CC424CHF, CC524CHF, and CC624CHF feature a drum roller and rear set of wheels.

Dynapac CC rollers are engineered to compact any type of asphalt mix. They feature high frequency/low amplitude for thin layers and high amplitude for thick layers.  The articulated tandem rollers are powered by a Cummins QSB 4.5 water-cooled turbo-diesel engine with after cooler. The rated power is 125 hp at 2200 rpm for the CC424HF, and 152hp for the larger CC524HF and CC624HF models. The new machines have operating masses ranging from 11.6 tons to 13.9 tons. The weight is split evenly between the front and rear drum modules.

The tandem asphalt rollers include features such as soft starting and stopping, which is designed to prevent unevenness and cracking in the asphalt layers. In a panic situation, the machine will drop out of the soft mode and immediately brake.

The machines feature a double-pump vibration system, which eliminates the need for a vibration valve. This feature is designed to make the system more efficient, aid in the servicing, and reduce fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is expected to be further reduced because there are fewer number of hydraulic hose fittings, proportional control of cooler fan speed used for engine coolant and hydraulic oil temperatures, and automatic diesel engine idling after 10 seconds in neutral.

Dynapac CostCtrl tool for all of the models, is designed to help roller owners estimate total cost of ownership by controlling fuel, investment, maintenance, wear, and operator cost parameters.

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