MINNEAPOLIS, MN – March 14, 2011 – Donaldson Company, (NYSE:DCI),  is pleased to announce the introduction of a new product line focused on the filtration of bulk fuels and lubrication fluids.  The Donaldson Bulk Fuel and Lube Filtration line incorporates cutting-edge technology designed to clean, protect, and polish your fuels and oils prior to use in vehicles and equipment.

“Proper filtration of fuels and oils stored in bulk tanks is more important now than ever before,” says Philip Johnson, Director of New Business Development in Liquid Filtration at Donaldson Company. “Tighter emissions regulations, driving the design of more advanced engines with higher fuel injection pressures, require cleaner fuel than in previous generations of engine designs. More of our customers have a focused effort on improving the cleanliness of their fluids – from fuels to hydraulic oils –and a heightened understanding of how that cleanliness directly relates to the uptime and reliability of their equipment.”

Clean. Protect. Polish.

Donaldson advocates a simple three-step process to reduce the risk of contamination, from the delivery of fuels/oils to the final point of decanting or use.

  • Clean fluids by installing filters on the inlet of a storage tank, where fluids are delivered. This step prevents contaminants from entering the storage tank. Donaldson filters are capable of handling large flow rates with high single-pass efficiency, which results in better filtration.  Water-absorbing cartridges are available to prevent free water from entering storage tanks.
  • Protect fluids by installing a T.R.A.P (Thermally Reactive Advanced Protection) breather on the tank. This prevents dust and moisture from entering the tank, as it filters particulates down to less than 3 microns with high air-flow capacity.  ARV (Active Reservoir Vent) blankets then use dry compressed air over the fluid to keep it dry.
  • Polish fluids by filtering them as they exit the storage tank. Contaminants are captured prior to use in equipment. This ensures that targeted ISO ratings are achieved before fluids are pumped into equipment.  When teamed with effective on board filtration, cleaner fuels and lubricants extend equipment life and reduce downtime.

Incorporated in the new Bulk Filtration line are newly-developed media designed to provide high filtration efficiencies in a single pass, including the 4um filter that is compatible with all fuels – diesel, bio-diesel (from B0 – B100), gasoline, ethanol and more. These media utilize our new Donaldson Electrostatic Reduction Technology that prevents any electrostatic charges from being built across the filter media, no matter how high the flow rate. Donaldson bulk fuel and lube filtration solutions are available in modular and custom designs to meet demands for variable flow rates and viscosities with minimal pressure drop.

“As more of our Customers go global and enter into emerging markets where their growth potential is greatest, there is new concern about the quality and cleanliness of locally obtained fuels and oils,” says Johnson. “Bulk filtration systems designed by Donaldson will bring our Customers confidence that they can operate anywhere in the world with consistent equipment performance.”

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