Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand-grenades, Not Stimulus Plans

It hasn’t happened yet and doesn’t look like it will for a few more days — that would be the passage of the Stimulus Bill. It appears that the Senate and House are having problems reaching agreement over some of the spending and the terms. The problems will get resolved hopefully with the best interests of the country’s economic future.

When you start talking about the amount of money that will be spent it is mind-boggling. Years ago, Senator Everett M. Dirksen (R. IL), was credited with making the statement, “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.” (No one really knows if he did, in fact, make the statement.)

It seems that Congress refers to the billions being spent with almost the same casual abandonment… It makes you think that perhaps what we’re seeing and reading about is a Monopoly Game rather than the economic strength and future of this country.

The creation of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board is definitely a good move. The selection of participants is not perfect but then how could it be. No matter who had been selected there would be strong opposition to some of the advisers just as has been about this group of individuals. The board is staffed with some very capable people. You don’t get to the level of management or influence they have attained without being good at your job. Instead of throwing negative barbs at any of them we should be throwing our support behind all of them.

If in the course of your business or life you have had the opportunity to meet or become acquainted with any of these individuals, then take the time to send them a vote of confidence and encouragement.

How about a look at more products and news from World of Concrete?

Godwin Pumps, worldwide manufacturer and supplier of the Dri-Prime automatic self-priming pump, announces the appointments of new employees at its locations throughout the U.S. At a time when most companies in this industry are cutting staff Godwin is adding new employees.

William Gower joins Godwin Pumps as a mechanic at the Chesapeake, VA branch. Gower joins Godwin with ten years of experience in fleet vehicle and equipment mechanics, including three years as owner and operator of BG Auto Care, Inc.

Barbara Hochman joins Godwin’s Bridgeport office as a sales assistant to the local sales team, with over 13 years’ experience in sales, office administration and consumer market research. Most recently in her career, Hochman worked to coordinate advertising and exhibits. She holds an Associate’s degree in Business from Nassau Community College and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Hofstra University.

Michael Ivory joins the Pittsburgh, PA branch of Godwin Pumps as an outside sales engineer. Most recently, Ivory served as an outside salesperson, branch manager and business development manager for an equipment rental company. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the Pennsylvania State University.

Thomas Malone joins Godwin Pumps’ Norwich, CT branch as an inside sales engineer. Malone earned a project management certification from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, has served as an engineering technician and moved on to become a regional sales engineer for a compressed air company. He has since excelled in sales, business development and operations management for a variety of corporations.

Mark Michael is the newest addition to the inside sales staff in Godwin Pumps’ Bridgeport location. Michael expects to earn his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Law in Spring 2009. He joins Godwin as a former MLB pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and was a managing member of a lawn and property management company, where he managed employee scheduling and was responsible for purchasing and account management.

Terex TH19-55 Telehandler

During the World of Concrete, Terex Corporation introduced the TH19-55 Telehandler to its product lineup. The TH19-55 is compact, lightweight and designed to lift heavy loads at maximum reach. It has an operating weight of 9
,800 pounds and a maximum lift capacity of 5,500 pounds with a maximum lifting height of 19 feet and an 11-foot turning radius.

TH19-55 Telehandler

The TH19-55 is equipped with a 63-horsepower Tier 3-compliant diesel engine. This unit is also set up with three-mode steering — 2-wheel, 4-wheel and crab — with limited slip front differential, full-time four-wheel drive, internal multiple wet disc brakes, a spring-applied, hydraulic release emergency parking brake and all-terrain, foam-filled tires.

Terex TX860B Elite Tractor Loader Backhoe

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Terex Construction’s tractor loader backhoe line, Terex introduced the TX860B Elite Tractor Loader Backhoe.

TX860B Elite Tractor Loader Backhoe

The front loader end on the Terex TX860B Elite is designed with proven mechanical controls, giving operators the maneuverability and efficiency of working with a wheel loader, while the backhoe end features advanced piloted controls, giving the machine excavator capabilities. The piloted controls are engineered with a closed center, flow sharing control valve to give operators smooth, multi-function performance with precision control in trenching and grading applications.

The TX860B Elite is also designed with a pattern change lever inside the cab, allowing operators to easily switch from SAE to ISO control patterns to accommodate personal operating preferences.

The TX860B Elite has a 100-horsepower, Tier 3-compliant engine and powershift transmission. Weighing 15,964 pounds the TX860B Elite has a maximum digging depth 19 feet 3 inches, a dipper force of 9,290 pounds-foot and a bucket breakout force of 15,615 pounds-foot and a thumb switch-operated extendable dipperstick control in its backhoe performance mode. This unit also has a lift capacity of 9,796 pounds and a bucket breakout force of 13,709 pounds-foot as a loader. It is designed to handle a 1.32 cubic yard loader bucket, as well as a host of other attachments including multiple-purpose, high-capacity and grapple front .

John Deere Skid Steer Smackdown Season-Two Films at World of Concrete

The John Deere Skid Steer Smackdown campaign goes into its second year by taking its show on the road in The Prove It Tour.

Contractors at World of Concrete in Las Vegas got to see first-hand how Deere skid steer loaders stack up against competitor machines.

The whole world will be able to check out the results in coming months at

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