DEWALT® Ergo Aviation Snips Reduce Muscle Exertion and Enhance Comfort

15% less muscle exertion* for easier cutting

DEWALT remains focused on innovating and delivering ergonomic hand tools including new Ergo Aviation Snips (DWHT14676), featuring reduced handle span to help optimize cutting with less effort.

Used by carpentry professionals and sheet metal workers for a variety of cutting applications, including 18-22 gauge sheet metal, aluminum, copper, vinyl siding, leather, and cardboard, DEWALT® Ergo Aviation Snips also have a serrated edge that helps prevent materials from slipping during use without increased effort.  Patented flush hardware design allows for smooth, unobstructed cuts and easier access from a tool pouch. A new, extended finger flange design on the DEWALT® Ergo Aviation Snips enhance leverage, while the external latch design provides easy, one-handed operation. The bi-material, cushion grip handles provide comfort and control.

DEWALT® Ergo Aviation Snips are available in Left Cut (DWHT14673), Right Cut (DWHT14674) and Straight Cut (DWHT14675) as well as a three-piece set (DWHT14676). DEWALT® Ergo Snips are made of forged chrome vanadium steel blade material for durability and are available on and where DEWALT products are sold. DEWALT® products are Guaranteed Tough® with a warranty package that includes three-year limited warranty, 90 day money back guarantee and a one-year free service contract.

To meet United States Ergonomics testing standards, muscle activity levels of the hand, wrist and forearm were recorded as sheet metal workers and carpentry professionals completed a series of common applications with the DEWALT® Ergo Aviation Snips. The muscle effort levels were analyzed to assess the effort for all major muscles involved in the tasks. Based on the positive testing performance of the DEWALT® Ergo Aviation Snips, they have been awarded the United States Ergonomics Ergonomic Product Performance Certification

* Compared to current DEWALT® Snips (DWHT70279) on average


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