Ditch Witch® JT25 Directional Drill Released

Ditch Witch® [www.ditchwitch.com] announces the release of the new JT25 horizontal directional drill,  [http://www.ditchwitch.com/directional-drills/directional-drills/jt25] an exceptionally smooth, powerful, quiet and productive machine designed primarily for utility backbone work.

Offering thrust and pullback of 27,000 pounds and an innovative rotational drive producing 4,000 foot-pounds of torque, the JT25 is an ideal drill for installing utility pipe and cables of up to four inches in diameter at lengths of up to 500 feet. The rotational drive system features a single low-speed, high-torque motor that is smooth, quiet and efficient. The JT25 is powered by a 130-hp, Tier 4i Cummins diesel engine that is seven decibels quieter than the engine of its main competitor, making the JT25 the quietest drill in its class; it is, in fact, the quietest among all Ditch Witch drills. Quiet, smooth operation helps reduce operator fatigue and improve productivity.

JT25-zip-2The simple, durable JT25 is a workhorse designed for low maintenance and high productivity. It is engineered with a low center of gravity to improve stability. Field tests have demonstrated that the JT25 is the most stable machine of its type across all types of terrain. Enhancing the machine’s stability are dual rear independent stabilizers and a dual-pivot frame that allows steep entry angles without having to raise the tracks off the ground.

The JT25 is simple to operate, with either single- or dual-joystick control of thrust and rotation. Like other Ditch Witch drills, the JT25 offers automated, intuitive carve mode that reduces operator fatigue and error. The field-proven pipe loading system is simple but exceptionally efficient, with minimal moving parts, and open-top vise wrenches give the operator an excellent view of the tool joint.

The service points on the JT25 are centralized in one easily accessible location, reducing maintenance time and further enhancing productivity. Plus, the JT25 has no grease zerks, eliminating this common maintenance requirement.

For more information about the Ditch Witch JT25 visit www.ditchwitch.com.

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