Doosan Portable Power Introduces Three New Mid-Range T4i Generator Models

doosanDoosan Portable Power introduces three new mobile generators — the G70, G85 and G125 — all powered by Tier 4 interim-certified Cummins diesel engines. The three models have been redesigned from the ground up to enhance operator efficiency, and expand versatility through the development of several new options including the availability of the unique Quad Voltage selection feature. A Doosan-exclusive, the Quad Voltage control allows operators to choose 120/240V-1Ø, 208V-3Ø, 480V-3Ø or 600V-3Ø voltage output with the simple flip of a switch.

The Quad Voltage feature allows these popular mobile generator models to be deployed in additional markets and applications. This feature eliminates the need to purchase a 600V-dedicated voltage generator model, or add a bulky and expensive 600V transformer to a traditional multi-voltage generator.

“Based on input from our Canadian customers, Doosan Portable Power developed the Quad Voltage solution so that one generator can provide all the common voltages utilized in the Canadian market,” said Todd Howe, manager, global generator products. “This feature expands the versatility of the unit and does not require additional operator training, making these Doosan generator models the ideal choice in a fleet operation. In addition, like all Doosan models, the voltage selector switch features a protection scheme that prohibits switching the voltage during operation.”

The G70, G85 and G125 mobile generators feature Cummins QSB5 engines with a simple diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment system, recognized as a superior Tier 4 interim solution as the DOC is a maintenance-free device and requires no regeneration.

G70 ISO T4 copyThese new generators have been designed with innovative airflow management to reduce noise and the G85 and G125 models are equipped with an ECM-controlled cooling fan clutch which optimizes package temperature and cooling system performance and achieves noise levels ranging from 63 to 67 dB(A) at 23 feet (7 m) at 100 percent load, depending upon the ambient temperature. The cooling fan clutch also improves fuel economy versus models equipped with a constant speed cooling fan.

Operators will appreciate the ease of operation, featuring a full array of automotive quality engine gauges with motor-driven movements and CAN bus accuracy. Cool blue LED backlighting with orange needles enhances visibility and clarity — regardless of lighting conditions. The display also features analog meters and LED status indicator lamps for at-a-glance user monitoring of generator output. An LCD display provides trouble code readouts to aid in engine diagnostics in a user-friendly manner; this information is relayed directly from the CAN bus.

Doosan Portable Power now offers six generator models ranging from 70 kVA (56 kW) through 325 kVA (260 kW) that feature dual frequency selection options. This standard feature allows operators to select 50 Hz or 60 Hz, depending on the application.

Other rugged Doosan features include a heavy-duty skid base with 110 percent fluid containment to prevent fuel, oil or coolant spillage. All generator models feature a heavy-gauge galvannealed steel enclosure — finished with a 13-stage powder-coat process that protects the exterior from harsh environmental elements. The enclosure virtually eliminates rain ingression and keeps moisture from entering the generator’s standard environmental containment system. The reliable integrated running gear is rated for highway and off-road towing.

The mid-range generators are equipped with Leroy-Somer alternators that feature AREP-excitation, which provides greater motor starting capability.

The new Doosan generators have 500-hour service intervals, a feature that contributes to increased productivity and operational efficiency. Curbside service makes critical daily and periodic maintenance service points easily accessible, and protects operators from traffic when completing maintenance in congested urban settings.

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