Dynapac Tandem Asphalt Compaction Rollers

The Dynapac series of small tandem rollers are designed primarily for small-scale compaction work, such as driveways, bicycle paths, small roads and small parking areas.

The CC800, CC900 and CC1000 models offer an operating weight of approximately 1.6 tons. The series of machines come in drum widths of 31, 35 and 39 inches. The machines are fitted with a central lifting eye that is designed to allow fast and simple loading for transportation. The folding ROPS is intended to keep the transport height to a minimum and working under obstructions.

Equipped with water-cooled, three-cylinder Perkins 23.5 hp diesel engines, the small tandem rollers offer standard propulsion and vibration on both drums. A switch to turn off vibration on the front drum is standard. A rear drum shut-off can be added as an option.

The 50-gallon water tank and the Wutomatic Water Control (WAC) system are intended to maximize periods of time between refills. The WAC system used on the CC800, CC900 and CC1000 machines is also used on larger Dynapac asphalt compactors. The machines are equipped with a new type of self-draining sprinkler tube and nozzles, which are intended to minimize the risk of ice plugs in cold weather conditions.

A vibration-damped operator’s stand and an ergonomically positioned step are intended to make the compaction rollers driver-friendly. Service intervals have been extended and the machines are equipped with a maintenance-free steering hitch and steering cylinder.

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