FAE USA Attachments are Powerful and Productive


  • Horsepower: 300 – 500 HP 
  • Max Working Depth: 20 inches
  • Working Width: 91 and 101 inches
  • Carrier: PTO Tractor with IVT or CVT transmission 

The FAE STABI/FRS – STABI/FRS/HP is FAE’s newest dedicated soil stabilizer for high horsepower PTO tractors that is exceptionally powerful,  productive, and reliable.  Designed for multiple road construction applications, this state-of-the-art stabilizer is versatile enough to work projects of all sizes with outstanding precision. The FAE STABI/FRS – STABI/FRS/HP is an excellent choice for large commercial pad sites and parking lots, greenways, gravel roads, solar panel sites, energy projects, airport aprons, taxiway stabilization and numerous other projects.

Built with the ultimate quality components  and unmatched design FAE is known for, this stabilizer unit features: 

  • A newly designed fixed-rotor system for stabilization with minimal power absorption
  • A mixing chamber that makes it possible to work the ground to a depth of 20 inches allowing for processing of all types of soil with excellent mixing quality
  • An incredibly sturdy structural frame and components made of wear-resistant materials, such as tungsten-carbide and Hardox, to ensure unmatched durability and reliability
  • A hydraulic rear hood with anti-clogging system for higher productivity with lower fuel consumption
  • Interchangeable Hardox anti-wear plates
  • An oil cooling system for drive gearboxes
  • Transmission with external side reduction gears for easy maintenance.
  • Multiple tooth options
  • Optional dozing blades with spring system to further level and compact the crushed material into a uniform base
  • Optional water spray system for optimal moisture management
  • A full control system for ultimate control and diagnostics of the machine’s operating status

FAE MTL 225 Multitask Unit 

Horsepower: 140 – 240 HP 

Max Working Depth: 11 inches

Working Width: 58, 68, 77 and 87 inches

Carrier: PTO Tractor with CVT or IVT Transmission 

The FAE MTL is the light version of our multitask line, which also includes our MTM and MTH machines. These machines are a multi-function attachment that combine the mechanisms of a soil stabilizer, rock grinder, rock crusher, and asphalt shredder in one compact, easier to travel machine. The MTL is the lightest PTO unit compatible with the widest range of tractors on the market to date. It is great for rock crushing and full depth reclamation up to 11 inches deep and ideal for smaller paving and asphalt recycling contractors in the US.

Main features of this unit include: 

  • A variable displacement chamber with technology that allows the ground to be penetrated with the hydraulically adjusted rotor while the skids maintain ground level for better depth control. This results in much less traction stress, optimized fuel consumption, increased operational speed and homogeneously stabilized soil at all working depths.
  • Adjustable Hardox counter-blade
  • Hardox steel wear plates for strong wear and tear protection
  • Rear grids to optimally control the size of the output material  
  • Dozing blades with spring system to further level and compact the crushed material into a uniform base
  • Two options for water spray system with dual function of cooling and mixing for optimal moisture and temperature management
  • Multiple tooth options
  • Optional hydraulic top link

FAE STC/SSL Stone Crusher 

Horsepower: 90 – 120 HP 

Max Working Depth: 6 inches

Working Width: 63 inches

Carrier: Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader

The revolutionary FAE STC/SSL, is  a compact and powerful stone crusher for high flow skid steers that is well known for its outstanding performance and durability. The STC/SSL is currently the only machine of its kind on the market, allowing our customers to use their existing machines for a wide range of applications.  

Main applications include stone crushing for site prep and concrete recycling for road base construction.  Because of its compact size, this unit is commonly used for creating dirt and gravel roads, bike and horse trails, driveways, parking lots, curbs, landscaping and agricultural land reclamation. It is also used for mixing soil stabilizer agents and dry additives into tight spots and angled embankments such as overpasses and levees. 

Main features of this unit include: 

  • A spiral rotor configuration that delivers optimal crushing
  • Adjustable Hardox counter blade that allows for adjusting the size of the final product
  • Rear hydraulic door that  lets operators adjust the amount of material exiting the crushing chamber
  • Working pressure gauge
  • Poly-Chain belts transmission
  • Enclosed machine body and motor frame
  • Protection chains
  • Flat pressed welded steel counter-blades
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Additional reinforced side plates
  • Hydraulic piston motor 125cc with relief and anti-cavitation valve
  • Safety and anti-cavitation valve
  • Hydraulic front trap door

FAE RC/90 Rock Cutter

Excavator Weight: 2 – 70 Tons 

Working Width: 14.5 to 49 inches

Carrier: Excavator 

The FAE RC, is a rock cutter for excavators that delivers excellent productivity, with low noise and vibrations. It effortlessly crushes rocks and hard surfaces such as bitumen, asphalt and concrete. Most common applications for this attachment include trenching in hard compacted material, profiling of rocky or concrete walls for foundations and  tunnels, mountainside excavation for hilly road construction, quarrying and underwater dredging.

Main features of this unit include: 

  • Hydraulic direct drive piston motor with automatic lubrication system that requires no daily maintenance
  • Motor safety cover
  • Anti-wear plates on drum support
  • Drum with replaceable heavy duty rock teeth
  • Multiple tooth options
  • Optional custom made attachment plate with pins

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