Highway Safety Manual

A new generation of highway safety analysis tools is being deployed to the transportation community through several innovative research efforts. The Highway Safety Manual (HSM), which will be published as an American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) document, and supporting implementation tools including SafetyAnalyst, Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM), and the Crash Modification Factors (CMF) Clearinghouse were developed by cooperative research initiated by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). These tools will greatly advance state and local highway agencies’ ability to incorporate explicit, quantitative consideration of safety into their planning and project development decision making.

The first edition of the HSM provides the best factual information and tools in a useful form to facilitate roadway planning, design, operations, and maintenance decisions based on precise consideration of their safety consequences. The primary focus of the HSM is the introduction and development of analytical tools for predicting the impact of transportation project and program decisions on road safety.


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