Hilti PML 42 Line Laser

The new Hilti PML 42 Line Laser saves professionals a huge amount of time in a wide range or jobs where alignment has to be checked.  With the aid of the PML 42, a person working alone can quickly complete all kinds of everyday leveling and alignment work inside.  The tool provides maximum visibility and exact horizontal and vertical lines. The PML 42 eliminates the need to make physical marks.  This gives professionals a reliable reference to work with for jobs such as placing multiple electrical fittings, installing suspended ceilings, cable trays, air ducts and pipes, or installing doors and windows.

The tool is controlled by a one-button, one-touch system—one touch and all the lines are on, a second touch and the tool is off.  The PML 42’s new Impact Protection System (IPS) incorporates an integrated pendulum protection system. With its Hilti IPS, rubber coating and durable casing, the tool is well protected against the demanding construction environment.

The PML 42 Line Laser self-levels automatically within seconds. The tool incorporates Hilti Pulse Power technology to provide extremely reliable detection and constant high visibility with the ideal line shape and brightness.  Additionally, pulse power projects rapid pulse of light, which makes the laser beam or points even more visible.

Using the PMA 78 Universal Adapter or the PMA 20 compact tripod, the Hilti line laser can be set up quickly in a suitable position or mounted on a wall whenever required.  From this position it projects a bright, clear laser line exactly where needed.

Backing the Hilti PML 42 Line Laser is Hilti’s Calibration Service to help ensure reliability and accuracy. Even with Hilti’s built-in protection features, everyday use and more can affect precision instruments. Through the Calibration Service, the PML 42 will be calibrated and adjusted as needed, with the calibration confirmed in writing. The PML 42 is also covered by Hilti’s Lifetime Service, a unique service agreement that includes two years of no-cost coverage.

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