Hilti SIW 18T-A CPC Impact Wrench And SFL 18-A CPC Lithium Ion Flashlight

The new cordless SIW 18T-A CPC lithium ion high torque impact wrench from Hilti delivers 10% more torque, which allows you to do more with cordless tools. This impact wrench packs impressive battery performance into a rugged, compact design—for complete mobility.

The impact mechanism incorporated in this Hilti tool has been finely tuned for maximum efficiency when fastening metal bolts, wood lag bolts and concrete screw anchors like the Hilti HUS Anchor. The SIW 18T-A not only achieves top performance in terms of the total number of fastenings per battery charge, its motor also provides maximum torque when needed.

If the work area is not well lit, Hilti now has the SFL 18-A CPCP Lithium Ion Flashlight that provides cool white light for thousands of hours. Finally, a drop-resistant flashlight with over 4,000 hours of expected lifetime use and, made to do more on the jobsite.

Both of these Hilti products are backed by Hilti’s Lifetime Service for two years and feature Hilti CPC Cordless Power Care that provides better performance. Developed by Hilti, CPC is a technical standard, which, for the first time, ensures that the outstanding characteristics of lithium-ion batteries can be used to full advantage even under the most adverse jobsite conditions.

What makes the CPC technology unique is that each battery cell is monitored individually to prevent deep discharge, overcharging and overheating. The battery status indicator shows, at the touch of a button, how much energy is left in the battery.

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