Hilti’s New HIT-HY 200 Adhesive Anchor System

TE-YDAHilti is launching the most revolutionary adhesive anchor system to date–Hilti HIT-HY 200 Adhesive Anchor System.  Inadequately cleaning holes during installation can reduce the performance of conventional adhesive anchor systems significantly.  Hilti Safe Set™ Technology eliminates this factor almost entirely and improves reliability because no manual hole cleaning is required to obtain optimum performance.

For holes that clean themselves use the new Hilti TE-CD and TE-YD Hollow Drill Bits in conjunction with the Hilti VC 20/40 vacuum.  The Hilti VC 20/40 Vacuum System removes dust while drilling is in progress for faster drilling and a virtually dustless working environment.  This new method of installation is only allowed with one adhesive in the market- Hilti HIT-HY 200.

No cleaning required -The new Hilti HIT-Z, zero cleaning rod with its cone shaped helix works as a torque-controlled anchor.  This means that because of their shape, HIT-Z Anchor Rods, when used with HIT-HY 200, the unique shape of the HIT-Z Anchor Rod allows it to be installed in a standard (hammer drilled, dry or water saturated concrete, above 41°F/5°C) uncleaned hole.  The benefits are clear:  Fewer steps and extremely high reliability in anchoring applications.

The traditional blow-brush-blow method is also an option.  The current industry standard installation method uses compressed air and a wire brush to clean the drill hole.  Like all Hilti adhesive anchors, HIT-HY 200 can be installed using the traditional blow-brush-blow method.  Because HIT –HY 200 only requires two blows of compressed air, two brushes and two more blows of compressed air (2x2x2) when using the traditional method, it is still faster to install than other adhesives on the market that require at least a 4x4x4.  The blow-brush-blow cleaning technique maximizes the application range for the HIT-HY 200.

Available in two versions with the same load performance: HIT-HY 200-R for “regular” working times and HIT-HY 200-A for “accelerated” working times allows contractors to choose the perfect adhesive for the application and jobsite conditions.

Hilti HIT-HY 200 Adhesive Anchor System and Safe Set™ Technology is pending ICC-ES approval for use in all seismic zones and uncracked and cracked concrete.

For more information on the Hilti HIT-HY 200 Adhesive System, visit www.us.hilti.com

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