Hirschmann (PAT) holds service training course in Harrisburg, PA

Hirschmann Automation and Control (PAT), a leading supplier of crane operator aids, held a three-day service training course at Stephenson Equipment Inc. in Harrisburg, PA.  The course focused on Hirschmann’s iVISOR MK4E/2 and iVISOR maestro load moment indicators.

Attendees received classroom training with hands-on experience using system simulators and an actual mobile crane. The course included system theory, sensor calibration, wiring, and hands-on trouble shooting.  Participants were able to gain a clear understanding of proven techniques to quickly and effectively troubleshoot system components.

The course was taught by Dean Bakner and John Featherston, two of Hirschmann’s industry experts.  Both instructors brought experience gained through troubleshooting Hirschmann / PAT systems in the field and have a clear understanding of the theory and application of each system.

For more information about Hirschmann’s training courses, visit www.hirschmann-usa.com/ecstraining

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