House Introduces Surface Transportation Infrastructure Bill

On June 3, House Democratic Transportation & Infrastructure Committee leadership introduced the Invest in America Act, a five-year, $494 billion surface transportation reauthorization proposal, which is a 46 percent increase over current funding levels. The legislation is expected to be marked up by the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee in two weeks and, if approved, it will be considered on the House floor in July. 

The Senate’s bipartisan five-year, $287 billion surface transportation bill, America’s Transportation Infrastructure Act (ATIA), was approved by the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee last summer and awaits consideration by other Senate panels of jurisdiction. 

Unfortunately, neither proposal currently identifies revenue to pay for the investments, the main point of contention during highway bill debates. 

With the current highway program expiring on September 30 and the budget challenges faced by state and local governments, Congress must urgently take action to complete the reauthorization process to provide certainty to public works construction markets. 

After the introduction, AED’s President & CEO Brian P. McGuire released the following statement:

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was long overdue for our leaders in Washington to provide substantial, long-term surface transportation investments to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Now, there’s a renewed necessity as the United States stares directly into a significant economic downturn, state Departments of Transportation are unable to fund future construction projects and equipment dealers and their customers are facing significant uncertainty.”

“AED urges Congress and the administration to immediately work in a bipartisan manner to complete the surface transportation reauthorization process. There should be no more excuses—everyone in Washington knows what needs to be done and now is the time to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure, put people back to work and generate economic growth for years to come.”

To view the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee’s Invest in America Act Summary visit:

To view the Invest in America Act’s bill text visit:

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