Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc Introduces Hyundai LUBRICANTS To Its Product Line

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas will begin marketing and distributing their own line of lubricant products in North, Central and South America during the second half of the 2010 year.  The initial line of available lubricants will include engine oil, gear oil and grease; with plans already underway to expand the line by 2011.  The new line of lubricants will be branded Hyundai LUBRICANTS.

Hyundai believes that it is necessary for success in any business to expand not only your operations but your product offering as well.  The introduction of Hyundai Lubricant products allows Hyundai to provide more value to customers whom have purchased machines and keep those customers “Thinking Hyundai” for all their parts and service needs.

“Consumers want a partner in a manufacturer and Hyundai is committed to being just that.” – Kirk Gillette, Vice President of Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc.

Hyundai Lubricant products will be manufactured and bottled in Indianapolis through a partnership with D-A Lubricants Company Inc.  This partnership is looked on as a positive growth step for both companies.  Each company is committed to intense quality control and this partnership is a very comfortable match for two companies with similar corporate values.

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