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McWane Poles – Ductile Iron Distribution Poles

McWane Poles

(Green Product)

McWane Poles developed a new type of distribution pole made from ductile iron. Ductile iron combines the physical strength ofsteel with the corrosion resistance of iron offering durability, extended service life, and low maintenance. McWane Ductile Iron Poles cost less than steel or concrete poles and weigh approximately 50% less than wood poles. Ductile iron poles are a “GREEN” product, because they are made from recycled materials and can be recycled after the end of their long service life!

Swift Line™

Swift Line™ – Premium winch line, 12-Strand UHWMPE. 4′ Protective Sleeve and a reinforced eye for added durability. UHWMPE has excellent abrasion resistance. SKU Sizes below

Swift Line1. AG12SS516 5/16″ 13,700 lbs Average Tensile 150′, 200′, 600′ or 1,200 Orange Husky Coat

2. AG12SS38 3/8″ 19,800 lbs Average Tensile 100′, 150′, 600′ or 1,200′ Neon Green Husky Coat

Flex-Panel System

FlexPanel Sys

The Flex-Panel® system from Wired Rite is a complete solution for custom vehicle wiring, and is installed as an overlay to thevehicle’s pre-existing OEM wiring system. Flex-Panel facilitates the addition of electrical accessories including lights, electronics, and other equipment, and provides smart control of all accessories for safe and reliable operation.

Tyndale’s Premium Long Sleeve Polo Shirt – M040T

Tyndale ShirtTyndale introduces our HRC 2 polo shirt that is distinctively lightweight and breathable. Made in the USA
with 6.8oz FRMC Lacoste knit, it is available in men’s and women’s. Generously cut for ideal comfort, with a left chest pocket for convenience, this shirt also offers workers protection with a 9.5cal/cm2 arc rating. Comfort and protection make this a worker “top pick” in wear trials! For more information, contact Tyndale at 800.356.3433 or at

IntelliRupter Pulse

IntelliRupter® PulseCloser

S&C’s new IntelliRupter PulseCloser is a breakthrough in overhead distribution system protection. IntelliRupter is a unique alternative to an automatic circuit recloser. It was designed from the ground up to accommodate advanced distribution automation functions including S&C’s proven IntelliTEAM II®, along with SCADA functionality. See more at

TITAN MBR (membrane bioreactor)

(Green Product)

Titan MBRThe innovative TITAN MBR™ wastewater treatment system — with robust, flat-plate submerged membrane technology — provides the highest quality treatment, minimal operational requirements, and a compact design that will stand the test of time. Backed by value-added engineering available from S&L.

Systems come in standard and custom designs, and result in smaller footprints than conventional systems. Capacities range from 5,000 GPD up to 3 MGD+. Suitable for water re-use and recycling.


Vinatronics High Visibility Apparel High Visibility FR t-shirt for 70E & ASTM F1506

Long sleeve FR Cotton t-shirt, with 3M FR reflective in Contractors Orange and Hi Viz Yellow. Fabric and reflective meet ASTM F1506 for flammability and compliance with 70E Hazard Risk Category 2. 

High Visibility, Comfort and FR protection, Made in the USA at an affordable price.

FiberRigg™ Fiberglass Composite Crane Outrigger Pad

(Green Product)

FiberRiggFiberRigg™ is a fiberglass composite crane outrigger pad that outlasts wood pads, is lighter and also more cost effective than UHMW plastic pads. Able to hold up to 125,000 pounds, FiberRigg is suited to any type of construction or building activity requiring the use of crane equipment. Continuous glass fibers provide maximum strength and stiffness while its polymer makeup resists chemicals and water degradation. FiberRigg has a non-slip wear surface and is virtually indestructible.


Jarraff Industries manufactures two premier ROW Maintenance machines including the Jarraff All-Terrain Tree Trimmer & the Geo-Boy Brush Cutter Tractor. The cab of the tree trimmer has received ROPS, FOPS & OPS certifications, an industry first for all-terrain tree trimmers. The Jarraff offers 75-ft. of cutting height. The Geo-Boy clears brush in all conditions including remote access sites & challenging terrain. With two tier III engine options, it is powerful, maneuverable & fuel-efficient.


(Green Product)



……. REBEL CRUSHER 20 X 36 TRACK JAW CRUSHER is specifically designed for the RECYCLE INDUSTRY. tures:

*REVERSIBLE JAW DIRECTION for clearing crushing chamber.





RANGER Crane Retrofit System

Kar-Tech’s wireless crane retrofit package is a simple way to add a radio remote to your manually controlled hydraulic crane. The package is supplied with linear actuators to move the valves in both directions, a mounting bracket, and all hardware to connect the actuators to the valve handles. The transmitter is the wireless control – four proportional paddles control the winch and boom, and additional toggle switches drive the winch speed and high/low speed functions.

RF Folding Railgate

Ranger CraneTOMMY GATE COMPANY, America’s first name in liftgatesTM, introduces the RF Model, the latest addition to Tommy Gate’s Rail Gate Series. The RF Model is Tommy Gate’s first two-piece folding rail gate and is available with an aluminum two-piece platform in 85 or 89 inch widths and 45 and 50 inch depths. The RF Rail gate Series is available in 1600 lbs. and 2000 lbs. lifting capacities.


Navlogix screen sm

NavLogix is an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) solution that uses GPS, cellular and web technologies to provide near real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet.

Go Green with DewEze Hydraulics (Green Product)


DewEze has the environment-friendly solution to your PTO problem. See us at booth #743 to reduce fuel cost, your carbon footprint and still get the job done. You can also visit our website at to learn more about our CARB-friendly products.

McElroy DynaMc(tm) 28HP Fusion Machine

(Green Product)


The DynaMc™ 28 HP (hand pump) provides the power and pressure required to butt fuse pipe from 2” IPS to 8” DIPS with a double-action hand-powered pump.

A detachable easy-lift cradle allows the jaws to be easily removed for use in tight spaces. The DynaMc 28 HP features an electric facer that is sturdy and strong, with the ability to be loaded into the machine from either side.

The high-velocity cylinders allow for faster carriage speeds for the critical opens and closes while fusing.

Blair Products, Inc.

Blair ProductsCaterpillar / Terex/ASV Aftermarket Undercarriage Parts.
Tired of spending thousands on OEM parts? We specialize inundercarriage parts made to last.
”LARRY LUGS”-Bolt-on replacement drive lugs for rubbertracks. “SOLID ALLOY WHEELS”-Replaces rubber/plastic OEM Wheels. Wears evenly and will not crack or crevice from rocks. “Hydraulic Track Tensioners”-Tighten tracks with a simple grease gun. “Bair Claws”-Ice/Snow traction enhancers in 6 sizes for Tires/tracks/loaders/snowblower/ATVs/UTVs.

Prime Tech – PT 300

Prime Tech

The new PT-300 from Prime-Tech and FAE. 275 horse power and a 90″ cutting width. Ground pressure = 3.10 PSI. 24950 lbs

Buzzi Unicem USA Utility-Fill One Step

Buzzi(Green Product)

Utility-Fill One Step is a bagged flowable fill used in place of standard backfill material. It is self-mixing, self-compacting, and itready for permanent restoration in less than ten minutes. It requires no mechanical tamping, just add a gallon of water to each 50-pound bag and watch it work. This product was recently approved by the U.S. Military for use as backfill in rapid repair of bombed runways.

Duct Hunter Traceable Rodders

Utilizing the heavy duty frame construction of Jameson’s Buddy System® Rodders, the Duct Hunter™ features a copper trace wire in the rod to trace or map underground conduit or pipe without digging or trenching. Trace to depths up to 10’.duct hunter

Reliable Equipment & Service Hydraulic Ground Rod Driver


The REL-GRD-1 from RELIABLE EQUIPMENT will drive 1/2-5/8″ ground rods FAST.
A 3/4-1″ model is also available.
Cushioned handles offer two handed control.
70″ whips provide convenient access to the in-line ON/OFF valve.
Operate from Open or Closed Center systems.
A lifting eye allows the driver to be suspended above the rod reducing operator strain.
Flush face couplers are factory installed, so you may use the tool right out of the box.


Harger Lightning & Grounding’s Ultraweld® UltraShotTM is re-defining the exothermic process. UltraShotTM utilizes a copper UltraShot WebPage Group Piccontainer that is consumed along with the weld metal making for a superior exothermic connection. UltraShotTM utilizes an electronic ignition system fired by a long lasting rechargeable battery controller. The unique ignition system allows the user to maintain a safe distance. Contact Sales at 800-842-7437, or visit our website at


Easy Cut

The fastest and safest large diameter pipe cutting system in the world.

Amco Veba – Model 105

Amco VebaFischer Crane announces the AmcoVeba 105. The 105 combines unique materials (special structural tube) and engineering to provide a crane that is lighter, narrower and provides increased lifting capacity. Using prefabricated material saves fabrication time creating a significant price advantage.

Carmanah Technologies GP-SW3000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Carmanah Technologies

(Green Product)

The largest Go Power!™ pure sine wave inverter, the GP-SW3000 is the ultimate choice for large loads that demand an exactreplica of AC power. The GP-SW3000 can run any tool or appliance within its wattage range. The GP-SW3000 is the professionals’ choice for clean reliable power when you need it.

Akkerman Inc.

Since 1973, Akkerman Inc. manufactures distinctive microtunneling, pipe jacking, tunneling, guided boring and earth pressure balance equipment. We attribute Akkerman Inc.’s reputation for superior reliability and responsive service to our team of experienced engineers, field technicians and our extensive parts department. We’re bringing it all to you at 2009 ICUEE! Please visit our outdoor display #K103, featuring 6,500 sf of live demonstrations and a sampling of all our equipment lines.

Rayco-Wylie Systems

i3500 Rated Capacity Indicator for knuckle booms / i3500 Range Limiting Device for concrete pumps

Rayco WylieKnow your safe working load at all time with the new i3500 Rated Capacity Indicator for knuckle booms.

Make your working environment safer while working close to power lines with the new i3500 Range Limiting Device for concrete pumps.

These systems are versatile and use the latest CANbus technology. Highly reliable, simple to install and versatile these systems are designed to meet your most demanding requirements on site.


Ackton Inc., Precision Park P6000

Long range 25 feet Backup sensor for heavy truck application

DPL America TITAN Equipment Monitoring System

The TITAN Equipment Monitoring System is the complete tool for equipment owners to increase asset profitability and productivity while decreasing the costs and risk of equipment theft. The TITAN empowers the equipment owner to remotely shut down their machines, wirelessly locate them any time via GPS, collect hour meter readings and track hour based service intervals.

V-TEC Total Electronic Control and Diagnostic System

VTecVanair Manufacturing introduces phase 1 of their new V-TEC® Total Electronic Control and Diagnostic System designed to offer easier installation with simple OEM specific “plug and play” connections. Using Vanair exclusive technology, the V-TEC® will modulate and regulate engine speed according to demand. The LED control panel provides comprehensive system monitoring capabilities. V-TEC® is currently available on select applications.

PRO-VISION® “Ruggedized” LCD Monitor

PRO-VISION TV-205 ICUEE New Product Highlight_072809 copyThe all new “Ruggedized” PRO-VISION® LCD Monitor with LED Backlighting provides 5X times the life and a 60% increase in brightness compared to other LCD Monitors on the market. This industry leading design milestone means a PRO-VISION®System will last longer and provide superior performance in bright lighting conditions. The all new “Ruggedized” PRO-VISION® LCD Monitor is available with any of the six PRO-VISION® Cameras designed specifically for commercial vehicle and equipment applications.

ProAct Safety Culture Excellence Seminar Series

The Safety Culture Excellence Seminar Series includes:

•Advanced Tactics for Behavior-Based Safety
•Leadership Safety Coaching: Teaching Supervisors to be Safety Coaches
•Assessing and Developing Your Safety Culture.

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