Introducing the SwiftSign™ and SwiftGate™ COMMANDER — For increased safety and efficiency of traffic operations

Versilis introduces the COMMANDER IO8-120VAC PLC interface module, a powerful device that interfaces with any existing ITS infrastructure. As traffic control becomes more intelligent and more efficient, the COMMANDER meets the need for seamless integration of a variety of different communications solutions.

Equipped with 8 inputs and 8 outputs and multiple communication ports, the COMMANDER is especially designed for road and highway applications. This new generation of interface acts as a multifunction control system and a data collector. The configurable processor is adaptable to various applications and bridges the PLC logic to the SwiftSign (automated signage) and SwiftGate (automated control gate) system requirements. Commands can be recorded on an inboard SIM card and recorded data can be downloaded via the Ethernet port or the serial interface.

The Versilis COMMANDER has been successfully implemented at the Victoria Park Tunnel in Auckland New Zealand where SwiftGates are used for Highway on-ramp control. At the Jacques-Cartier Bridge in Montreal, the Versilis COMMANDER is integrated into the Bridge’s existing ITS infrastructure for the reversible lane control.

This new integration capability greatly increases the potential applications for the SwiftSign and SwiftGate solutions. With the COMMANDER, automated signs and gates are now even easier to use for increasing safety and efficiency of repetitive traffic operations, on-ramp/off-ramp control, reversible/HOV lane control, tunnel emergency closure, dangerous road condition warning, toll management and many other highway applications.

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