JCB’s New Double-Drum Ride-On Rollers Offer Improved Reliability And Productivity

JCB Vibromax is introducing a range of double-drum ride-on rollers, delivering high frequency compaction with proven JCB reliability and serviceability.  The VMT380 and VMT430 models are both available in two drum widths, creating four distinct machines. With modern styling, a front-mounted engine and JCB Vibromax’s tapered front frame design, they offer lower ownership costs with increased productivity and exceptional ease of use.

The four models are the VMT380-130, VMT380-140, VMT430-130 and the VMT430-140, and they feature:

  • A single-piece exciter shaft design for maximum reliability
  • Front-mounted engine with tapered frame for improved visibility and weigh distribution
  • Maintenance-free center joint and improved service access
  • High frequency and high amplitude with multiple vibration options
  • Up to 5% fuel saving over previous models

Revised Design Increases Performance And Weight Distribution

JCB Vibromax has redesigned its mid-weight ride-on roller range with a new frame, new engines, revised hydraulics and improved service access. Both the VMT380 and the VMT430 can be specified with either 51 inch or 55-inch wide drums, creating four distinct models. These rollers replace the previous VMT390 and VMT500 in the JCB compaction line-up, bringing with them a fresh, stylish design with the latest JCB corporate brand image.

There is far more to the new rollers than their appearance however, as they benefit from an improved drive system that delivers a 20% increase in vibration frequency, to 66Hz, and for rolling speeds that are now up to 10% higher than the competition. Gradeability has been improved by 42%, taking the VMT machines well beyond any competitive roller, while all models use a mechanical gear shift for smoother starting and braking.

With a turning radius of 7.8 feet for the 51-inch drum machines and 8 feet for the 55 inch width models, the JCB Vibromax rollers offer 13% better maneuverability than competitors. Operators can now choose between single-front, single-rear or twin drum vibration, for more control on smooth finish asphalt layers.

New Operator Station Improves Comfort And Productivity

With the engine moved to the front section of the chassis and the larger water tanks now rear-mounted, the VMT machines benefit from a totally new operator station. The ergonomic drive lever now comes with an integrated cutter control, and an optional second drive lever contributes to added versatility. JCB’s Automatic Vibration Control (AVC) system, which cuts off vibration when the roller stops traveling, remains a standard fit on all models.

The machines have three working modes with a detented throttle control for three different frequencies. With less weight and a more efficient vibrator design, the rollers offer up to a 5% fuel saving over the previous machines, while a larger fuel tank provides 4-8 hours of additional working capability between refills, reducing downtime. The larger 64.7-gallon water tank, which has a pressurized water delivery system, also permits longer working between refills.

Easy Service Access Reduces Ownership Cost

The sturdy locking engine cover is gas-strut assisted for easy access to the engine and drive system. All models benefit from a center articulation joint that is maintenance-free, cutting the requirement for 500 hour greasing intervals. A single-piece exciter shaft also calls for less maintenance and lubrication, reducing service costs. In the event of a breakdown, the VMT models also have a towing pump installed, allowing the rollers to be pulled out of the working area for repair.

JCB Vibromax compaction equipment has a justifiable reputation for reliability and durability. With the introduction of the VMT 380 and VMT 430, the company has added stylish appearance, innovative design, exceptional performance and unparalleled serviceability to that list.


VMT 380-130 and VMT 380-140
Engine 2.2 liter
Power 46hp (34.6kW)
Drum width 51 inch / 55 inch
Operating weight 8268 / 8488 lbs
Vibration frequency 50/59/66Hz
Amplitude .0014 inch


VMT 430-130 and VMT 430-140
Engine 2.2 liter
Power 46hp (34.6kW)
Drum width 51 inch / 55 inch
Operating weight 9260 / 9480 lbs
Vibration frequency 50/59/66Hz
Amplitude 0.0014 inch


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