John Deere Power Systems Announces New 9.0L Generator Drive Emergency Stationary Power Rating

The new power rating for the PowerTech E 9.0L, 6090HFG86, is 345 kWm at 1800 rpm. This rating offers customers a competitive advantage with a key power node of 300 kWe standby power in a 9.0L displacement.

The 345 kWm rating at 1800 rpm is currently available in the JDPS lineup with a PowerTech Plus 13.5L, but the new PowerTech E 9.0L engine offers increased power density in a smaller package. This rating extends our PowerTech E 9.0L power range from 229 – 315 kWm to 229 – 345 kWm for emergency standby applications in the United States and Canada.

The PowerTech E 9.0L features a fixed-geometry turbocharger, high-pressure common-rail fuel system, 4-valve cylinder head, air-to-air aftercooling and full-authority electronic controls, compact size and increased power density. The engine offers quick-starting and clean-running performance for emergency standby gen-set applications.

“PowerTech E technology is ideal for emergency stationary gen-set applications, delivering performance optimized for these applications and superior block-loading capability in every operating condition,” said Vincenzo Perrone, power generation business manager for JDPS. “The new 9.0L rating offers customers exceptional competitive advantage with increased power density in a compact size, allowing for more installation flexibility.”

John Deere’s full lineup of generator-drive engines includes non-emissions certified; European Union Stage II and Stage III A; and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Tier 1, 2, 3 and Interim Tier 4 models ranging from 2.4L – 13.5L of displacement and covering gen-set ratings from 31 – 473 kW (42 – 634 hp).

John Deere Power Systems is one of the few manufacturers that build engines exclusively for off-highway applications. This specialization has given John Deere unparalleled experience in developing and packaging generator drive engines that deliver performance, power density, fuel efficiency, reliability, emissions compliance and easy installation. This fact benefits John Deere OEM customers as well as owners of John Deere-powered generators.

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