Komatsu America Commemorates The 930th Production Of Its Model 930E Haul Truck

Komatsu America Corp. commemorated the production of the 930th unit of its Ultra Class 930E Electric Drive Truck. The celebration took place at its Peoria Manufacturing Operation and included an address from Vice President and General Manager, Rod Schrader in addition to a photo shoot for employees.

Introduced in 1996, the 930E is the best selling ultra class mining truck in the world. Currently, there are fleets of 930s located in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Komatsu designs and builds the 930E electric drive truck in Peoria where union craftsmen assemble and test the final product before shipping it around the world.  The factory has a long history of innovation, and built its first electric drive mining truck in 1967.  Those early trucks were limited to 120-ton capacity and would be dwarfed by today’s modern trucks that are equipped with state-of-the-art satellite diagnostic systems for remote monitoring.

“The 930E represents Komatsu’s genuine passion to see our customers succeed,” said Don Lindell, product manager for Mining Trucks.  “We continue refining the features of the truck to lower operating cost per ton based on data from real world performance.”

Collahuasi, a 14-year customer of Komatsu with over 40 trucks at one site, will be receiving unit number 930 when it is shipped from the Komatsu factory in Peoria.  Located in the mountains of northern Chile, Collahuasi is one of the largest copper resources in the world; boasting upwards of five billion tons.

The 930E is used as a part of Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System that allows the trucks to operate without drivers.  Because of its technology and reliability, the 930E is often used for remote and difficult applications.

The 930E has a payload capacity of 320 tons. Depending on the model, it is available with 2,700 or 3,500 horsepower diesel engine connected to an AC electric drive system.  The total weight carried by the six 12’ high tires is 1,106,670 lbs.


Make and model Komatsu SSDA16V160*
Fuel Diesel
Number of cylinders 16
Operating cycle 4 cycle
**Rated brake power @ 1900 rpm 2,700 HP 2014 kW
***Flywheel power @ 1900 rpm 2,550 HP 1902 kW
Weight (wet) 21,182 lb 9608 kg

Electric Drive:

*Wheel motor application depends upon gross vehicle weight, haul road grade, haul road length, rolling resistance and other parameters. Komatsu and G.E. must analyze each job condition to assure proper application.
*Optional ratios available.

Alternator GTA-41
Dual impeller in-line blower 12,000 cfm 340 m³/min
Control AC Torque Control System
Motorized wheels* GDY106 Induction Traction Motors
Ratio* 32.62:1
Speed (maximum) 40 mph 64.5 km/h

Weight Distribution:

Empty vehicle weight (wet, 100% fuel, no options, std Komatsu body, std tires):
Front axle / 47% 219,826 lb 99711 kg
Rear axle / 53% 243,557 lb 110476 kg
Total EVW 463,383 lb 210187 kg
Gross vehicle weight (Nominal):
Front axle / 33% 365,201 lb 165651 kg
Rear axle / 67% 741,469 lb 336323 kg
Total 1,106,670 lb 501974 kg
Nominal payload* 643,287 lb 291790 kg
320 U.S. ton
*Nominal payload is defined by Komatsu America Corp. payload policy documentation. In general, the nominal payload must be adjusted for the specific vehicle configuration and site application. The figures above are provided for basic product description purposes. Please contact your Komatsu distributor for specific application requirements.

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