LaHood’s Blog, “Thank you AASHTO, State DOTs For A Historic Year

Yesterday, I spoke to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), whose mission is to “advocate for transportation-related policies and provide technical services to support states in their efforts to efficiently and safely move people and goods.”

I’ve included video of my remarks, courtesy of AASHTO’s YouTube channel, because I’d prefer to use this blog entry to emphasize something I may have understated yesterday:
How much I appreciate the help of the state DOTs across the country toward meeting our American Recovery and Reinvestment Act deadlines.

Look, a Federal agency does not get 13,770 projects underway in a single year without significant heavy lifting by the state and territorial DOTs across the country. And that’s exactly the kind of support these agencies stepped up and delivered.

I’m pretty sure those of you who work in transportation know that already. But it’s important to me to say it aloud, and it’s important to me that everyone who reads this blog knows how hard these folks are working.

I want to add that I’m also thankful for the moral support we’ve received from DOTs across the country. It’s encouraging to pick up a newspaper or read a Twitter stream and see state officials thanking us and appreciating what this Administration is doing for their states.

Now, transportation infrastructure and safety are challenging fields, and we’ve got a lot of difficult work and tough decisions ahead. But I look forward to facing those challenges with our terrific state partners.

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